Biospeleology of the Piemonte
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I want to thank all those people who have allowed me to realize this work with their advices, their support, their company, their patience and their experience.


In particular I want to thank:

The prof. Pietro Passerin d' Entrèves, ordinary of Entomology in the Course of Bachelor in Biological Sciences at the University of Turin for the patience demonstrated in following the drawing up of my kilometric and secular thesis.

The prof. Achille Casale, ordinary of Zoology and director of the department of Zoology at the University of Sassari, for his advices, its invaluable experience, the amusing and instructive collaboration in the realization of the documentary on the cavernicole fauna of the southern Piemonte (produced by the Regional Museum of Natural Sciences of Turin) and the possibility of to publish in the latter years the relation of my biospeleological activity on the Bulletin "Grotte" (Caves) of the Speleological Piemontese Group. I thank Achille moreover for the critical reading and the preface to the edition in book of this site published with the same title in 2001.

The prof. Giuseppe L. Pesce, inhabitant in L'Aquila, for the precious advices that he has me given in order to optimize some pages of this site and for his splendid site on the Biology of Groundwaters.

The Dr. Claudio Arnò, researcher of the Faculty of Mathematical Physical Natural Sciences of Turin and keen naturalist expert of Araneae, for the profitable collaboration that we have undertaken, for the photographic "huntings" on the field and for the precious advices in the preparation of the pages on the spiders.

The Dr. Pier Mauro Giachino, of the Regional Natural History Museum of Turin, for the advices, the opportunities, the training and the intellectual support that it gave me for my thesis in the latter 8 years.

The Dr. Guido Peano, director of the Scientific Station of the Cave of Bossea, for the possibility that it gave me to be on the staff of the station, for the advices and the friendship that it has me offered together his wife Rosarita.

The Dr. Elena Gavetti, of the Regional Natural History Museum of Turin, for the determination of the Mollusca, the beautiful naturalistic experiences that we have had together during the working of the documentary on the Biospeleology of the Cuneese, for the essential bibliographical support that she gave me and for her constant, friendly support.

The Dr. Fabio Stoch, inhabitant in Trieste, for the punctual determination of the Crustaceans, for the precious the advices about their capture and for the amusing epistolary exchanges with which we confirm our friendship.

The Dr. Marco Bodon, inhabitant in Genova, keen naturalist, for the determination of the Mollusca, the photos and the texts of the page on the Hydrobiidae, for the review and integration of the pages on the Gastropoda and the useful indications in order to optimize other pages of this site and for the pleasant biospeleological experiences that we have had together.

The Dr. Angelo Morisi, inhabitant in Cuneo, for the precious advices that gave me when I was a beginner and for some photos executed by him used in this site.

The Dr. Gianni Valente, inhabitant in Turin, because he taught me to appreciate the value of the filmed documentation of the Arthropods, for his splendid documentaries and his friendship.

The Dr. Giuliano Villa, inhabitant in Gerbole di Volvera (Turin), for his incomparable speleological analytical Bibliographies, for the bibliographical support, the beautiful experiences in the smaller caves of the Turin province and for his friendship.

Matt E. Braunwalder, inhabitant in Zürich (Switzerland), director of the organization ARACHNODATA, for the precious advices on the capture of the scorpions and for the precious aid that gave me in order to contact the Aracnids specialists.

Renato Sella, inhabitant in Andorno Micca (Biella), for his support in the Speleological Cadastre, for the excursions that we made in the Novarese, in the Turinese and in the Aosta Valley, for the caves that we have mapped and for his precious friendship.

Attilio Eusebio, president of the A.G.S.P. for the encouragement that he gave me in continuing my work of search and to realize the transposition in a book of this site.

Tiziano Pascutto, biospeleologist inhabitant in Biella, for the excursions in the Biella province and for the collaboration in the article "In the bowels of the Piemonte" that we have written for the magazine "Piemonte Parchi".

Michelangelo Chesta, inhabitant in Cuneo, skilful topographer, for all the activity that we have made together exploring and mapping the smaller caves of the Cuneese (not interesting from the sports point of view, but fundamental for the Biospeleology, the zoogeography and the knowledge of the territory), for the precious advices that he gave me for the preparation of this web site, for his excellent tanscriptions of classical authors' works in "midi" format that are the soundtrack of many pages of this site and for his friendship.

Antonio Martinotti, inhabitant in Villaggio Aurora (Rivalta di Torino), for his advices and encouragements at the beginning of my biospeleological activity, for the precious bibliography that he allowed me to have, for his fundamental work "Systematic and geographical Directory of the cavernicole Fauna of the Piemonte and the Aosta Valley", for his friendship and his splendid designs of Arthropods that he gave me for the book transposition of this site.

Roberto Vinotti, inhabitant in Acqui Terme, for the excursions in the Alessandria province in spite of his business activity.

Ezio Elia, inhabitant in Cuneo, and his wife Alessandra, for the excursions in the territory of the Park of High Pesio Valley and for the support and the friendship.

Marco Spissu, inhabitant in Cuneo, for the excursions in the Conca delle Carsene and in the Maira Valley.

Flavio Dessì, inhabitant in Cuneo, for the excursions in the Bossea and Bernezzo zones.

Gianfranco Vanzetti, inhabitant in Aosta, for the experiences that we had in Aosta Valley and the Cuneese, for the speleological advices, the friendship and his beautiful photos of caves that I have used in this work.

The Direction of the National Park of the Gran Paradiso, for the authorization to carry out search on the territory of the Park.

All the members of the Piemontese Speleological Groups, in particular of the S.C.V.D.A. (Speleo C.a.i. Aosta Valley) and G.S.A.M. (Speleological Group Maritime Alps), with which I have shared hundreds of experiences in the caves, hards work and sweats, but also the visit of enchanted places made of water and rock in which it is easy to be rapt in contemplation.


Rio Martino Cave: Speleologists of the S.C.V.D.A. at the "Leg of Elephant" - photo Gianfranco Vanzetti.


Giuseppe De Leo, director of the Luxottica factory of Lauriano for the permissions that he granted me in order to carry out many of the excursions that I make infraweekly.


I thank in particular Elena, my mother,
without which I shouldn't be successful to carry out all the activities of these years.



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