Prometheus, the myth and its interpretations

Pervivencia de la mitología en el cine
El mito de Prometeo
El mito de Pandora
Relación Pandora y Prometeo
El mito de Perseo

L'ètica en la medicina

Prometheus and his influence on culture and scientific advances


I.E.S. Sant Just Desvern, Sant Just Desvern (Barcellona)

The basic contribution of our school to the Comenius project have been trough the "Researh Works" that students have to do in their studies "curriculum".

Actually, we present two works about the mytologie and culture greco-roman in the cinema, with attention to Prometheus, and a work about ethics in medicine from its origin until the pervivence of the nazi's cosmovision bioethics.

We include, also, an introduction about the mythe of Prometheus and its interpretation, and a conclusion about Prometheus and its influence in culture and scientific advances.