Libro IV: vv. 1-30 Didone
Libro IV: vv. 160-197 Il temporale fatale
Libro IV: vv. 296-392 L'ultimo colloquio
Libro IV: vv. 584-705 Morte di Didone


Didone, Mantegna
La morte di Didone, Guercino
La morte di Didone, Rubens
Didone ed Enea, Reni
Incontro di Venere ed Enea, Cortona
Didone abbandonata tra le ancelle e Africa, pittura pompeiana
Mercurio appare ad Enea, Romanelli
Enea e Didone durante la caccia, stoffa copta
Enea e Venere, Tiepolo
Villa di Low Ham
Didone mostra Cartagine ad Enea, Lorrain
I codici Vaticani latini
Didone ed Enea al mattino della caccia, Turner

Dido, Mantegna
Dido's Death, Guercino
Dido's Death, Rubens
Dido and Aeneas, Reni
Venus meets Aeneas, Cortona
Dido between her handmaids and Africa, Pompeian painting
Mercury appears to Aeneas, Romanelli
Aeneas and Dido during the hunting, coptic fabric
Aeneas and Venus, Tiepolo
Low Ham's Villa
Dido shows Cartage to Aeneas, Lorrain
The Latin Vatican Codes
Dido and Aeneas during hunting in the morning, Turner

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Didone, Mantegna

Andrea Mantegna (1431-1506), Dido, Montreal, Art Association

Comparison between Dido e Judith

Radcliffe treats two grisaille paintings, by Mantegna, both in Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, of Judith and Dido as portraits of virtuous heroic women. The head of Dido matches a head in Mantegna's Judith, where the girls are depicted in a marble bust.
Mantegna painted a portrait of Virgil in 1499 for the Gonzagas of Mantua, specifically for Isabella d'Este, a woman of zeal and erudition, but no marble sculptor could be found to carry out the commission.

The Glass Art Association of Canada founded in 1983

GAAC is a volunteer, member-run organization uniting a glass community spread over a huge and diverse geographical area. We offer Canadian glass makers, students, collectors and interested individuals a communication network through the publication of the Gazette, our quarterly journal. Our current membership is over 250 with representation in most provinces, the USA and Europe.GAAC also establishes alliances and partnerships with related organizations such as the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery in Waterloo Ontario,the BC Glass Art Association and the Ontario Crafts Council to name a few.

European Masters

The Museum "Montreal" has a rich collection of paintings by European masters, as well as sculptures and objects from the Middle Ages to the present day, from 14th-century religious scenes to grisaille paintings by Mantegna. Hans Memling's Portrait of a Young Man contrasts with the austerity of an El Greco portrait, while the collection of Baroque art features French, Italian, Dutch and Flemish works with paintings by Nicolas Poussin, Salvador Rosa, Rembrandt, Emmanuel de Witte and Pieter Bruegel the Younger. Works from the 18th century include portraits by Largillière, William Hogarth and Gainsborough, with Italian masters represented by Canaletto, Tiepolo and Pellegrini. Most of the works in the 19th-century collection were gifts or bequests from prominent Montreal families and reflect their preference for painters of the Barbizon School such as Corot and Daubigny. A magnificent Daumier ( Nymphs Pursued by Satyrs ), and the striking James Tissot painting October are included with Impressionist and Post-Impressionist works by Renoir , Sisley, Pissarro, Monet and Cézanne. The collection of early 20th-century art counts major artists such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Lyonel Feininger, Georges Rouault, Salvador Dalí and Otto Dix.