When i've started the development of Hoplites i was more interested in the game mechanics rather than the "look" of the program. Now, after more than two years, i realize that the quality of Hoplites must also address the most important element of the game, the cards.

Fortunately, i've recently contacted Giuseppe Rava, an italian artist that's the author, among the others, of all the images in this page. I've asked Mr Rava the permission to use his work to create some new full color cards for Hoplites and he agreed, so i've started my work. In this page you will find the new cards and the updated armies that use them.

Giuseppe Rava has a personal site where you can see more of his work: you will easily recognize his signature the next time you'll buy an issue of Vae Victis or a box of Hat miniatures.  

To use the new cards (without chaning the army files) you can simply unzip this new cards archive into your Hoplites folder and then select the preference Dialogs/UI - Use Color Images. 

Here it is a sample of the cards included in the archive:

Special Cards

The card archive include 6 new special cards.

Roman Army
Early Roman Army (HA, PR, VE, TR and RC)
Heavy Infantry
Heavy infantry units (HI) and Phalanx
Light Infantry
Light infantry units (LI and LP) and skirmish
Cavalry and Elephants
Heavy and Light Cavalry plus the Elephants