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The Most Loved……by  Japanese! 

Unfortunately, as often happens, Marina is no so famous in its own country as abroad.

Appreciated singer and songwriter, has already made different musical experinces, even if she is still young. One of these if the creation of a “duo” precursor of the Medley era, with whom has gained a Gold Disc.Well done the decision she took to start writing songs for herself and sing them alone, as a solist.

The decision was important, but no hard to take, as the artist was already writing songs for other artist and whished to write for herself too.

It is unknown why the works of Marina Barone have had great success abroad (Taiwan, Korea, Germany), and also in a country where it’s impossible say there are italians immigrates’fans (as there are no italians), in Japan.

In the country of cameras and computers  her fresh and always actual voice, but also full of melody, has made a grip and she already has 4 albums released and relevant tournée made in there.

In october Marina Barone has released a brand new album… and for the occasion she lost the surname and shortcutted her hair.

Also this time her “export music”, as many defined it, will pass the borders. A spanish version of the whole album has been already made and it is about to be released,but a question is surging spontaneously…

Why such a good artist couldn’t find more room in Italy, her motherland?

All we can say is “bravo”! Marina, keep on keeping high the good reputations of italians abroad!

And many whishes for Italy!



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