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    Cycling in Italy 2004---Urbino, Spoleto, & Pistoia
  • . Monday, April 4: "Bill, if you are planning to go riding with Franco Bitossi, I must warn you.
  • . "Ah, but Bill, he is Franco Bitossi, " was the reply, knowing that this was sufficient explanation.
  • . This was the caution that Paolo Guerciotti, the famous racer and bicycle maker, had given me when I first tried to go riding with the great Franco Bitossi about five years ago.
  • . It wasn't until today that Bitossi and I were able get our schedules to agree.
  • . Early this morning Franco Bitossi was going to come from Empoli, an hour's drive away, to spend the day with us.
  • . For those of you who are reading this and to whom the name Bitossi means nothing, a little review might be in order.
  • . Bitossi has 147 official professional victories to his name.
  • . Bitossi was my favorite rider of the 1970's (he retired in 1978) because he was a very cerebral racer.
  • . Bitossi followed the mantra of Tour de France founder Henri Desgrange.
  • . Look at almost any picture of the final kilometers of any important race that Bitossi was in.
  • . You'll almost always see Bitossi in that final front group racing for the finish line.
  • . When Bitossi talks about his regrets in races, they are few.
  • . To me, Franco Bitossi is the thinking man's racer.
  • . And, in this day of disillusionment with dope-taking athletes, Bitossi was clean.
  • . Franco Bitossi on his way to a solo victory in the 1967 Tour of Lombardy A few minutes before eight in the morning I came down to our hotel lobby to be told that Signor Bitossi had already stopped in.
  • . Compare this kind, humble attitude to that of one American pro who, when he disagreed with a race official's decision, screamed, "Do you know who I am?" I told Signor Bitossi, "sono il suo gregario": I am your domestique.
  • . Bitossi took the point and easily led us through the complex streets of Arezzo and out into the open country.
  • . Kyle and Chairman Bill with the great Franco Bitossi "Here is the factory that sponsored the old Famcucine pro team.

    An Interview with Celestino Vercelli
  • . During those years the SCIC team had [Enrico] Paolini, [Michele] Dancelli, [Franco] Bitossi, [Giancarlo] Polidori among their great riders.
  • . Eddy Merckx, Felice Gimondi, Franco Bitossi, Rudi Altig and Vittorio Adorni were lined up at the start.
  • . No doubt, Franco Bitossi, a funny and delicious man.
  • . It was the last stage and I came in third after Adorni and Bitossi.
  • . I talked with Franco Bitossi about that and he thinks that somebody put something in his water bottle.
  • . Your 1974 team with GB Baronchelli, Franco Bitossi and Enrico Paolini was a powerhouse of talent.
  • . Franco Bitossi is speaking.
  • . Vercelli is the second man to the right of Bitossi.
  • . You said your favorite captain was Bitossi.

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