RubyLaser Intro

Ruby Rod

Optical Pumping

Pulse Forming Network

Mechanical Arrangements

Electronic Circuit

RubyLaser in Action


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    What is a Ruby Laser? This is the wrong place to find answer... here is the right place to find information for buiding a Ruby Laser. A little theoretical notes, a bit of knowledge in electronics a lot of desire  to make by yourself the most amazing  laser of the whole History.

Ruby Laser is my "passion fruit" since the 1998, when I got a ruby rod for free from a friend. That crystal rod, is still  the King of my home experiments.

These pages summarizes milestones of this project since 1998 when I started to design of the Pulse Forming Network up to 4 years ago when the Ruby Laser Project has been frozen.

Last May 2005, the toy has been completed for the first public presentation during the VI Italian Holomeeting,  in Lodi.

Now, Ruby Laser is fully functionally and ready for more more shots.