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The Statutes were made of norms, ordinances, provisions, regulations regarding the various political, economical, legal and social sections. So, Ivrea too had its Statutes that are very important in order to know everybody who lived in medieval Ivrea. The most ancient collection of these Statutes is contained in a huge book: 26 cm in width, 40.5 cm in length, and 10 cm thick, it’s preserved in the Archives of the Commune of Ivrea and dates back to 1329. In 1433 a new Corpus was compiled, which comes down to us through six manuscripts preserved in the Municipal Archives of Ivrea

. The most important of these, and one considered as original, is a roll made up of 22 parchments 400 mm wide, sewn together and with a red seal of Ludovico di Savoia all written in black at the bottom, in beautiful XV century Gothic writing. Also many additions were made to these new Statutes which go up to 1512.

Nevertheless it’s likely to have existed even before this date. The Statutes of 1329 were rewritten some years after Ivrea passed to the Savoia family and surely contains norms already issued previously, with additions.

Nearly every year some additions were made to the Statutes because of civil and political changes. They are written on parchment preserved in the Municipal Archives. After 1512 there are no more "Addiciones".Ivrea is one of the Savoia dukedome cities and its laws are valid and equal for every small and big centre of the dukedome issued by the Savoia government.