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Online version of the Cincinnati punk zine dedicated to gossip, backbiting and
recrimination. With message board. Documenting Cincinnati punk rock since 1996.

  • Yeah, I know that their price percopy, or PPC as its called in the business, is REALLY high but its usuallyunder $5 to make all copys needed to produce a quality prototype NeusSubjex that I will in turn take to A-Z Printers that is used to make the issuesthemselves.I went to the Hyde park branch

  • Hyde Park borders Norwood and I figured Icould mooch a dinner out of my Mom and Dad after I was done

  • “I found this copy cardin Hyde Park with 91 dollars on it and claimed it for the arts.” I said referringto the card in my machine

    Ivory Rose
    Selected works of Buster Rose - Mastodon ivory, wood, metals, leather, silver,
    gold, obsidian, mineral ores and gemstones.

    CNN - Students lend helping hands in mastodon dig - January 24, 2000

  • Chiment said the sucesss of the pilot project could spark similar programs in future excavations

    Sobaka :: July 9, 2006
    News and Commentary from the Balkans, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Africa and the
    Far East.


    Photo by

    ear X-tacy
    Independent music and video store. Includes an online catalog and order information.

    Carson Custom Knives
    Constructed of ATS-34,O1, A2, D2, 440C, 440V, and several types of Damascus steel.

    Ken Altman Bow Maker
    Oregon based maker of high-end hand crafted bows for violin, viola, cello and
    bass offers bows sent on approval.

    Heirloom furniture & Fine art inlay. Custom work using ivory, gold ...
    Specializes in custom inlay furniture utilizing exotic materials such as mastadon
    ivory, maple burl, silver, gold, diamond and meteorite.


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    Eureka! Set your clocks back 200 years
    Advice about doing research, obtaining permission to hunt, and choosing equipment.
    Includes Code of Ethics.

    Colorado Vintage Base Ball Association - Home
    Overview, history of early Colorado base ball and current schedule.

  • Schedule Changes The Four Mile Park event in late September has been canceled

    sue mock prog
    Mailorder for experimental punk and electronic music, focused on San Francisco
    Bay area labels and artists.

  • – Byron Coley, Arthur Magazine July 2003 *KREAMY 'LECTRIC SANTA - Great Plans Laid to Rest 7' (Shut Up) $4  five unreleased songs from 1990-2004, dedicated to their late bassist, andrew powel *JASON LESCALLEET - Another Example of Parkinson's Law 7' (Freedom From) $4  JL has been active in the electro-acoustic scene for some time now, collaborating with the likes of Nmperign, Howard Stelzer, ID Battery and the like, and he's chocked up some pretty respectable tunes

  • *MIGUEL MENDEZ - HAPPY BIRTHDAY 7' (Deathbomb Arc) $4   Just got a nice write up in the Wire from Byron Coley - issue with Ikue Mori and Zeena Parkins on the cover

    Camillus Knives :
    Supplier of official BSA knives.


    City of Aurora Website
    Official website. Includes services, events and meeting information.

    Rose Parade Photographs
    Personal pages created by Brent Fultz featuring photographs of floats taken along
    the parade route. Includes designs from 1998 to the present.

    Cleveland Nights night life, concerts , restaurants, bars ...
    A listing of entertainment destinations around the greater Cleveland area,
    including restaurants, bars, and clubs.

  • Fairview Park, Ohio44126 East Coast Custard has been delighting folks since 1985 with amazing custard

    hatland - Fitted Hats Caps Visors Jerseys for NBA NFL MLB by New ...
    Large selection of brands, logos, and styles.

    Fulton, IL News
    Local, regional, and statewide news collected from diverse sources on the web.

    Susan's 2020 Hindsight : Rose Parade Completed Floats
    Personal pages that feature detailed images and brief comments about completed
    and under-construction floats from the 2002 Tournament of Roses Parade.

    Problems in the Glacial Theory
    Problems in the conventional glacial interpretation of the drift, and drift
    landforms. A revision of an article originally published in the Creation Research ...

    What Works and What Doesn't in Microsoft Virtual PC 2004
    Lists over 600 operating system versions and whether they are known to work on VPC.


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