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10 oct 09 Version 1.8.1 released: a small bug of 1.8.0 prevented the correct play of the Missile Supply card. Both the base install and the portable install packages have been updated.
07 nov 07

Version 1.8.0 released: many new features have been added for the new module "300" 
  • The new module "300" is now available.
  • cohesion=NONE in the army file can be used to limit an army to have zero cohesion cards 
  • army files can include a specialized image for the special cards: as an example


  • New special rule DISCIPLINE

Implemented features not yet documented

  • Initial setup of the units on the field
  • Different map layouts (standard is 2-5-2, implented 1-6-1 and 3-6)
  • Introduction of the "battle" concept: a battle is a specific setup where you can select the armies involved, the special terrain, any special rule that must be applied.
07 oct 07 After a very long time i've found some spare time to update Hoplites, so here it is.

Version 1.7.7 released (you need to download only the new hoplites engine)

  • Vista-proven: the game has been tested under Vista and a new sound engine has been included to get rid of the DMX2.ocx problems of the past.
  • The full-color cards archive has been updated so that every unit type is now available (including GC, LN, CA and EL[CAT] among the others)

A new full Portable Install is available on the downloads page: put Hoplites on your USB drive!! (only 7.7MB of space required).

last updates

Version 1.7.6 released (you need to download only the new hoplites engine)

A new optional set of full-color cards is available in the download page: to use the new cards download the zip file and unzip it into your Hoplites folder: a new Preference (Dialogs/UI-Use Color Images) will enable the usage of the new cards with any existing army. Please note that some cards are still missing (the module is actually composed of 88 cards). A new page is available to preview the cards and the origin of this module.


The samurai module has been updated to include a new set of color cards created by Pascal Da Silva: again, use the new Preference (Dialogs/UI-Use Color Images) to enable this new card set.

  • SAMURAI: 8 new clan flags are now available (thanks to Pascal Da Silva again) so that the armies won't share any flag. 
  • BUG: Conan vs Hoplite army - Leader name and army terrain not loaded
  • BUG: Conan vs Hoplite army - Special Rules not loaded
  • BUG: Recruit CO can use a combined move with LI and RC
  • BUG (Samurai): Bundori are incorrectly counted
  • Minor UI cleaning