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  • Free Games Account Forums Contact Affiliate Sites Advertising Read reviews of the Read reviews of the for online gambling - Information and resources for Gifted Children & families for parties and every musical occasion

  • : Free Online Multiplayer Games Free Online Multiplayer Games Free Online Games for multiplayers, like astronest, runescape, Free Online Multiplayer Games - Categories (50) new Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games Pages: 1 Free Online Multiplayer Games - Links Rating popular 28 User Reviews This is a Free Massive Multiplayer Online Game, based on the Real Mafia Life so called 'La Cosa Nostra'

  • or Die', then join the Family!!! 7.56 16231 Votes 263225 Hits popular User reviews disabled Free Ultra-Massive Online game with over 500, 000 players ! Science Fiction space game with single player and Massive-player quest and choose between turn-based or Real-Time-Strategy mode

  • If you like Master of Orion, Age of Mythology, Starcraft or any strategy games then this game is guaranteed to have you addicted in no time

  • Free web based browser game 5.74 3004 Votes 57943 Hits popular 4 User Reviews This is a new free web based multiplayer Online Game based on the real gangster life

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  • Lairs Game Lairs Ogre Goodies MMORPG And Online RPG Articles And Reviews The added to the Review Directory include several interesting Beta MMORPGs such as, and

  • You can currently play the free open beta version of this game

  • Trickster Online is a cartoony MMO where players play a game called 'Trickster' in an attempt to get a piece of the late game maker's fortune

  • This game will bring the vaunted Myst franchise into the MMO genre

  • Both games offer 14 day free trials, but take note that a credit card is needed to start Seed's free trial while Rise does not require one

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  • Is this the MMO that action and car fans have been waiting for? Section recently added that covers MMOs, online shooters, sports, and action games on the original Xbox, the Playstation 2, and the Xbox 360

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  • Free MMORPG at - We feature free MMORPG massive multiplayer online 3D web games

  • Maid Marian Entertainment is a leading developer of next generation web based games specializing in community oriented multiplayer games

  • All games require Shockwave

  • About Maid Marian Entertainment Maid Marian Entertainment is a leading developer of next generation web based games specializing in community oriented multiplayer games

  • Maid Marian Entertainment is in the business of creating online escape and we intend to revolutionize the way massively multiplayer games are delivered

  • Games like Sherwood, Marian's World and Moon Base are milestones in the journey towards that goal, bringing together an online community of like-minded players

  • Free, easy, and completely anonymous, these games deliver a free MMORPG 3D multiplayer experience on a web page, with no client software to install and no sign up required

  • (MMORPG : Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) Our worlds are c onstantly evolving as new feature requests come through our vibrant player community

    Daimonin MMORPG - FREE fantasy online multiplayer game
    Free isometric real-time MMORPG. 2d/3d graphics, 3d sound effects, digital ambient

  • : : : : : : Main Menu Login User name Password Remember me Site Status since Feb-2005 Members: 84136 New Today: 94 Yesterday: 178 lastest signup: Online: 14 Guests: 9 Members: 5 Online Members tehill Kyia grommit Subbs Pageviews 5847206 Yesterday 11923 Today 7900 Welcome to Daimonin! Daimonin is a FREE online role playing game (MMORPG)

  • In the game you will meet many other people in our big, persistent virtual heroic fantasy world! Explore, fight, meet friends and enemies - JOIN NOW! Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Linux Pentium II 350 64 MB RAM 8 MB 2D card Server statistics Player statistics or NEWS Posted by: michtoen on Friday, August 04, 2006 - 10:31 PM I released a new client version

  • If you can't connect to the game, please download the 0.967 client again

  • 153 Reads >>> Posted by: michtoen on Wednesday, July 12, 2006 - 12:39 AM Because our old webserver was falling apart, i moved the webserver now to our new game server

  • Good luck to all who have been nominated!! 87 Reads >>> Screen of the Day Donations Forums by huntress in Trade & Auctions by Shroud in Suggestions by theoris in Daimonin General by theoris in Clans by Gandrilwar in Suggestions by Gandrilwar in Project News by Caecilius in Trade & Auctions by Gandrilwar in Bug Discussion (mantis) by corion in Trade & Auctions by MM in Trade & Auctions by Caecilius in Trade & Auctions by MarcK in Daimonin General Poll Modularfish asks, 'What do you like most about Daimonin?' Its free! Addictive gameplay Interacting with the other players To help develop the game (make maps or code) The way it looks Longir is playing it Other ..


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  • A Massively Multiplayer Online Game ( MMOG or MMO ) is a which is capable of supporting hundreds or thousands of players simultaneously, and is played on the

  • Typically, this type of game is played in a giant

  • Most MMOs require players to invest large amounts of their time into the game (drawing one away from the real world), and are most suitable for a gamer that is not occupied daily with matters in the 'outside' world

  • Still, almost anyone who enjoys video games or human interaction can enjoy an MMOG

  • MMORPG's descend from university computer and adventure games such as on the and on the that pre-date the commercial games industry

  • The first graphical MMOG, and a major milestone in the creation of the genre, was the multi-player flight combat simulation game by on the GEnie online service, which first appeared in

  • The genre was pioneered by the series on, also created by Kesmai, and , the first such game to include graphics, which debuted on in 1991

  • MMOG emerged as a generic term to cover this growing class of games

  • These games became so popular that a magazine, called Massive Online Gaming , released an issue in October hoping to cover MMOG topics exclusively, but it never released its second issue - The official EL Website!
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  • Welcome! You're at the official homepage of Eternal Lands! Eternal Lands is a FREE MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) currently under development

  • The game is now in Beta stage, but that doesn't mean it's incomplete

  • We've still got a lot of plans for the game, as there is still quite a ways to go until it reaches a 'complete' state

  • MMORPG's are never truly complete, so there will always be new things added for as long as the game is online! There will also always be a free version of the game to play

  • You can also help us by Donating!! We are making this game for FREE, all the time we spend making it we don't get paid for, so please help us out! Currently, we have received a few donations which has helped us with some advertising and other expense that you can read about on the donation page

  • Thankyou to all who have donated! Screenshots Game time: 02:29 Today is 5th Worun, in the month of Seedar, in the year 0008, Age of the Eternals Website designed by Roja, coded by Ghrae Main mirror & website hosted by: Game server hosted by:

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  • | FREE RPG GAMES FROM 1KM1KT free rpg games Free RPG Games Welcome to 1KM1KT, the largest collection of free rpg games online! Please take a moment to to our mailing list and check out our feed

  • We offer freely downloadable rpg games to our readers and accept of all kinds

  • Free RPG Games Attention 1KM1KT authors: Our parent company, is currently accepting author positions for its new 50/50 website revenue sharing program

  • Hi Lo Heroes is a role playing game set in a city of costumed heroes

  • In role playing games, players imagine that they are the heroes in a great interactive adventure story

  • One player, the Game Master helps to provide the backdrop for the story and takes the roles of Villains and Normals that the other players (called Heroes) will meet and interact with

  • Haunted Houses Solitaire RPG is a roleplaying game played by one player using only a regular deck of poker cards, a pencil, and some paper

  • In the game, the player takes the role of a character known as a seeker, an investigator of the supernatural that explores haunted houses for adventure and to rid the world of supernatural evil

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    Illarion - A free massive multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG)
    Ein grafisches mittelalterliches Fantasy-Spiel, welches seinen Schwerpunkt auf
    tatsächliches Rollenspiel legt.

    Endless Online - Massive online RPG
    A third-person isometric 2d roleplaying game with anime graphics, discover a vast
    world, explore, fight npcs and meet the other online players.

  • Please visit the to download your copy today :) 15 June - New gameserver IP: As most of you might have noticed me and Aengie have been talking with Layered Tech to seek for a sponsorship

  • With Layered Tech help we are now able to provide a larger gameserver, which is hopefully going to improve lag and capacity issues

  • You have to change the gameserver IP to to continue playing, all your items/exp are savely transfered and waiting for you on the new server

  • Please manually change your gameserver ip to goto START -> Program Files -> Endless Online -> Setup Endless Please also inform your friends about the recent IP change

  • Also the gameserver is now able to carry 900 players at the same time - vult-r 21 May 2006 - Webstats temporary disabled With a new database thread running on the gameserver we reached over 900 players online

  • info about our online games: Endless-Online, online Rpg and website, developed by 2006

    Anarchy Online - die offizielle deutschsprachige Website | News ...
    Publisher Seite des deutschsprachigen AO Servers: Die Neue Welt.

    Coded in Java. Includes detailed player guides and a downloadable map editor.

  • General Info Game Docs Game Stats Misc Welcome To Wyvern Wyvern is an massively multiplayer online RPG (MMORPG) similar to a text-based MUD (or 'Multi-User Dungeon'), but Wyvern also has a graphical view of the game

  • If you make , you can create your own mods and game areas for other people to visit

  • You can use our to create new areas, and the game is also fully programmable in and

  • We encourage you to playtest the game, and submit bug reports and feature requests

  • We took the game server down for maintenance today for about eight hours, during which time we did the purge above, fixed some bugs, and backed up our databases

  • If you add up all the time Wyvern players have spent on the game, we've logged over 130 years of 24-hour-a-day gameplay

  • CHATS Wyvern offers many ways to chat and socialize, including shouts, whispers, tells, group-tells, guild tells, 'say', non-verbal emotes, wiztells, pktells, in-game email, and other mechanisms

  • Finally, we introduced a player-warning system in mid-2003, to help players police the game

  • Currently we have over 15, 000 unique objects in the game: monsters, armor, weapons, magical items, walls and terrain, spells, vehicles, and other goodies


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  • I'm not saying that there aren't people who have problems with video games

  • Video games are designed to be fun, and anything that is fun will be hard for some people to control

  • I would argue, however, that this has a lot more to do with compulsive personalities than it has to do with addictive games

  • Most of the compulsive gamers I know would find another obsession in a heartbeat if their games were taken away

  • Combat and it will include the complete multiplayer side of the game, allowing users to play with owners of the retail version

  • 'This beta test will comprise the multiplayer game mode only, the purpose of which is to get your feedback on game tuning and balance, hardware compatibility testing, and also general functionality testing.' The new graphics engine looks like a big improvement, and judging from the preview on, the toolset for building your own adventures is quite a bit more flexible as well

  • Although their performance on many game benchmarks is comparable to a Radeon X1800, it's not hard to find one for less than $200 presents: Dragon Court, Free Online RPG
    Compete for experience points and monster kills. Includes rules, clans, and help.

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  • Red Cross: Katrina relief The Dark Grimoire: An interactive roleplaying community Username: Password: You are not Logged In: The Dark Grimoire is a free multiplayer online role playing game ( MMORPG ) featuring amazing adventure, magnificent treasures, and a vibrant, highly interactive community

  • The Dark Grimoire is an RPG unlike any online text game or graphical MMORPG around
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  • EVE Online Special Access Pass "EVE Online is the next generation in massive multiplayer online games

  • to get an access pass for the MMORPG Gamer special 14 day promotion." "Join this exciting

  • When you downloaded and started playing, join the channel "gamer" for ingame MMORPG-Gamer community chat." EVE: Fanfest 2006 Posted by gamer on Wednesday, September 13 @ 18:00:46 CDT It's that time again ..

  • >>> ( | 2280 bytes more | Score: 0) 10 reads GW: Nightfall World Preview Event Posted by gamer on Wednesday, September 13 @ 17:55:54 CDT Announced today by ArenaNet®, developer of the wildly-popular franchise Guild Wars®, the studio's latest game Guild Wars NightfallTM will make its debut in a massive event open to anyone and everyone who would like to play

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  • PS3 REVOLUTION MOVILES LOGIN AutoLog: Latest MMORPG Reviews Articulo - Here you have an exclusive Dev Diary talking about the weather features of Auto Assault Opinion - In this opinion article we talk about the reactions of the community of players about the NGE of Star Wars Galaxies Latest MMORPG headlines 05/09/06 04/09/06 31/08/06 30/08/06 28/08/06 28/08/06 14/08/06 14/08/06 09/08/06 08/08/06 04/08/06 03/08/06 01/08/06 01/08/06 01/08/06 WAR Cinematic Trailer - FINAL Top 8: Current Month: November: 1 ( 20 v.) 2 ( 4 v.) 3 ( 2 v.) 4 ( 2 v.) 5 ( 1 v.) 6 ( 1 v.) 7 ( 0 v.) 8 ( 0 v.) MMORPG Releases 15/09/2006 :.: 01/12/2006 :.: 30/12/2006 :.: 01/12/2007 :.: Highest Rated Latest MMORPG Screenshots © MMOGInfo.Com 2000 / 2005 - - - - Find the best multiplayer online games, MMORPG & MMOG genere

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  • All game servers are brought down for periodic maintenance at that time

  • Additional Changes * New monsters have been added * New items have been added - Bellato - : Att power Increase Amulet : Max 20 - Def power / avoidance increase ring : max 25 / 20 - Cora - Att power / avoidance increase amulet : max 25 / 20 - Def Increase ring : max 20 - Accretia - Mov speed / Def / Avoidance increase ring : max 0.5 / 25 / 20 * Fireworks are now available form the Sundries NPC * Purple weapons are now given at promotion * Battle Dungeons can now be stacked * Experience acquired from Battle dungeons is increased * Dark Hole time rewards are modified Visitato 131 volte - ultima di Scritto da - 3 Jul 2006, 08:05 - 0 risposte RF Online Italia si scusa con i suoi gentili utenti per il leggero ritardo col quale vi informa della nuova (e probabilmente ultima) patch del primo episodio di RF Online; infatti, già da un po di giorni sono disponibili le numerosissime novità del gameplay che rendono l'esperienza RvRvR molto più completa e giocabile di prima

  • Codemasters e Fileplanet hanno esaudito le richieste di molti potenziali giocatori che attendevano da tempo di testare le potenzialità di RF Online ed ora possono grazie a 10 giorni gratuiti di esperienza in game! su Fileplanet la key gratuita

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  • * Update Daily! * Free Download and Have Fun Now! 1715 2143 2 Find the best FREE GAME DOWNLOADS for your PC! 412 1155 3 No more demo versions, time-limited trials, nag screens, and annoying reminders! Only FREE Full Version PC Games for you

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  • 250 1301 4 Windows Games, Online Games, Interactive Gaming, and more! 100's of Free Full-version games with screen shots! 250 883 5 Play Games for free : Sonic, Dragon Ball Z, Flashman, President Evil, Betty Bad, BubBle TrOuBle, Pinball, Redline Rumble and much more

  • 228 162 -- Hot! Tons of great FREE games to play online and DOWNLOAD

  • Only the best! -- -- 6 Download Full Version Games, See The Mario VS Sonic Flash Movie, Play Online Dragonball Games, Bid For Power, Emulators, Roms And More..

  • 216 312 7 Collection of Computer Games for Free download with descriptions and previews, direct downloads, daily updated! 210 502 8 Play Online Games For Free! Action Games, Adventure Games, Sports Games, Play Your Favorite Mario Or Sonic Game Online!! 201 242 9 Online wrestling game where you control a single wrestler


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