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“The man and the Universe a continue research to solve the misteries


Graduated in Astrophisics at the University of Bologna (1988),

Visual Researcher of Comets, Asteroids, Variabiles, Novae, Supernovae,

Theoritical Researcher on the Star Formation


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Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) in outburst

Image Credit Bruce Gary

Elaboration Toni Scarmato



Deep Impact Missionepoxi_logo.jpg Extended Mission - NASA


Comet 103/P HOME PAGE






Strong outburst of 17P/Holmes comet



Comet C/2007 E2 (Lovejoy)



Comet C/2006 P1 (McNaught) – The History of the discovery of the Iron Neutral Tail


Comet C/2006 M4 (SWAN) in outburst


The History of SOHO-1000’s discoverie - C/2005 P2 (Italian Version)

The press release NASA-ESA on the SOHO 1000 comet




Deep Impact Mission



Comet 9P/Tempel 1 before and after impact





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Mine SOHO comets discoveries

1.  Soho-282 C/2000 J6 (MPEC 2001-B11-IAUC 7567)
2. Soho-306 C/2001 H2 (MPEC 2001-H32-IAUC 7613)
3. Soho-309 C/2001 H6 (MPEC 2001-H44-IAUC 7631)
4. Soho-319 C/2001 K8 (MPEC 2001-L09-IAUC 7641) 
5. Soho-323 C/2001 L4 (MPEC 2001-L24-IAUC 7642) 
6. Soho-328 C/2001 L9 (MPEC 2001-M06-IAUC 7646)
7. Soho-335 C/2001 M6 (MPEC 2001-M33-IAUC 7650) 
8. Soho-343 C/2001 P1 (MPEC 2001-P22-IAUC 7689)
9. Soho-370 C/2001 V1 (MPEC 2001-W47-IAUC 7759)
10. Soho-XXX X/2001 XX (MPEC 2001-XXX-IAUC XXXX)
11.  Soho-461 C/2002 L5 (MPEC 2002-L63-IAUC XXXX) 
12.  Soho-526 C/2002 S11 (MPEC 2002-T75-IAUC XXXX)
13. Soho 866 C/2004 xxx
14. Soho 882 C/2004 xxx
15. SOHO 999 C/2005 P1
16.  SOHO 1000 C/2005 P2

News astronomical


News on comet’s discoveries

1500 comets in SOHO images

Animation  C/2002 V1 on LASCO C3 (1,6 MB)
Animation  96/P Macholtz on LASCO C2 (196 KB)
Animation  96/P Macholtz on LASCO C3 (400 KB)

Animation C/2000WM1 7 December 2001 (424 KB)


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