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Ivrea, like other Italian places, has a lot of precious historical testimonies, but they are not all evident or easy to discover because they are in places which are not accessible to everybody.
For example, in the town-hall archives there are the Statutes: medieval law collections that regulated Ivrea people's lives.

In Ivrea's Diocesan library there are other important treasures:

Some important musical Codex:

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In fact already in the early Middle Ages, Ivrea, thanks to Lothario, (Charlemagne's nephew) was an important cultural center: in 925 Lothario founded a "studium" (university) managed by the bishop.To make the studium even more important, in the year 1000 Warmondo, Ivrea's bishop, created a "Scriptorium" where copists, draftsmen and "alluminators" (those who painted images and letters) made precious and artistic manuscripts.

Many works have been lost, but the part that has been presevered is a real treasure composed of many parchments and 129 manuscripts.