The Gospel According to the philosophy Initiatic

O.M AïvanhovThis site, "non profit", has purpose of spreading both philosophical and cultural deepening. The intention is that to provide our visitors elements and sprouts of reflection for a deepened reading of the Gospel and for an approach to the knowledge of the Initiatic philosophy.

Between the interpretations given by some philosophers, we point out, above all, the one of the philosopher and pedagogue Omraam Michael Aïvanhov, which has projected with his works a new light on parabolas of Gospels.

Omraam Michael Aivanhov interprets all these familiar tales, whether real or symbolic, told by Gospels. He strips them of their restrictive, purely anecdotal character, and reveals their underlying, psychological and spiritual realities. Suddenly it becomes clear that they are always relevant to our own inner lives, where the forces of materialism and spirituality confront and come to terms with each other. Gospels are surprising at first by their narrative shape. Even though they leave great zones of shadow in the biography of Jesus, they tell sometimes and every day many details of his daily life, and his teaching often appear under the shape of allegorical stories.

The great interest of the method of Omraam Michael Aïvanhov's interpretation,is to consider these short stories, real or symbolic, as so many data and psychological situations. The ten virgins invited to the marital unions of the Husband, the rich owner asking for accounts to his bursar, the master who is going to praise workers for his field, but also the followers terrorized by the storm waking Jesus fallen asleep in the boat, the question of the tax due to Caesar... are so deprived of their event and picturesque character, so outside and of limited reach, for appearing as constant realities of our internal life within which the opposing and conflicting forces of the spiritual and the material are in confrontation and become reconciled.

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The purpose of the teaching of initiation, reminds Aïvanhov is "to teach people how to get back to the house of the Father," the high refuge "mentioned in Psalm 91:" My refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust. " .. The worst of the worst difficulties and sufferings, for man, they start when he believes to be the sole master of his fate, that there is no entity or Providence or light to guide and support him. So cuts all ties with Heaven, and he's no longer a child of God away from the worries. As soon he ceases to rely on the Father and the Mother of Heaven, all the suffering begin to befall him, and he feels alone. He must understand that it is his fault: the sky has not abandoned him, and that it is he who has abandoned Heaven. To solve your problems, to always being helped, fed and enlightened, you should never cut the bond with heaven, because heaven never leaves his son cry in solitude.

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The teaching of the Gospels

Says Aivanhov work entitled "You Are Gods" Psalm 82: 6, St John's Gospel 10: 34;""Jesus was the most revolutionary of God's messengers. He was the first to defy all the ancient customs and his audacity in claiming that he was the son of God and that all human beings are equally sons and daughters of God was expiated on the cross. The insistence with which Jesus accentuated man's divine filiation offended and irritated the scribes and Pharisees to the point that they attempted one day to stone him. But Jesus said to them: 'I have shown you many good works from the Father. For which of these are you going to stone me?' The Jews answered, 'It is not for a good work that we are going to stone you, but for blasphemy, because you, though only a human being, are making yourself God.' And then Jesus reminded them of the verse in the Psalms: 'Is it not written in your law, "I said, You are gods"'?"

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Thoughts of O.M Aïvanhov

The heavenly City or New Jerusalem of Revelations, it is first of all the man himself. Then, it is an ideal, perfect society. Finally, it is God's true universal Church. By its proportions, the measures and the elements which compose it, New Jerusalem is a reflection of the cosmic order. How not to see that the vision of holy John is, by the wealth and the beauty of the symbols, the one that expresses best the ideal of superior life towards which we have to aim. « There are numerous interpretations of Revelations, but for me, nobody still has ever really got the truth, the bottom. Why? There are several reasons, but it is especially because instead of seeing in this book for only the main thing, that is the description of elements and processes of the internal life and of the cosmic life, one tried to recognize in it persons, countries, or historic events. Then, obviously, how many errors have been made on the four riders, the animal with seven heads and ten horns, the woman or wife crowned with stars, the great prostitute, new Jerusalem! I also, gave you, the interpretation of some passages, but be still aware that you will not receive from it any benefaction if you did not at first work to acquire the real bases of the spiritual life. Because all these symbols, it is not enough to understand them intellectually, it is necessary to be able to animate them in oneself. And as long as you did not make a preliminary work of purification, self-control and internal rise, you will stay except the miracles of Revelations. » (The Book of Revelations)

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Man is that ambiguous creature placed by evolution on the borderline between the animal kingdom and the Kingdom of God. His nature is twofold and if he is to continue to evolve it is important that he become aware of his inherent ambivalence. If the Scriptures declare, "Ye are gods", it is in order to remind men that hidden deep within them lies that sublime essence that they have to learn to manifest. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov gives us the methods we need to manifest ourselves as the gods we really are... and of which we are still unaware. To justify certain weaknesses, how many times one hears: "It is human!". And really, if one thinks well about it, "it is human" means simply: "it is animal". Then, how can one define human nature? The man is this ambiguous being whom evolution placed on the borders of animal kingdom and divine world. So, the nature is double, and it is of this ambivalence that it is important to become aware for surmounting her. If it is said in the sacred texts: "You are gods", it is indeed to remind to the human being the presence buried in him of a superior essence, that he has to learn, to show and to demonstrate. It is here the real sense of our fate, says to us the author; and it is for that reason that he returns indefatigably on this question, by giving us the means to make appear these gods that we are and that we do not still know.(Man's Two Natures: Human and Divine)

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Two thousand years ago, in Palestine, Jesus gave us the key to all spiritual work, when he said, "Unless a man be born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God." Today, Aïvanhov interprets these words for our benefit. The water Jesus speaks of is Love; the Spirit, fire, is Wisdom, and Love and Wisdom unite to give birth to Truth which is the new life. In book "The Second Birth - Love, Wisdom, Truth" Aïvanhov shows how these three virtues of Love, Wisdom and Truth, correspond to man's psychic structure composed of heart, mind and will. Explaining that our physical bodies mirror our psychic being, he shows how Cosmic Intelligence has inscribed the secret of love in our mouths, that of wisdom in our ears and that of truth in our eyes. This volume, which is the first of a series, sets out the essential foundations of Omraam Mikhaël Aivanhov's Teaching and reveals the vast scope of his thought in which Holy Scripture, esoteric symbolism and the sciences of man and of nature meet and complete each other in one all-embracing synthesis.( The Second Birth)

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In the Lord's Prayer, Jesus says, "Our Father, who is in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven." Jesus indicates, by these words, that the task of human beings is to transform, embellish and purify the earth so that it may one day resemble Heaven. They must not flee the world and its difficulties on the pretext that the little soul that they are so anxious to save would find that more comfortable; they must commit themselves to the glorious task of establishing Heaven on earth. You will say, "But how can we do this? It's impossible!" No, it is not impossible. If you take the spiritual life seriously you must seek Heaven, that is true, but once you have found it you must remember to bring all the light of Heaven, all the love and purity of Heaven and all the power of Heaven down to earth and introduce them into your brain, your lungs and your stomach - into your whole physical body. If you work in this way for years you will achieve the union of spirit and matter within yourself. - The True Meaning of Christ's Teaching


"To maintain equilibrium in His creation, the Creator has seen to it that all creatures have whatever they need to survive. Therefore, when human beings attack and destroy one another, they are working against the Creator. The differences God has created in them must not be used as a pretext for fighting one another. And no-one has the right to use God to justify his hatred for a certain race or people, or his desire to enslave a social class. All living beings were born of God, and God suffers when he sees them tearing each other apart. Human beings have adopted a philosophy of separateness on behalf of interests they claim to be superior, but which in fact are only inspired by their egotism. Because the defence of these interests goes against the interests of all creation, it will be their downfall. Yes, the true interests of humanity and those of the Divinity are one and the same, and only when they unite will blessings be generated for all.

"Jesus said, ‘And this is eternal life, that they may know you, the only true God.’ God is all-knowing, all-loving and all-powerful. To be alive, we must therefore succeed in knowing him in these three qualities, and, to do that, each cell of our body must participate in this immense undertaking. To know God not only means allowing light to enter our mind but also allowing purity to enter our heart and acting in such a way that our actions bring us freedom. Are you aware that each of your actions should have the goal of liberating you? No, that is why, often, they merely enslave you. When you are meditating, think that each cell of your body is able to be part of this knowledge of God, which gives us eternal life. What a mistake it is to believe that knowledge is only a faculty of the mind seek out pleasure. The body is no longer a temple but a stable, or a barn, similar to the Temple of Jerusalem where the merchants brought all kinds of animals and fowl to be sold. Everyone considered this to be normal except Jesus, who made a whip of cords and drove out all who were buying and selling, saying: ‘Take these things away; you shall not make my Father's house a house of trade.' So, do not imitate the sellers in the temple; do not turn your body into a den of animals, or it will not be God who comes to dwell there, but inferior entities, the undesirables who like to feed on impure matter. And with such tenants, how do you think you are going to feel?"



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