Peter Deunov

Peter Deunov "All the world renders homage to me and I render homage to the Master Petar Deunov from Bulgaria"
(Albert Einstein)
"In the present epoch the greatest philosopher living on the earth is Peter Deunov" (’Cardinal Roncalli, an Ambassador of the Vatican to Bulgaria before the Second World War, elected as Pope John XXIII later)

Son of a priest of the Orthodox church, and destined himself to enter the priesthood, he studied theology and medicine in the United States of America. Upon his return to Bulgaria in 1895, he found himself limited by the rigid framework of the institutions and dogma of the Orthodox church. From the year 1900, he started to give public lectures infusing new life into the traditional Christian doctrines. Helped by a group of disciples, he organized conferences, and little by little his movement became known throughout Europe.

The Universal White Brotherhood (Byalo Bratstvo) was founded in Bulgaria in 1900 by Peter Deunov (1864-1944).

In Varna, town lying near the Black Sea, Aïvanhov meets the Master Peter Deunov.

Deunov that had the spiritual name of Beinça Douno ( had composed the songs, the paneurythmie, and had elaborated the methods and the exercises of base of the Universal White Brotherhood, direct then up to death happened in 1944.

Will it say Aivanhov of his Teacher Deunov «The most remarkable towards the Master Peter Deunov, what made of him an absolutely exceptional being, it was the spiritual life which emanated from him and which, as rays of light, came to penetrate into us. Because the brilliance which produces a being of a great spiritual life is something of living, a world inhabited with very pure entities which soaks all who approach him and makes a work on them. Many believe that the main thing, it is the word of a Master, the wisdom that he communicates, and that if he does not say anything, they do not learn anything. Well, it is an error; even though he does not speak, the brilliance which emanates from him communicates you something of its light and of its force. It is that I understood with the Master. The most important, it was not the teaching that he communicated us by its word, but the intense vibration of the spirit which penetrated in us.» (Hommage a Peter Deunov- p.57).

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Same Deunov, will relatively tell "the teaching that I transmit, you don't say that he has been invented from an any Deunovs, but you say that it is the teaching of the Brotherhood of the Light." The Universal White Brotherhood is the union of all the spirits that they live in the goodness, in the wisdom, in the love, in the truth to the service of God. Its center is not in some place of the earth near a certain people but everywhere where the souls feel to belong to this immense divine and human family (in Frenette p.77).

For more information about the exercises and Paneurythmy, "The Paneurythmy is a sacred dance that brings harmony in the movement, music and words. Participants form a circle in pairs and follow the pace of special melodies. The meaning of this dance is in etymology of the word: Paneurythmy - the universal cosmic rhythm ... the duration of the dance is about an hour and you can 'take part in a number illimitatodi people. The music is played by different musical instruments ... with the preference of the violin ... "

La Paneuritmia Aivanhov tells his Master Deunov "What is the work of a master? Its meaning is everything falls in its name and gave the school he founded: the Universal White Brotherhood. I admire the Master to have found this name, not comparable to others for depth, grandeur, nobility. This name contains a whole science, shows us the task at hand, traces the path on which we make light of march. I do not want to belittle the name of other movements, no way, some are really very sound and deep, but no one embraces concepts such vast and essential as the Universal White Brotherhood ""(Hommage to Peter Deunov - p. 57.)

Deunov himself, say "on what to teach me to you, do not say that was invented by any Deunov, but says that is the teaching of the brotherhood of Light."The Universal White Brotherhood iis the union of all the spirits that live in goodness, wisdom, love, truth in the service of God His office is not in any place on earth at a certain people but everywhere where the souls feel they belong to this great family of God and human (in Frenette, p.77).

La Paneuritmia Aïvanhov also said, "How many there are working to create favorable conditions for the children of God?" When there will be enough, the dark forces that are acting freely for the time being because of human ambition, will be trapped and absorbed by center of the earth. This concept is represented by the Archangel Michael in Revelation that subdues the dragon. Archangel Michael is a real entity and he'll head of the egregorous formed by the initiates and disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood and when I say "disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood" I mean everyone who works for the light of whatever religion or spiritual movement they belong (1960, reported in The Fruits of the Tree of Life - The Cabbalistic Traditions).

"This name brings questions on regular basis from people who associate the term “White” with a racist connotation. The associated two terms “Universal” and “Brotherhood” should clear all ambiguities on the subject.

“Brotherhood” means that the teachings are offered to the entire community of human beings living on the planet whose destiny is to live together as children of the same creator: God.

“White” this term must be understood symbolically. It refers to the white light, the highest spiritual symbol, which is the synthesis of all colors (like all the different colors reflected through a prism). Colors that the mystic tradition considers being the manifestations of the soul’s virtues.

Extract of article 1 of the statutes of the association Fraternité Blanche Universelle:

“in the name ‘Universal White Brotherhood’ the term “white” does not in any manner refer to the color of a particular race.

Just like the white color is the synthesis of all the colors, the idea of “Universal White Brotherhood”, which is immaterial, encompasses all human beings without exception. It invites the realiazation of a fraternal, harmonious life on the entire planet, respecting each race, each religion, each nationality.”

“Universal”: the psychic structure of human beings, who are created in the image of God, enables them to rise and expand their consciousness until it reaches a universal concept of life.

Therefore, the name “Universal White Brotherhood” represents in itself a program. Its teaching is basically a psychology and a pedagogy allowing people to do a work on themselves and, thanks to this work, to feel that they are truly becoming brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of God, and conscious inhabitants of this immense dwelling that is the universe" (

Peter Deunov O. M. Aïvanhov
Peter Deunov Aïvanhov

The name of the Universal White Brotherhood wants to express a program, spiritual work, in fact, his teaching methods and provides exercises that enable everyone to be able to do inner work, through which we can really develop the consciousness of being a brother or sister to all human beings, actually children of the same heavenly Father and Mother of the same heavenly inhabitants aware of this huge mansion that is the Universe.

The Universal White Brotherhood founded by Deunov is inspired by the Brotherhood of the great spiritual teachers who have made and continue to give humanity to the highest impulses, creating culture, religions, cultures, traditions sacred, metaphysical philosophy, inspired and supported Initiates ... , Saints, Prophets, Sages and the genes of all nations and all times. Among them are: Anghiras, Vyasa, Rama, Krishna, Hermes Trismegistus, Moses, Zarathustra, Lao-tse, Buddha, Orpheus, Pythagoras, Plato, Jesus of Nazareth, St. Francis of Assisi ... From them we received the Teaching of Science Initiation - unchanged in the principles and essential truths but adapted to the people and the time when these souls have operated high - and manifested itself in the most understandable and useful for the spiritual evolution of humanity.

"There is a magnificent universal organism of perfect, highly developed beings that form the Sublime Universal Brotherhood. These beings are infinitely more advanced even than the geniuses on earth, for they had their descent much earlier from the Primordial Humans. They have all walked a certain path of development under the guidance of the Divine Spirit, and have reached their present stage of advancement. This hierarchy of noetic beings who completed their evolution millions of years before the humans now govern the entire universe. According to their knowledge and stage of development, and according to their function, they are arranged in a hierarchy whose ranks are as follows: seraphims, brothers of love; cherubs, brothers of harmony; thrones, brothers of will; dominions, brothers of intelligence and joy; powers, brothers and movement and growth; principalities, brothers of outer forms and arts; rulers, brothers of time, state and tact; archangels, brothers of flame and heat; and angels, bearers of life and vegetation. The tenth order is for the advanced human souls. Collectively, these represent the Sublime Cosmic Man. The Sublime Universal Brotherhood is the only supreme community existing in the world today. Its members govern the development of mankind and guide it towards a fine future. They do not form a visible society or organization; they are a living collective body, a noetic community outside the corrupted circumstances of human life. This is why it is ridiculous to claim that the seat of this brotherhood is here or there, in this nation or that."

Hommage au Maître Peter Deunov Deunov sustained, in 1914, that had beginning the age of the Aquarius (The Age of Aquarius - Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science I) the epoch symbolically represented by an old Wise man that pours the water and that is a new wisdom, a new life blood for the humanity; during this epoch the Third Will (Feuerstein. p.255) he would have been revealed to the humanity («You are gods»).

The mission of Deunov had to be that to help the birth of a new spiritual cycle in the circle of which the usual truths, those of the Gospel and of all the great Sacred Texts would finally have been inclusive and you concretely realize thanks to the diffused knowledge and the constant application of the methods imparted by the science initiatic. It owed, instead, to be performed of Aivanhov, to deepen and to accomplishedly express the new spiritual direction and to embody such finality, extremely concrete and at the same time elevated: its Teaching will be characterized, in fact, both on the plan of the language, particularly simple and accessible also in to treat the most elevated truths, both on the plan of the methods begun us innumerable and deduced for meeting the different subjective characteristics of the single individuals (A New Earth - Methods, Exercises, Formulas, Prayers).

Therefore, the ideal that animates Deunov and Aïvanhov is to help humanity to realize on earth and in the behavior of individuals, the divine ideals that he may soon build a new golden age that all the prophets, saints and men of good will rely on for centuries.

The teaching of Deunov and Aïvanhov no new principles but then suggests new methods: forward, with clear language and precise methods to address problems encountered in the path of spiritual perfection.

brotherThe Universal White Brotherhood in its broadest and truest sense, is the set of all beings of good will who have worked and are working to develop the " Cherchez le Royaume de dieu et sa Justice "." The Kingdom of God is a realization of material but spiritual, is a state of consciousness that, to the extent that humanity will spread, will bring benefits in all fields of life: social, economic and political.

This teaching has reached its highest expression and exemplary in the Gospels, from which the teaching of Deunov and Aivanhov ... reap the fundamental precepts (see about the volumes published by Prosveta "The True Meaning of Christ's Teaching - " New Light on the Gospels...).

So far, said Deunov, humanity has lived in the collective subconscious like animals. But now passes into the collective consciousness, that is, men are beginning to realize that they need each other. So far, everyone is living for himself and for himself sought salvation. But now humanity has a single impulse to elevate the standard of living in a reasonable manner. The ideal of the new man must be as follows: the heart - pure as a crystal, and the mind - as clear as day: the soul - as wide as the universe, the spirit - as powerful as God and united to God.

Also in the same Churches of the single religions an ecumenical feeling is exploded that all the believers it unites and it repudiates the distinctions and the divisions of the respective theologies. The awareness that the paths that conduct to the Lord are numerous him is spreading more and more. He who conduct a sincere and deep search he understands that every spiritual search possesses a peculiar essence and that all these essences are rejoined to God to form an unity. "The great religions proclaim that God is one, that all are his/her children and... nevertheless at the men of different religion are also looked with distrust proclaiming to want the peace, the human solidarity, and to want to sustain an ecumenical religious vision... the men continue to estrange more always from these ideal. They ignores in fact that they are still imprisoned of egregorous that is the expression of selfish thoughts and overcoming which you/they push them to behave him in way contrary to their aspirations. All those people that, in breast to the various religions you/they have known how to become emancipated himself from the egregorous degenerate religious of their environment and to tune in himself with that native or divine, thinks and they operates according to the cosmic laws. Embodying so the ideal of all the religions, form a nucleus of true universal white brotherhood to the service of the whole humanity without distinction of I believe, of race, sex, etc., not imposing their doctrine to anybody, but her concretely living... it will have beginning so... the era New or of the Spirit Saint, said also Church of saint John in which God wants to be beloved in Spirit and Truth."(in "Jesus and Abramo by Parsifal - pub. The Aquarius's age - pages 26-27).

The recent inter-religious meetings developed him to Assisi ( Italy) testify the collective efforts of the religious authorities to manifest a new spiritual conscience.

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