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  • WEIGHT LOSS AND DETOX READING ROOM Most Popular Weight Loss and Detox Articles: Can a food actually have not only no calories, but even negative calories? Could you literally eat your way to fat loss...the more you eat the more you lose? What if you could eat a food that not only provided no calories, but actually burned more calories than it provided? Some dieters find that they are the most successful on long-term programs whereas others find that intermittent short-term diets work best

  • The main benefit offered by a juice fast, to those who wish to lose weight, is the speed of the weight loss

  • JUICE FASTING FOR HEALTH AND WEIGHT LOSS READING ROOM Top Juice Fasting For Weight Loss Articles HEALTHY RECIPES AND COOKING RECIPES SECTION Most Searched For Healthy Cooking Recipes Make creamy smoothies and shakes, mouth-watering fruit drinks and wholesome fresh vegetable juices! Move over canned V8! Fruity, fruity, fruity! Nothing beats the fresh, invigorating flavor of homemade fruit juice! Energize your day with one of these fruity protein smoothie recipes! Free juicer recipes taken from the downloadable Strawberry pie, Fruit salad with shrimp ..

    Homemade Refreshing Fruit Juice Recipes
    Offers fruit juice recipes and information on effects of fruit juice on the body
    and health.

  • orange 2 handfuls cranberries -------------------------------- 1 pear 1 peach 1 apple -------------------------------- 1 orange 1 mango 1 apple Free fruit recipes: Fruit Nutrition Articles: Explore 100's of articles in our Reading Rooms below: Healthy Food Recipes A review of the one of the most popular and fastest-selling fat loss e-books in internet history: ** POPULAR WEIGHT LOSS ARTICLES ** Why do people experience dramatic weight loss while juice fasting? The main benefit offered by a juice fast, to those who wish to lose weight, is the speed of the weight loss

  • Are Negative Calorie Foods for Real? Create your own weight loss recipes from some of the negative calorie foods on this free list: Free Healthy Weight Loss Recipe Newsletters Delivered To Your Email! In 1935, Dr

  • The average loss of weight was eight pounds in seven days in all reported cases

    FREEDOMYOU - Fasting, Juicing, Water Fasting, Health, Healing
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  • What people are saying about this ministry Your Online Resource for: fasting, juice fasting, juicing, nutrition, weight loss, vegetarian recipes, compulsive eating, food addiction, and spiritual renewal Fasting Resources A juicer lineup Freedomyou can promote - Everything you need to transform your health Fasting seminars now available in your home Church Fasting and addiction support Our genuine Freedomyou Flash-Format website New Articles Feature Articles A comprehensive examination of both the spiritual and physical blessings of fasting

    Dr Joel Fuhrman Improves Health - Lose Weight Naturally | Reverse ...
    Book for sale; excerpts and ordering opportunity. Utilizes both conventional and
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  • Fat will melt away, the need for medication will lessen, and you'll reverse the aging process ! - Permanently! The Mysteries of Weight Loss What's missing in the Atkin's Diet , South Beach Diet , The Zone , and many other quick weight loss fad diets is the importance of good nutrition

  • In recent years, the Atkin's Diet, South Beach Diet, Weight Watchers, The Zone, and other fast weight loss diets have grown in popularity because of their nontraditional dietary approaches

  • From Health and Disease to Diets and Weight Loss , learn the secrets of longevity and how to improve your health by reading from the extensive collection of informative articles in

  • The importance of good nutrition, lifestyle choices, weight loss, and wellness advice can be found quickly by referencing Dr


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    Ann Louise Gittleman - clinical nutritionists - cellulite products ...
    Author of The Fat Flush Plan, is a certified clinical nutritionist specializing
    in weight loss, cleansing diets and natural hormone replacement therapy.

  • She revolutionized weight loss in her blockbuster and later introduced which takes the age-old method of fasting into the 21st century

  • Through her many books and official web site, Ann Louise Gittleman has created a "virtual" holistic health support system which offers many benefits: See what happens when you Fat Flush ® or get on the Fast Track ! February 17-25, 2007 August's SALE! During the Month of August Get 25% off HCL+2!! SPECIAL SALE! Get 25% off the Fast Detox Diet Kit! ONLY BY CALLING 1-800-888-4353 Weekly Memo from Ann Louise Read Ann Louise's Monday Morning Memo for August 7, 2006 Here's the place to get all of Ann Louise's recommended products! Fast Track Fat Flush / Weight Loss Women's Health Men's Health Books / Audio Cleansing / Digestion Filtration / Environment Testing Kits ------------------------------------------------------------------ Join Our Forum! Get unparalleled 24/7 support with tips, hints, monthly diet challenges, progress/success stories and 5-star member recipes

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    Content on fasting, colon cleansing, intestinal health care, auto urine therapy,
    and other preventive and alternative health care therapies.

    HPS Health- Fasting. How to fast
    Vibrant health starts from a clean bowel. Learn here how to achieve that.
    Comprehensive internal organ cleansing information. Fasting, colon cleansing, juice ...

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    Fasting Center International: Surfing at Optimum Health?
    Provides a program to lose weight, heal, detoxify, increase energy, clarity and

    WIN - Publication - Binge Eating Disorder
    Symptoms, characteristics, and treatment information.

  • About 10 to 15 percent of people who are mildly obese and who try to lose weight on their own or through commercial weight-loss programs have binge eating disorder

  • They should try to lose weight and keep it off; however, research shows that long-term weight loss is more likely when a person has long-term control over his or her binge eating

  • People with binge eating disorder who are obese may benefit from a weight-loss program that also offers treatment for eating disorders

  • However, some people with binge eating disorder may do just as well in a standard weight loss program as people who do not binge eat

  • Other therapies being tried include dialectical behavior therapy, which helps people regulate their emotions; drug therapy with the anti-seizure medication topiramate; weight loss surgery (gastrointestinal surgery); exercise used alone or in combination with cognitive-behavioral therapy; and self-help

    Weight Loss, Dieting and Obesity
    Multidisciplinary educational resource evaluating the pros and the cons of a wide
    range of treatment options for obesity, including diets, exercise, surgery, ...

  • Weight Loss, Dieting & Obesity Another specialist sub-site

  • The Weight Loss, Dieting and Obesity Home Page

  • Obesity has plagued me and many diet plans have failed to provide effective long term weight loss

  • That may not immediately sound relevant to the field of weight loss and obesity studies, but what exactly is? How many general medical practitioners really understand weight loss? Very few have ever studied nutrition or sports sciences or psychology and are therefore less than equipped to fully advise on sensible weight loss and dieting

  • The emphasis of 'conventional medicine' on drug and surgical approaches for weight loss to treat obesity more commonly shows the limitations of conventional medicine in providing healthy permanent solutions to chronic conditions

  • Where is an overweight or obese person to turn when they realise they need weight loss help? Are there any "one size fits all" solutions to weight loss? Why are there so many weight loss products, diet plans, weight loss clinics and spas, exercise programs, education programs, and yet obesity is increasing as a problem among the populations of the developed world just as fast as the "solutions" appear? DietWords.Com is based on my twenty-plus years of personal experience in the field of obesity along with my extensive professional skills in research and analysis

    Nutritional Program for Fasting - Elson M. Haas MD - HealthWorld ...
    Elson Haas (MD) talks about the benefits and possible hazards of fasting. How to
    fast; how to time your fast; how to break your fast. Section on juice fasts.

  • However, as with any weight-loss program, if it does not motivate the participants to change their diets and habits, they then may stay in the 'yo-yo' syndrome (weight going up and down and up), which may actually be more harmful than just remaining overweight

  • With total fasting, ketosis occurs as an adaptation by the body to prevent protein loss by burning fats

  • The high-protein diets and fasts do burn fat and generate ketosis and weight loss, but they also add more toxin buildup in the body from the foods or powders used

  • Some Benefits of Fasting Purification More energy Rejuvenation Better sleep Revitalization More relaxation Rest for digestive organs Better attitude Clearer skin More clarity, mentally Antiaging effects and emotionally Improved senses—vision, Inspiration hearing, taste Creativity Reduction of allergies New ideas Weight loss Clearer planning Drug detoxification Change of habits Better resistance to disease Diet changes Spiritual awareness Right use of will This physiological rest and concentration on cleanup can also generate a number of toxicity symptoms


    General Detoxification and Cleansing - Elson M. Haas MD ...
    Elson Haas (MD) presents an excellent, comprehensive primer in detoxification.

    Low Carb Pavilion - Low Carb Diet Information - Lose Weight and ...
    Use diet alone, by restricting carbohydrates, to control type 2 diabetes and to
    lose weight. It also improves cholesterol and blood pressure.

  • In some cases, for those who are metabolically resistant, reducing total food intake may help to stimulate or maintain weight loss

  • This slows down weight loss

  • Advantages of Low-Carbing Sustained weight loss Stabilized blood sugar (especially important for diabetics) Lower insulin levels Better blood lipid profile (low cholesterol) Lowered blood pressure More energy Vitamins and Minerals But isn't a low-carb diet deficient in vitamins and minerals that are found in fresh fruits and vegetables? A low-carb lifestyle used to control diabetes and not to lose weight can be quite balanced--just stay away from refined carbohydrates

  • However, most low-carb diets used for weight loss are not 'balanced' in terms of providing all the essential micronutrients

  • Some people reach plateaus in their weight loss (as with other diets)

    Fastforward Juicing for Health, Surrey UK Detox Retreat
    Detox health retreat at Cognors, Haslemere, Surrey. A three day energising fast
    in 2 acres of glorious Surrey countryside with reflexology, aromatherapy and ...

  • To flush out toxins To strengthen the immune system To encourage weight loss To enhance energy To minimise anxiety To maximise creativity To heighten clarity of consciousness and spritual awareness Juicing for Health

    Bulimia Nervosa - Causes and Treatment of Bulimia Eating Disorder
    Explains characteristics, who suffers from this disorder, medical consequences,
    and treatment. Includes warning signs and how to help.

  • Usually, such self-induced vomiting does not lead to the expected weight loss

  • Repeated vomiting causes loss of water (causing dehydration), and loss of minerals like sodium and potassium (causing electrolyte imbalance), as well as trauma

  • Over-use/ abuse of laxatives and diuretics causes loss of sodium and potassium (causing increased risk of heart damage) as well as seriously irregular bowel movements and constipation

  • Unusual behavior and/or attitudes indicating that weight loss, dieting, and control of food are becoming overriding concerns

    Mayo Clinic medical information and tools for healthy living ...
    Experts provide current medical information and news on health topics.

    Insulin Resistance Syndrome - March 15, 2001 - American Family ...
    American Academy of Family Physicians descriptive site about this condition.
    Written for medical professionals; also includes patient handouts.

  • Present treatment consists of sensible lifestyle changes, including weight loss to attain healthy body weight, 30 minutes of accumulated moderate-intensity physical activity per day and increased dietary fiber intake

  • Weight loss can improve insulin sensitivity and reduce insulin levels

  • 21 Hypocaloric Diet and Weight Reduction Insulin sensitivity improves within a few days of caloric restriction, before any significant weight loss occurs

  • The amount of weight loss needed for sustained decreases in insulin resistance is still unclear

  • In obese women without diabetes, weight loss of approximately 15 percent has been linked to significantly lower insulin levels

  • The women in this study were very obese (mean BMI: 36.4 kg per m 2 ) and remained obese even with the loss of 15 percent of body weight (mean BMI: 30.5 kg per m 2 )

    Colonics, Deep Detox Fasts Parasite Cleansing for Women - Weight ...
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  • Colonics, colonic irrigation, detox fasting, fasts, parasite cleansing for women, weight loss, slimming, holistic healing, cancer prevention, raw food adventure in an exclusive private island paradise, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines, Asia, for nutrition, bio-energizing zappers, health challenges, for emotional stress release & removal of emotional pain & learning about healthy living at a spa holiday, perfect for natural, earth women & holistic thinking men with yoga, diving & alternative therapies like reiki hands-on healing, visualization, chakra repair

  • Women Only cleansing detox fasts, fasting, colonics, raw foods, fruit juice diet candida, parasites, weight problems, healing cancer prevention, infertility, emotional pain healing, at a private eco island spa in asia with yoga, tai-chi, meditation, plus adventure & alternative therapies.Colonics, colonic irrigation, detox fasting, fasts, parasite cleansing for women, weight loss, slimming, holistic healing, cancer prevention, raw food adventure in an exclusive private island paradise, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines, Asia, for nutrition, bio-energizing zappers, health challenges, for emotional stress release & removal of emotional pain & learning about healthy living at a spa holiday, perfect for natural, earth women & holistic thinking men with yoga, diving & alternative therapies like reiki hands-on healing, visualization, chakra repair

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