In this page you will find all the files needed to run Hoplites, including the army editor.
Some extras (backgrounds) are available in this page.

The Samurai Module is available on a dedicated page, as the Conan Module and the 300 Module

The latest version is 1.8.1, updated 10/10/09
Full Install

The Portable Install includes every Hoplites module (historical, Samurai, Conan and 300) plus the sounds, deluxe color cards, and the manual: simply unzip it on your PC or USB drive to have the full game always with You (only 7.7MB of space)!
Basic Install

The Basic Install only includes the hystorical game plus samurai, the manual and the deluxe color cards: you can later add the other modules. Simply unzip the  archive on your PC or USB drive. (5.6MB)

Additional components

The manual is available in PDF format (500K), updated 07/11/07)

The sound module (520K, updated 28/04/Y1): unzip it on your Hoplites folder to add some multimedia effect to the game

Possibly you also need the

Army editor You can also download  the (optional) Army Editor ver 1.0.1 (110K) updated 07/11/07.

To install the editor simply unzip the file in the Hoplites directory and run armyeditor.exe.

Requirements Windows 9x/ME or NT
800x600 screen resolution or more
Small Fonts (this is very imporant since if the font size is not set correctly You will get a very bizzarre interface)

For any problem You can contact me via email: