Famiglie nobili di Scala
Riproduzione commentata degli stemmi delle famiglie nobili di Scala, uno dei più
antichi seggi chiusi del Regno di Napoli.
Descrizione e foto di Lauropoli, storico centro sul golfo di Sibari, come arrivare,
la storia, il turismo, le aziende.

Lamezia taxi
Propone le tariffe dalla città ad altre destinazioni. Cellulare ed email per
contatti. (Richiede Flash)

Comunes of Italy
Italian genealogy, surname database, stories, photographs, links and host of a
very active mailing list for genealogy and everything Italian.

  • For more information on our mailing list and how to join, Ticino, Switzerland Due to a large italian community being located in Ticino, Switzerland and several of our members researching this area, a database just for Ticino has been created and can be accessed Letter from the Mayor of Scali Coeli Translation Dear Friends, With the arrival of the Christmas festivity, it is my pleasure to extend to you the most fervent greetings of a Merry Christmas and of a Happy New Year

  • The Mayor, Comune of Scala Coeli, Cosenza, Italia

  • info: SCALA COELI

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    CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Alessandro Farnese
    Cardinal. (1520-1589)

  • He restored the monastery Tre Fontane, where he had the chapel of Santa Maria Scala Coeli erected: and he had the ceiling of San Lorenzo in Damaso magnificently decorated

    CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Saints Vincent and Anastasius
    Located near Rome.

  • In this church is the altar 'Scala Coeli', from which the church receives its present name

    Platonism in the Renaissance
    A lengthy article on the movement, its background and influence. By John Charles
    Nelson, from the Dictionary of the History of Ideas.

  • In both Dante and Ficino human love becomes a scala coeli (“ladder to heaven”) in which the senses are abandoned for a higher life

    Art Bin: The New Atlantis - Bacon, Francis
    Browse through this long utopian fantasy written by Bacon and set in the South
    Sea west of Peru.

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    Bambino's Ristorante
    Serves Italian and American cuisine. Includes menus and hours.

  • There, she traveled the majestic countryside and took in the sights, sounds and rich fragrances of a little village called Scala Coeli, which translated means 'Stairway to Heaven.' She quickly discovered that her relatives in Italy still share the same (secret) recipes handed down by their ancestors

    I Tesori di Roma
    Presenta una nutrita galleria fotografica di monumenti e zone d'interesse della
    città. Sono presenti itinerari turistici e sonetti in romanesco che è possibile ...

  • Maria dell'Anima Chiesa di Santa Maria del Popolo Porta del Popolo Fontana e Obelisco Piazza del Campidoglio Statua del Marco Aurelio Chiesa dell'Ara Coeli Il Vittoriano o Altare della Patria Palazzo Venezia Palazzo delle Assicurazioni Palazzo Bonaparte Chiesa di Santa Maria di Loreto Chiesa del Ss

    Bibliotheca Alphonsiana IntraText - S. Alfonso Maria de Liguori
    Il piano dell'Opera Omnia del santo. Tutti i testi consultabili online, sia in
    lingua italiana che latina.

  • Maria Regina Coeli [in ] Nella città d'Airola sotto l'Istituto di S

    an astronomical data display engine allowing full control over what objects are
    displayed, with "hypertext-like" information about those objects.

  • Included are Uranometria 2000.0, AAVSO Star Atlas, Borealis, Coeli and Sky Atlas 2000


    The Eton Choirbook
    Story of the noted antiphon book with links to its composers from the Here of a
    Sunday Morning radio program.

  • All the survivors are in one hand, and must have been copied mainly, if not entirely, in the 1490s: we can deduce from an inscription at the end of the piece that 's O Domine coeli terraeque creator was composed between 1490 and 1492 ; yet the illuminated 'O' in the mean part of the same work contains the arms of Henry Bost, Provost of Eton, who died in 1502

    Meaningfulness in Bach's Cyclical Works
    This article examines pattern and meaning in the canons and other parts of the
    composers' works, both sacred and secular. Includes VCD sound.

    The New Aeon: A Consideration of the Astrological Symbolism
    This paper is a work-in-progress that may never be finished.

  • The Immum Coeli or nadir is the point at the other end of the vertical axis in the horoscope, the end at the core of the Earth

    Verweise auf Literatur zur Kunst in der Stadt Rom, sowie zur Kunstgeschichte
    Italiens im allgemeinen.

    Our Lady of Philerme
    The historical shrine of our Lady venerated by the Order of St. John of Jerusalem
    of Rhodes and of Malta on Rhodes island (Greece)

  • This very antique icon was preserved in a sanctuary on Mount Phileremou in the midst of thick woods and bed been brought from Jerusalem where, tradition has it, the painting was executed by the Evangelist Luke, together with the "Salus Populi Romani", now in the Basilica of St Mary Major in Rome, the Madonna of St Mary in Via Lata, and those of the Pantheon and the Ara Coeli

    Johannes Ockeghem
    Brief biography, list of works with discography by Pierre-F. Roberge for the
    Early Music FAQ of the Medieval Music and Arts Foundation.

  • & others Rec.: [various date, prior to 1965] - Kyrie Ockeghem: Requiem / Missa L'homme armé Ensemble Métamorphoses de Paris / Ensemble Vocal Coeli et Terra - Maurice Bourbon, dir

  • Rec.: 1973 [LPx6] Geistliche Musik der Renaissance Various performers Rec.: 1973 Ockeghem: Requiem / Missa L'homme armé Ensemble Métamorphoses de Paris / Ensemble Vocal Coeli et Terra - Maurice Bourbon, dir

    M Reality
    Personal thoughts, all starting with M. Highlights include astrology, philosophy,
    and the Philippines.

  • But most importantly, look at your Midheaven.The Midheaven The Mediun Coeli (MC) or Midheaven is the “highest point” of the natal chart; It is the point of the noonday sun at one’s date of birth

    Raphael's Madonnas on Stamps
    Stamps on Raphael's most famous Madonna paintings.


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