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CBSA's Immigration Intelligence network is involved in the planning, collection,
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Canadian Border Collie Association - Homepage
Contains registry forms. Also lists trainers, breeders, sheepdog trials and
results, and herding clinics.

  • Canadian Border Collie Association The registry for purbred Border Collies in Canada, incorporated under Animal Pedigree Act The Associations objectives are the encouragement, development and regulation of the breeding of purebred Border Collies in Canada by: Establishing a standard of breeding and maintaining a system of registration of purebred Border Collies; Promoting and fostering the breeding, training and distribution of reliable working Border Collies in Canada; Promoting and fostering health improvements in Border Collies; Publishing and distributing literature and other communications to educate the public and Border Collie breeders on subjects relating to the well-being of the Border Collie breed; Organizing and promoting trials, national championships and exhibitions, either competitive or non-competitive, and either independently or in association with any other societies, bodies or persons

    US Customs and Border Protection
    Includes the former Border Patrol and Customs Service. Missions include detecting
    and preventing the illegal entry of persons and goods into the country.

  • Careers for your Country - CBP provides opportunities for you to help secure America’s Borders

  • Customs and Border Protection priority mission - keeping terrorists and their weapons from entering the United States - places CBP on the frontline of the war on terrorism

  • 07/28/2006 Stories about the CBP employees who are successfully securing America's borders every day

  • Apply for an ACE Account today! Secure Border Initiative (SBI) is a comprehensive multi-year plan to secure America’s borders and reduce illegal migration

    Canadian Border Terrier Welfare
    Committed to fostering, assessment, and appropriate placement of the dogs in need.
    Adoption application, tips for recognizing the breed, and pictures of dogs in ...

  • Canadian Border Terrier Welfare (CBTW) Pour de l'information en français, Adopted Border Terriers Border Terriers Seeking Adoption Convenient Links Recommended Reading - Anne Roslin-Williams - (Carol Lea Benjamin) - (Carol Lea Benjamin) Our Mission Statement Education: Promote public awareness of the Border Terrier as a working breed, and provide a counseling/referral service to Border Terrier owners

  • Assistance: Provide foster care and re-homing of Border Terriers that come into our care

  • Responsibility: Spay/neuter all Border Terriers that CBTW re-homes


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    Canadian Customs Consultant - Customs Help
    A resource for importers and exporters in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
    Providing border related news, online seminars, consulting, links, ...

    Welcome to the Canada Revenue Agency / Bienvenue à l'Agence du ...
    Provides information, services, and applications that help promote compliance
    with Canada's tax legislation and regulations.

    Border Collie Friends Rescue
    Breed details, information about available dogs, and links to related content. Canada.

  • Welcome to the website for Border Collie Friends Rescue This site, its pictures and contents are all owned by the BCFR, No part may be reproduced or copied without our permission

  • Copyright © 2004 Border Collie Friends Recue, all rights reserved - Guard troops ordered to Canadian border - December 2, 2001

  • Benefits

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    The Border Compliance Assistance Center
    Information on how to legally and safely transport materials from either side of
    the border, under both US and Mexican laws.

  • The Border can help you deal with environmental issues involved in moving materials and wastes across national borders in North America

  • Mexico border, and municipal solid waste transport across the U.S

  • Canada border

  • MEXICAN BORDER addresses importing hazardous waste from Mexico into the U.S

  • CANADIAN BORDER site addresses importing municipal solid waste from Canada into the state of Michigan

  • The Border Center, which is maintained by the (NCMS), is one of the developed with support from EPA's Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assistance (OECA)

  • For more information, contact the Border Center Director,

    Canada Online - About Canadian Government - Services News and Issues
    Source for Canadian news and current events. (

    City of Sumas
    Located on the Canadian border, they offer online passport applications.

    Old Fort Niagara-A Defended Border
    History of the Youngstown, New York fort from 1796-1872, with much 1812 information.

  • History of the Fort » » » 1796-1872 A Defended Border The role of Fort Niagara changed significantly when the first United States troops marched through its gates

  • While still an important guard post for the American side of the Niagara Portage, it had also become a border forification

  • By the early 1820s Fort Niagara was once again a decrepit and poorly guarded border post

  • Two years later, Fort Nigara was deactivated a second time and not reoccupied until 1838 in response to a new crisis on the northern border

  • Heightened tensions caused American authorities to reexamine the defenses along the Canadian border

  • The border tensions of 1837-38 had subsided by the time renovations were completed

  • British intervention on the side of the Confederacy was feared by the United States and would have inevitably led to fighting along the Canadian border

  • One justification for the return of soldiers to Fort Niagara was a new source of border tension, the Fenian Brotherhood

  • Although United States authorities intervened to prevent further incursions, border tensions persisted into the early 1870s


    US Ports of Arrival & Their Available Immigration Records ...
    Genealogical research guide listing every US arrival port with links to finding
    aids for passenger lists. Includes Canadian and Mexican border crossing records.

  • Search for passenger arrivals to New York in this online database GeneSearch Ads Search Passenger Lists: First Name: Last Name: Search for your ancestors in passenger lists & immigration records US Ports of Arrival and Their Available Passenger Lists 1820-1957 includes Canadian & Mexican Border Crossing Records US Ports of Entry & Their Immigration Records (Passenger Lists) - A Genealogy Guide by Joe Beine This is a list of many United States sea ports and land border ports that have published immigration records (passenger arrival lists) 1820-1957, organized by state

  • Included are Canadian border crossing records, which are listed under each border state, with further information in a separate section at the end of this webpage

  • Mexican border crossing records are also listed here for California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas

  • Eagle, Alaska, 1906-1946 Hyder, Alaska, 1906-1946 Ketchikan, Alaska 1906-1946 Nome, Alaska, 1906-1946 Skagway (White Pass), Alaska, 1906-1946 Note: NARA Microfilm Publication M2016 (Alphabetical Index of Alien Arrivals at Eagle, Hyder, Ketchikan, Nome, and Skagway, Alaska, June 1906-August 1946) is also available from the Family History Library on one roll of microfilm (FHL Roll #2138428); or try the online Alaska database listed above Arizona (Mexican Border Crossing Records) California El Capitan, California, 1929-1956, see Ventura, California Ellwood, California, 1929-1956, see Ventura, California Los Angeles, California, 1907-1949..

    CIC Canada | News Release 2004-07
    From CIC Canada. As of April 13, 2004, the only people who are allowed to represent
    a client in an immigration matter for a fee are members of Canadian Society ...

  • The regulations affect individuals who pay a representative to provide advice and assistance on immigration and refugee matters with Citizenship and Immigration Canada and in proceedings before the Immigration and Refugee Board and the Canada Border Services Agency

  • “Incidences of fraud and other questionable practices should be greatly reduced, while at the same time increasing the Canada Border Services Agency’s ability to meet its immigration enforcement mandate, ” said Minister McLellan

  • -30- For more information: Citizenship and Immigration Canada: Simone Mac Andrew Press Secretary Office of the Minister (613) 954-1064 Claire Despins Media Relations Communications Branch (613) 941-7035 Immigration and Refugee Board: Media relations (613) 947-0803 Canadian Border Services Agency: Amélie Morin Media Relations (613) 948-5977 Visit the IRB Internet site: Visit the CBSA Internet site: BACKGROUNDER WHO CAN BE A REPRESENTATIVE In some cases, individuals who wish to come to, or stay in, Canada choose to obtain the help of a representative for additional support or advice

  • The new regulations apply to: those applying for a visa or making any other application under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, and the subjects of proceedings for immigration or refugee matters before the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) or the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA)

    Grand Portage State Park: Minnesota DNR
    American Indians created the nine-mile trail from Lake Superior to bypass the
    falls known as the "grand portage." The park is 6 miles northeast of Grand Portage ...

    Cross Border Pharmacy
    Offering prescription and over the counter drugs, diabetes supplies, vitamins,
    and herbal medications.

    Bois Fort/Nett Lake, Minnesota, Ojibwe Reservation
    Demographic information on this band, and on their reservation lands. Economic
    activity, including the tale of the political wranglings over an international ...

  • It lies abnout 75 miles south of the Canadian border

  • I n 1970, General Mills, a huge international food company headquartered in Minneapolis, sponsored a joint venture that paired Nett Lakers with their Anishinabeg relatives across the Canadian border: a ricing co-op made up of Sabaskong, Eagle Lake, Rat Portage, Wabigoon, Shoal Lake and other Great Lakes bands

  • Man-O-Min co-op was formed (Manitoba-Ontario-Minnesota, also a word play on manoomin, the Anishinaabemowin name for wild rice; Basil Green, Shoal Lake Ojibwe created the name concept.) Rice was to be harvested in Canada and Nett Lake, trucked across the border (through the International Falls border entry port) to Nett Lake's processing facility and processed there together with the tribe's rice harvest

  • T he ministers said they didn't want a cross-border American venture, and chided the Indians for not seeking Canadian help -- but they had, and had been denied it

  • government, as well as the Canadian government, were involved in smashing this promising cross-border Native economic venture among close cultural and family relatives, Anishinaabe people, 70% of whom live on the Canadian side of the border the invaders drew across the continent

    Chamber of Shipping - Home
    A forum for the gathering, developing and disseminating of information both to
    the membership and shipping communities around the world.

  • February 24, 2005 | Canada Border Services Agency has published new Reporting of Exported Goods Regulations in Part II of the Canada Gazette

  • February 4, 2005 | The Customs Border Services Agency's advanced reporting requirements for exports expects to become mandatory on Please be advised that the new export reporting regulations will likely become law February 23, 2005

    North American Free Trade Agreement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Hyperlinked encyclopedia entry covers the history and effects of the NAFTA group
    along with related topics and issues.

  • The NAAEC, in an aim to be more than a set of environmental regulations, established the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation (NACEC), a mechanism for addressing trade and environmental issues, the North American Development Bank (NADBank) for assisting and financing investments in pollution reduction and the Border Environmental Cooperation Commission (BECC)

  • There was considerable opposition on both sides of the border, but in the United States it was able to secure passage after President made its passage a major legislative initiative in 1993

  • [] Travel and migration [] United States and Canada The U.S-Canadian border is controlled with checkpoints, but American and Canadian nationals are generally allowed to cross without advance arrangements, visa, or passport

  • About 6 million crossings are made each month between the U.S-Canadian border

  • {) The relatively open border facilitates tourism and cross-border shopping

  • It has also permitted motorists and railway passengers to disregard the border and use the shortest possible route, subject to border-crossing delays and documentation

  • Passengers on airplanes crossing the border to optimize travel time are not subject to customs control if they do not land

    BC Highways - Road Tours
    Includes areas along Interstate 5 in Washington.

  • Current conditions at Pacific Highway and Peach Arch Border crossing Consolidated access to BC Ministry of Transportation and Washington State Dept

  • of Transportion border cams and conditions Circle Routes on B.C

  • Interstate 5 ( Washington State ) Washington State Interstate 5 ( Olympia to Seattle ) MP 99 (Tumwater) to Exit 165 (Seattle) Washington State Interstate 5 ( Seattle to Canadian Border ) Exit 165 ( Seattle ) to Exit 276 and Canadian Border (Blaine) with connections to BC Highways 15 and 99

  • Washington State Interstate 5 ( Peace Arch Border Crossing at Blaine to Olympia) Exit 276 (Blaine City Ctr) to Exit 99 (Tumwater) Trans-Canada Highway Trans-Canada Highway ( Horseshoe Bay - Burnaby ) Exit 0 ( Horseshoe Bay Ferry terminal ) to Exit 29 ( Willingdon Ave, Burnaby ) Trans-Canada Highway ( Burnaby - Abbotsford ) Exit 29 ( Willingdon Ave, Burnaby ) to Exit 92 ( Sumas Way - Highway 11, Abbotsford) Trans-Canada Highway ( Abbotsford - Hope ) Exit 92 ( Sumas Way - Highway 11, Abbotsford ) to Exit 177 ( Jct

  • Border to Highway 1 ( Exit 73 ) Highway 13 ( Aldergrove - Lynden Highway - 264th Street ) Highway 1 ( Exit 73 ) to U.S

  • Border Pacific Highway Highway 15 ( Pacific Highway - 176th Street ) Washington SR 543 at Interstate 5 to Pacific Highway Border crossing to Highway 1 ( Exit 53 ) Highway 15 ( Pacific Highway - 176th Street ) Highway 1 ( Exit 53 ) to Pacific Highway Border crossing to Washington SR 543 at Interstate 5 Yellowhead Highway 16 Highway 16 ( Yellowhead Highway with Highways 37 and 27 North ) Prince Rupert to Prince George with travel to Hazleton, Kispiox, Stuart Lake and Fort St


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