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    The Ruby Rod is the most important part of this kind of Laser. The rod used for this project has caracteristics as follow:

Overall lenght : 75mm
Diameter       :  6.5 mm
Color             : pale pink

Both ends are flat,parallel, polished and mirrored. This means the rod doesn't need any resonant cavity to lase, but there isn't any chance to introduce any other optical component (eg. etalons, polarizer,q-switch, ect.) in the resonant cavity; on the other hand mirrors alignment is not required. Less work for me...

With a so shaped rod, the expected opt
ical characteristics are as follow:

Minimum Threshold Energy        (Emin)            :  5 J /mm (375 J for the entire rod)
Maximun Pumping Time             (Tpmp)           : 1ms

The cost for a similar bar is from several hundreds of euros. Check on ebay.com if somebody sells one.