Physics Song Book
New physics lyrics to classic tunes.

  • Also see: Physics Song Book Aside from Physics Lasts for so Long , which was sent to me, these are miscellaneous parodies of songs that I've made up for various occasions

  • While I'm not about to go hiring lawyers or anything, I would prefer that if you want to use one of these songs online that you would ask for permission and put a link back to this page

    New Song Music
    Offering the music of Loren Sandford and other musicians at New Song Fellowship,
    Denver, Colorado. Has streaming music, an online store, and biographical ...

  • A GREAT DEAL! CDs FOR MEDITATING AND SOAKING BRAND NEW!! 'LIVING PRESENCE' These are songs of devotion written and sung in a style designed to bring the worshiper into the raw presence of the living God

  • As ever, these songs come in a variety of styles from rockin' to mellow, and represent a unique and new sound in contemporary Christian worship music

  • All these worship albums are deeply conditioned by the current worldwide outpouring of the Holy Spirit in revival

    Song Lyrics: "Songs For The Long Road Collection"
    Songs for the long road collection.

    song quotes (some really somber ones at that) and lyrics
    Song quotes from Various Artists with links to full lyrics and artists pages.

  • waylon jennings - luchenbach, texas these things are clear to all from time to time


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    HIgherPraise Official Site - Praise And Worship Lyrics, Christian ...
    Specializing in praise & worship lyrics, chord charts, and midi files.

    Animaniacs Mega Lyrics File
    Animaniacs Mega Lyrics File.

  • Without his musical genius, these shows would not have been the same

    Original Christian worship music in MIDI and sheet music formats.

  • Although many of these songs were written by Michael Lehr and used by over a number of years, the aim is to be wide-ranging, and music by other writers is being added to the list as permission for inclusion is obtained

  • Music currently available is: (A new worship song/hymn based closely on Colossians 1, verses 15-20) (A solo song exploring the alienation of those who feel outsiders in certain churches) (A worship song exploring healing needs, starting from the Gospel reading for 16 February 2003 - Mark 1.40-45) (Based on the traditional Hebrew round, but hopefully with just a little more content than some of the other published versions) (Plainsong is not much in fashion in churches these days, although it's apparently very popular in recordings

    Todd Peach's Ella Fitzgerald Page
    Contains a lot of Ella lyrics.

  • Todd's Ella Fitzgerald Lyrics Page Ella Fitzgerald is an important part of my music collection.  I started with .  A little frightening at first, as it was the single most expensive purchase of music I ever made.  It's a 16 CD set that covers representative songs from some great american songwriters: The whole thing is packaged very much like the original Vinyl LP version, except extra tracks have been added (mostly outtakes and flubs, but still very interesting).  The accompanying documentation is very illuminating.  If your knowledge of Ella's talent is limited to scat and be-bop, (as mine was) you'll find this set a shock; she's dynamite as a 'straight' singer of these standards

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    Todd Peach's Vintage R&B Page
    Lyrics to many older Motown, Atlantic, and Stax rhythm and blues hits.

  • Many of these lyrics are difficult to find on the internet, so I decided to transcribe the ones I could never find

  • (Note: many of the links on these pages are cross-linked to my ; it has its own zip file.) If there's an asterisk (*) at the end of the link, I'm either looking for the lyric, or it's on my "to do" list to transcribe: For voice, piano and guitar chords

    Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan : Poetry and the Popular Song
    Article by Frank Davey.

  • Both are aural modes which employ rhythm, rime, and pitch as major devices; to these the one adds linguistic meaning, connotation, and various traditional figures, and the other can add, at least in theory, all of these plus harmony, counterpoint, and orchestration techniques

  • All the skill and craft generally believed necessary for writing poetry are indeed necessary because these are the only means by which a poet can preserve the integrity of this vision in the poem

  • A s lyricists these men stand far above the Carl Lee Perkinses, Richard Whitings, Irving Berlins, and George Gershwins of the past

  • Dylan expresses his own ideas on the ideal relationship between people in his song 'All I Really Want to Do.' These ideas do not apply merely to the relationship between man and woman, but in the light of his other songs can be generalized to include the relationship between worker and employer, citizen and policeman, student and professor

  • And sonie day, after the hard rain has fallen, perhaps - Dylan leaves the entire physical circumstances of our society's cataclysmic destruction intentionally vague-after the hard radioactive rain following an atomic war, when indeed all is over for baby blue and everyone else, these gates of Eden will open, and the hour will have come, 'the haur when the ship comes in.' O the time will come When the winds will stop And the breeze will cease to be breathin' Like the stillness in the wind When the hurricane begins The hour when the ship comes in

    Darryl Worley, Hard Rain Don't Last
    A review of Worley's Dreamworks album and his traditional music.

  • These sharks of sophistication brought in glitz and glamour and tried to strong-arm big hair and sequins out the back door; they urged the stars to don designer gowns and invade Hollywood like Ma and Pa Kettle gone to town

  • What more could one ask for? The Information Age can be overwhelming to anyone these days

  • He confronts these issues in a caring and supportive fashion that does not waste time looking for a scapegoat, but shoulders the blame and looks for answers instead

    AZ Lyrics Universe
    Lyrics collection organized by artists alphabetically. Search engine included.

  • 31.07.2006 New lyrics: - 'I Miss You', 'If We Were A Movie', 'Pumpin' Up The Party', - 'Here In Your Arms', - 8 songs ('Cold As The Clay' album), - 9 songs ('These Stars Are Monsters' album), - 'Chain Hang Low'

  • 28.07.2006 New lyrics: - 10 songs ('These Streets' album), - 10 songs ('Plug In & Play' album), - 'Side 2 Side (Remix)', - 'Simple & Clean', 'Sanctuary'


    Jim Bottorff's Banjo Page
    Resources for beginning banjo players including play-along music files and chord
    charts for dozens of songs.

  • These songs are for practice and play-along, so you need to furnish your own banjo or whatever

    Am I Right - Misheard Lyrics, Paul McCartney
    Correction of any misunderstood words in a few of songs written by Paul. Related links.

  • These are NOT intentional rephrasing of lyrics, which is called

  • Place Your Vote Little Lots How difficult is this artist to understand: How much do you like this artist: How funny are these misheard lyrics: In order for your vote to count, you need to hit this button

    Enya - Translations and Lyrics
    Translations and corrections of Enya song lyrics. Annotated translation of Enya
    songs not in English. Also lyrics for songs that are incorrect or absent in ...

    A Guide to 1980's Music Video Directors
    Videographies and mini biographies for several 1980s directors.

    Ti 's Original MIDI, Song Lyrics
    Midi Sequences of original pop and alternative music compositions, music with
    Eastern influence songs and lyrics about love, the struggles and pains in life, ...

    Complete listing of the lyrics of Robert Hunter's Grateful Dead songs.

    Belgian music reviews
    CD-reviews of recent Belgian releases, including real-audio samples, bio,
    press-clips, a price comparison in various cd-shops, links.

  • These are however no weird fellows on a Hare Krishna or Jehovah-witnesses mission, just two young people with a well-developed sense of melancholy

  • - With a sleeve, Cd-title, songtitles and lyrics like these, it can't be denied that the gentlemen of Wawadadakwa are a tad wacky

  • - In 2000, Axelle Red toured France on the (AR) tour, and this CD (also availble with an extra DVD) is a faithfull representation of the music (and public) during these concerts

  • - Second cd of these inventors of the term "Frithop" (hiphop in Flemish), who have outgrown that label since

  • - *** Five years after being an overnight grunge-rock sensation in the Lowlands and a sudden split, these guys have matured and grown together again in a Welsh studio, with a new musical horizon and producer Mark Wallis

    Saieb's Arabic Lyrics
    Arabic lyrics which can be made into songs.

  • Alas, life wouldn't allow these to become complete songs, because every one of us has now his own work and personal duties


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