About of MEGA MAN ZX

Megaman Outpost
Provides news, articles, music, and series database including characters, game
guides, and glossary.

Planet Mega Man
Offers media downloads, fan contributions, game strategies, and a forum.

MegaMan Matrix
Contains guides including items, enemies, and cheats, art, multimedia, forum, and chat.

Mega Man XZ
Provides detailed strategy guides for the Mega Man and Mega Man X gaming series.


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Mega Man Theme Sanctuary
Offers fan works, program skins, desktop themes, and icons.

Mega Man PC Website - Dr. Cossack's Lab
Provides series-related content.

IGN - Mega Man Anniversary Collection
Contains a FAQ, reviews, previews, news, cheats, and a message board.

GameSpy - Mega Man Anniversary Collection
Offers game information, news, preview, review articles.


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Mega Man X7 Cheats
Offers cheats and codes for the seventh game.

GameSpot - Mega Man Xtreme 2
Offers information, a review, movies, and cheats.

Gamespot - Mega Man 64
Offers information, previews, a review, news, movies, and cheats.

GameStats - Mega Man Anniversary Collection
Offers reviews, previews, news, and screenshots.


GameSpy Fileplanet - Mega Man Legends Trial Client
Offers PC trial download. [Requires registration]

Mega Man Haven
Provides character information for all games.

Ludus: Emulatori
News e schede sugli emulatori.

Mega Man Forever
Includes description of games, with hints, items, and enemies, pictures, and music.

eLook - Megaman Xtreme 2
Quick summary of codes and cheats.

MegaMan NT Warrior
Official website for the english version of Rockman.EXE.

Mega Man MUSH
Based on the storylines of Capcom's Mega Man games.

Gamers Europe - MegaMan X7
Informative Article by Alix Barningham.


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