Liquid Pleasure
A party band that plays a blend of Motown, beach music and other dance tunes.

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  • This type of longevity and consistency combined with exceptional talent, sets Liquid Pleasure apart from the rest

    Watch Me Eat a Hot Dog
    Fanatically devoted to the activity of eating a piece of meat in a bun.

  • This also marks the return of to the internet

  • posted by Chris - Nov 12, 2005 This is true

  • 'This rap money isn't long

  • Just ask MC Hammer.' Hammer, the San Francisco Bay area rapper who had such hits as 'U Can't Touch This' in the early 1990s, declared bankruptcy by the late '90s

  • posted by Chris - Sep 20, 2005 A Ray of Hope? photographer Gary sends in this report from Baton Rouge, LA, where he has taken refuge after Katrina

  • For New Orleans evacuees and Baton Rouge residents alike, this sounds like a great place to get a dog! Brah, Imagine my surprise when I went out for some lunch yesterday and passed what I had initially mistaken for a sno-ball stand--only to find that it was actually a DRIVE-THRU hot dog stand

  • The owner, Al, is from Chicago, and this cat knows how to make a mean dog

  • This site may not be updated again for a while

  • I write for a weblog at if anyone is interested in following my personal journey through this or the news story as a whole

  • In a place where traditions and culture are as fleeting as politicians in the White House, the importance of a unique and wonderful eating destination like this one cannot be understated

    Cynical Rantings
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  • But for now, I hope you find this to be as good of a mix as I do:Welcome to the Jungle - Guns n' RosesRock You Like A Hurrican - ScorpionsHere I go Again - WhitesnakeHeaven - WarrantPour Some Sugar On Me - Def LeppardCome on Feel the Noize - Quiet RiotWe're Not Gonna Take It - Twisted SisterRock and Roll All Nite - KissYou Give Love a Bad Name - Bon JoviLove Hurts - NazarethNobody's Fool - Cinderella (by special request...)Cherryl Pie - WarrantEvery Rose Has Its Thorn - PoisonI Remember You - Skid RowHigher Ground - Red Hot Chili Peppers (this one isn't technically 'hair'; I just like it)Bohemian Rhapsody - QueenMore Than Word - ExtremeBecause any good Hair Metal CD should end with the cheesiest Hair Metal Ballad of all time: More Than Words.Enjoy!I mean..

  • posted by The Cynical Tyrant | Monday, August 07, 2006 She's moving away, y'all! This is a photo tribute to our friend Emily, because she's leaving us this week to go off to grad school, and we don't really know what to do with that

  • This brought on several questions:1

  • posted by The Cynical Tyrant | Sunday, July 30, 2006 Greatest Hits In my adventures of ripping my CDs, downloading a few songs here and there as I go, and making one mix CD after another, I've discovered one very important thing that makes this whole process extremely easy, and ridiculous.Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has a Greatest Hits CD.Just now, I've put together a little mix CD I like to call 'Cheese'

    Central Records
    Dance music store staffed by working club DJs.

  • Jay Z (95 BPM) 8: Peaches & Cream by: (112 BPM) Central Records Price: $28.00 Shipping Costs: US/CAN: $8.00 FUNKYMIX REMIX SERVICE - Funkymix issue 7 - new - 3 record set Funkymix Records ~ remix service ~ 1- 12 inch vinyl (each additional add $1.00) Digital Underground 'Same Song', Schooly D 'King of New York', Tracie Spencer 'This House (Parts 1 & 2)', Tara Kemp 'Hold You Tight', King Tee 'Diss You', The Cover Girls 'Funk Boutique', Chubb Rock 'Treat 'Em Right', Musto & Bones 'Dangerious On the Dance Floor', M.C


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    Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews: Rick James
    Reviews of albums from 1978 to the present.

  • Rick James Reviewed on this page: - - - - - Throwin' Down - - - - Only Four You - - - - Never an innovator, borrowing heavily from P-Funk and later Prince, but in his prime Rick James came up with some excellent funky tunes, several of which hit the charts again after being sampled by hip hop artists

  • Come Get It! (1978) James got off to a fast start with this release, which soared up the charts behind two singles - 'You And I' and 'Mary Jane' - which illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of the disc

  • The problem this time is no great tunes - everything's listenable, but there's nothing that digs itself into your head and keeps you coming back for more

  • (DBW) Fire It Up (1979) Art Stewart had disappeared; from this point James produced all his own work

  • This was a relative flop, barely cracking the Top 40; it was also Daniel Le'Melle's debut with the band as sax player, arranger and musical contractor

  • (DBW) In 'N' Out (Stone City Band: 1980) Written and produced by James, this includes three versions of the title track, plus more hedonistic tunes like 'South American Sneeze.' (DBW) Lady T (Teena Marie: 1980) Garden Of Love (1980) This missed the Top 40 altogether, and it's not hard to see why: for some reason, James eschewed funk in favor of incredibly dull ballads ('Island Lady'), and there aren't even any duets to liven things up, just minute after minute of Rick's overdone emoting ('Summer Love')

    Power 96.5
    KPWW-FM. Hit list and favorites, radio contests, music news, and DJ and programming

    The Weird Al Information Source
    Offering detailed data on Weird Al's past, present, the band, his shoe size, and
    other information.

  • Everything you know is WRONG!!! So, you're going to have to refer to this page to look up any kind of information about 'Weird Al' Yankovic

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  • (valedictorian, no less...) 1978 -- Al makes his first appearance on a record 1979 -- Records 'My Bologna' (parody of The Knack's 'My Sharona') This becomes Al's first single release ('School Cafeteria' remake on the B side) 1980 -- Sept

  • (The song was later used in 'UHF') 1985 -- June: 'Dare to be Stupid' album released September: 'The Compleat Al' video biography released October: 'The Authorized Al' pseudo-biography released (co-authored with Tino Insana) [Thanks to Jeff Morris ( ) for this info] 'Weird Al' Yankovic (1983) 'Weird Al' Yankovic in 3-D (1984) = = Ricky Eat It Gotta Boogie Midnight Star I Love Rocky Road The Brady Bunch Buckingham Blues Buy Me a Condo Happy Birthday I Lost On Jeopardy Stop Draggin' My Car Around Polkas On 45 My Bologna Mr

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  • 2005 UPDATE IS AVAILABLE !! Just click the song and a new window will pop-up ! Just rename .zip into .mp3 ! This weeks downloads: Join the mailing list Enter your name and email address: Name: Email: Subscribe Unsubscribe Previous downloads: Brooklyn, Bronx And Queens Band Visage - Fade To Grey (6:43) You don't have a MP3 (Winamp)player ?? You can download it !! LINKS Click For More Links Copyright 1998-2005 by DJ Ferry Last Update 20-04-2005 Disclaimer : Remember, MP3's are perfectly legal to download, provided you own a CD with the given music on it

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    Hit FM 104.8
    The dance, club and rap hits of The Netherlands worldwide in RealAudio.

  • Luister nu! playlists (alfabetische playlist en programma-playlist) waarin je je favoriete plaat/single kunt aanvragen jingles ('De dance- en clubhits van Nederland wereldwijd online!', 'Nowhere such a hitrate', 'No 60's, no 70's and no 80's; only the most quick hits since the 90's, like this one', 'Hit FM draait de snelste hits zonder rem!' en 'In the quix in the quix in the quix..

  • This is 104.8 Quickhits!') hitlijsten waaronder de Quicklist (de snelste dancehitlijst van Nederland, samengesteld uit Nederlandse verkoopcijfers, airplay en verkoopcijfers dance-speciaalzaken)

  • Listen now! playlists (alphabetical playlist and programme playlist) in which you can request your favourite record/single jingles ('The dance and club hits of The Netherlands worldwide online!', 'Nowhere such a hitrate', 'No 60's, no 70's and no 80's; only the most quick hits since the 90's, like this one', 'Hit FM draait de snelste hits zonder rem!' and 'In the quix in the quix in the quix..

  • This is 104.8 Quickhits!') charts including the Quicklist (the most quick dance charts of The Netherlands, composed out of Dutch sales figures, airplay and dance specialty shop sales figures)

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    Favorite lyrics include Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Yankovic, Beatles, Bruce
    Springsteen and many others with section of "one hit wonders".

  • This might be useful to you, but more likely what you want is a real web site chock-full of lyrics with search engines and all that

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  • All three of them are far more extensive and useful than this collection

  • A of this master list (the song titles are hidden) is also available

    Bloomquist, Rick
    Music teacher offering lessons on keyboard, piano, bass, guitar and voice as well
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    Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
    Cast, trivia, viewer comments, and photo gallery.

  • | to personalize   | Showing page 1 of 37 main details summary filming locations laserdisc details DVD details on tv, schedule links You need to be a user of the IMDb to rate a movie - I have seen this movie and would like to Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit () Directed by Writing credits (characters) and (23 photos) Genre: / / / / Tagline: Something bunny is going on..

  • | 114 out of 147 people found the following comment useful:- Cracking!!! , 10 September 2005 Author: from Eindhoven Being a "Wallace and Gromit-fan", I was looking forward for this full-length movie

  • A wonderful feeling to be one of the first to see this very amusing and merry movie

  • This is where W&G come in

  • Anyone who liked the three proceeding short movies of W&G (which are more than great!), will love this full-length movie

  • Enjoy! Was the above comment useful to you? I have seen this movie and would like to on it Discuss this movie with other users on Recent Posts (updated daily) User If you like this title, we also recommend..

  • (1995) recommendations a recommendation You may report errors and omissions on this page to the IMDb database managers

    Crustacean Records
    Milwaukee indie whose artists include American Death, Big Big Furnace and Mad
    Trucker Gone Mad. News, bands, catalog and contact information.

  • In the not to distant future look for Killdozer 'The Last Waltz' , SevenOneFive 'We Don't Feel Like This For Free' , Ouija Radio 'Oh No...Yes!Yes!' , Droids Attack 'All Your Chicks Are Belong to Us' , American Death 'Transmission Impossible' , Things Fall Apart 'We Are All + debut EP' , 26 'The Messiah' and We Will Bury You: A Tribute to Killdozer to go live for download as well

  • We are moving this sucka into production right now

  • We will be putting out the fourth record by this veteran Twin Cities indie rock powerhouse entitled Oh No...Yes! Yes!

  • This summer the band will have a light schedule playing shows around the Midwest, but once the new record comes out they will be all over the place

  • Oh No...Yes! Yes! was created this winter at the premier rock studio and mastering house in the Twin Cities, Terrarium Studios and Magneto Mastering, and worked on by their reknowned engineers, Jacques and Dave (Melvins, Dillinger Four, Nashville Pussy, Soul Asylum, Beck, etc)

  • If you want to hear a couple songs we have them streaming at and and you can download one of the songs, Mired in Lockstep , on our music page on this website

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  • When that happens, it is bound to have the dominate culture dictate the course of it so they have subsidized it, threw a lot of money in it and at that point it becomes a contest on who can kill more Black people on a record.  50 cent, he got shot nine times so he's harder and it's this contest you subsidize.  When you subsidize it, it's like, let's explore every option.  What can sell, what is the bottom line?  Sex and violence, we know that sells.  How raunchy and dirty can you get?As they throw this money in it and fluff it up, then it's just fluffed out and it becomes what pop music always was when [it] was Good Golly Ms

  • I've notified, since that means that either they or us are getting blocked.Feedblitz is good about this stuff but, if it requires action on their part, don't forget that they're dealing with one of the historically least helpful of Internet companies, so cut them some slack [and us by extension!].Look, if you need a good free email account, I still highly recommend Yahoo's free service

  • For this piece the artist will occupy the two front galleries of the exhibition space

  • Source:“Although this work is created in response to the events of 1906, my intention is not to point fingers at the perpetrators but to examine the progress of black Americans since that time

    Americans for Dr. Rice
    Unauthorized grassroots effort to draft Condoleezza Rice as a presidential
    candidate in 2008.

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  • This weekend, Susan Estrich, USC Law Professor, Harvard alum, aut..

  • Secretary Rice spoke with Canadian Foreign Minister McKay this morning to express her condolences about the recent incident -- unfortunate incident in Afg..

  • What gives? [from ] Aug 26@11:00pm: Change is news, and the important news from the second trial of Saddam Hussein is this: The U.S

  • This is a copy of the actual Waco Tribune-Herald newspaper today, Sunday, August 6, 2006

  • There isn't enough room on this page to list the Democratic foreign policy experts and former officials, including those from the top ranks of the Clinton..

  • The clever bombs..Stupid, ” This was posted on Yahoo News

  • This week, Insight on the News, published ..

  • [from ] Jul 23@2:47pm: This is probably old news for many of you but it is still of interest; I think

  • In this article he says that one of Rev

  • [from ] Jul 19@9:42am: According to a Gallup poll released this morning, Condi is 2nd as the Republican Presidential nominee!!! The poll asked Republicans who they found as a favorable Presidential nominee for 2008

    Simpsons Barbershop Quartet Episode
    Episode [9F21] Homer's Barbershop Quartet - the Be Sharps.

  • Pepper' photo where Paul's back is turned) - Homer (Ringo) wearing a red jacket - The rooftop performance (the Beatles did this for 'Get Back', the last track on 'Let It Be', atop Apple Records

  • Barney in ) {rl} - [] Music in which Homer is involved cools tempers {rl} - [], [] Prisoner 24601 - [] Spinal Tap appears {rl} - [] Skinner returns to school: same scene as when he leaves in - [] Homer sings 'something something' in and this episode {jt} - [], [] Bob Hope referenced in an un-Simpsonlike appraisal (ditto Tom Jones) {rl} - [] 'The Lucy Show' is referenced {rl} - [] Young Bart looks the same {rl} - [] Homer: 'I'll give it a good home' {jt} - [] Homer spontaneously jumps out of a window (cf

  • - The things in the back of the car after the Swap Meet: - golf clubs - a teddy bear - a beach ball - a stereo speaker - a picture - a ski pole - Nigel's business card says: Management by NIGEL * STARS DISCOVERED * FORTUNES MADE * HATS BLOCKED - The signs in support of Wiggum: - WIGGUM IS GOD - BARNEY STINKS - WE WUV WIGGUM - The signs in support of Barney: - BARNEY IS GOD - BARNEY DOESN'T STINK - BARNEY SI WIGGUM NO (Timothy Schreyer points out, 'This is made from a sign that said 'BARNEY IS NO WIGGUM' to start with.') - The sign outside Homer's hotel advertised, 'Happy Family Brand Bourbon' - The graffiti on top of Moe's said 'For a good time, call Edna Krabapple, 555-6921, ' and 'El Barto.' - The headline of the Springfield Shopper that the newsboy was selling was 'Snow storm hits the Midwest'

    Spike: Fairy Tales From The Future
    An interview which focuses on Automated Alice, and musical influences. Also touches
    on genre labels, his writing style, and Ringpull Press.

  • Predictably, Noon is keen to reject the cyberpunk label, even though he has been named its 'foremost British exponent', and this must have had its uses

  • This has meant, though, that Noon can step out of the supposed margins and into the mainstream

  • This new found clarity and regularity of pace may be due to the fact that Noon has not just used Carroll's character, he has attempted to pick up his pen: 'I really felt Lewis Carroll was looking over my shoulder, correcting things, giving me ideas...Spooky!' Whatever the validity of such spiritual gestures (worthy of an afternoon chat with Vanessa, at least), the roughness of Vurt has been abandoned in favour of a more fluid style

  • Automated Alice is less tatty round the edges - Noon says that in Vurt the reader can follow him 'learning how to write'; you certainly can't do this in Automated Alice

  • I think this is a bit of a loss for both reader and writer; Automated Alice

  • Although Miles Davies and Jimi Hendrix feature in Automated Alice's world, the comic-book wackiness and searing treatment of 'street angst' are quietened, and the literary volume of Noon's work is whacked to full blast: his fascination with how words work, the fluidity and the tricksiness of language, what is said and what is meant, and how all this this shifts in time is very much in evidence

    Matmos Interview
    Interview with Drew Daniel and Martin Schmidt, by Carlos M. Pozo from angbase magazine.

  • Boring! The other 10 per cent goes into our INCREDIBLE teddy bear collection! (this is a joke) It costs about $2000 dollars to make 1000 CDs with a 'jewel' box, color 2 page front cover and back cover so we sell them to distributors for $6 (that doesn't cover postage, of course) in an attempt to make the price reasonable when it gets to the listener, it is amazing to me how much they end up costing in some places though! I think a CD should cost about $10 to $12, though alot of people have to get paid in between us and you

  • Specialty packaging like The West costs a lot more, but we just ate it and I think we charge the same amount, we are really in this for art-making, the business crap is just that and is ugly to think and talk about

  • The result is more of a collaboration: Slickmos? Macker? Q: Where do you get your inspiration from? From the gear you use, or anything else you come into contact with? DREW: I suppose this will sound kind of pathetic, but I often find myself thinking about the effect that certain records had on me in high school, when I heard them for the first time (a long time ago, I'm 27)- I have very vivid 'listening memories'- the sound of the song 'Ghost Bitch' by Sonic Youth, a stroll with the Nurse With Wound 'Machines 3' cassette on a Walkman, putting TG's 'Second Annual Report' on the stereo

    Review of PC version by Sam Gibson, with screen shots. Score: 68%

  • This Chrimbo month sees Atari release the next instalment in the V-Rally series

  • This time round the series dispenses with any arcade leanings and pushes the gameplay towards a more sim-like experience (don't worry, there's no thought bubbles coming from your co-driver expressing a desire for companionship, food, and a hard sweeping left)

  • Unsurprisingly this is yet another console port, something which seems to be standard these days for any game that isn't an FPS or RTS title

  • When you take into consideration the damage modelling, which is lovingly represented by the graphics engine while convincing you that your rally car is made of balsa wood, this game should only be approached by those who like the rally games on the simmy side

  • A total lack of any racing options adds to the realisation that this game is not for the faint-hearted

  • The interface for all this is simple in a consoley kind of way and the whole enterprise works quite well

  • So get to the very top and you can compete with some seriously beefy cars, but to be frank I had lost all interest before I reached this point

  • I absolutely love this game


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