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    Welcome to MJNI.COM - the Michael Jackson fan club
    Michael Jackson fan club that produces the globally-distributed KING! magazine on
    a quarterly basis. Excerpts available online, along with news, forums, ...

    Michael Jackson's House - Michael Jackson Fan Page - www.mjshouse.com
    A former impersonator's site with personal photographs, MIDI files and a how to
    Moonwalk section, along with lyrics, press articles and links.

    "You are not alone" Italian Michael Jackson Fan Club
    There are 2 different fan clubs in this web site. This site is dedicated to
    Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson.

  • BENVENUTI NEL MAGICO REGNO DI: 'YOU ARE NOT ALONE' ITALIAN MICHAEL JACKSON FAN CLUB Questo è il sito ufficiale ed in versione italiana del fan club 'You are not alone'

  • Il secondo sito del club, anch'esso ufficiale, è in

  • Il (sempre in italiano e pieno di incredibili info, news e moltissimo altro) Dal 15 febbraio scorso i tre siti del club sono stati trasformati in web-zine telematiche per tutti i fans

  • I'intero contenuto dei 3 siti in questione appartengono al club

  • Per poter usufruire delle foto, degli articoli e di tutto ciò che il FC pubblica sui siti, è necessaria l'autorizzazione scritta del club

  • Per ogni contatto diretto con il club mandate PROGETTI & C

  • Verranno incluse prestissimo le pagine inerenti i progetti che il club sta portando avanti in favore di Michael Jackson, le news aggiornatissime, i links degli altri siti jacksoniani, gli annunci, i banners e moltissimo altro

  • MAILING LIST ED ALTRI SERVIZI Il club dispone di una mailing list telematica che pubblica il 'YANA - DIGEST', una newsletter interamente dedicata a MJ


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    MJFrance : Michael Jackson - Fan Club France
    Différentes informations sur l'artiste ainsi qu'un fan-club.

  • Michael Jackson : MJ France, fan club france michael jackson

    Michael Jackson World Network (MJWN) - Fan Club
    Includes news, merchandise, and articles.

    Michael Jackson News Pictures Biography Dvd Videos
    Comprehensive biography, discography and videography, along with interview archive,
    speeches, song lyrics, picture gallery and latest news.

    Michael Jackson Hispano
    Foro dedicado al artista estadounidense.

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    Michael Jackson Malibu Fanclub
    Einer der ältesten Fanclubs des Musikers und seiner Familie. Auf der Homepage
    findet sich je ein Abschnitt für Michael und Janet sowie eine Interaktive ...

    MichaealJ.Loveland L'uniko sito di Michael Jackson ke fa le fusa ...
    Notizie, biografia, produzione discografica e videografica, curiosità e forum
    sul cantante americano.

    Michael Jackson 5 J5 News Pictures and more
    Lyrics for Jackson Five albums as well as Michael's solo efforts.

    VH1.com : Michael Jackson : Artist Main
    Biography, discography and news.


    CNN.com - Jackson pleads not guilty, then gives fans a thrill ...

    Michael Jackson The King Of Pop Fansite - 100% Unofficial
    News, biography, discography, filmography, lyrics, image gallery, tour information,
    articles, and interviews.

    Jackson 5, the Motown Years - Fan-Club Français - Jackson Five
    Collectors, vidéos, galeries, discographie complète et biographie.

  • Enfin, le site est désormais la vitrine du premier fan-club français des Jackson 5

  • NEWSLETTER Abonnez-vous gratuitement à la Newsletter du fan-club des Jackson 5, pour recevoir les dernières news du groupe! Nom Prénom Email Web jackson5abc.com homepage - - - - - - - Site créé en mars 2000

    MJJForum.com The Most Accurate Michael Jackson News on The Internet
    Includes news, biography, discography, videography, tour information, pictures,
    awards, articles, interviews, and forum.

    Helena Kadlcikova Art - Michael Jackson Artworks
    Paintings, drawings and graphics.

    Michael Jackson: King of Lame Excuses - Possible Truth
    Duane Alan Hahn's opinion page which discusses why he thinks Michael Jackson
    might be guilty.

    Ben Jackson/Michael Craze Page
    Tribute to the actor who played one of the first Doctor's final companions, sailor
    Ben Jackson. Includes fan tributes, a message from his son to fans, ...

  • Oh, and a thanks to the Special K Club too for being the great group they are :) DOCTOR WHO TIME RING This site is owned by

    The Indian Michael Jackson Fanclub
    Official Indian Michael Jackson fanclub. Includes photos and downloads.

  • MICHAEL JACKSON NOT GUILTY Acquitted of all counts in alleged child molestation case Welcome to ClubMJ - The Indian Michael Jackson Fanclub We had this website up and going since years, but no one knew it until we launched ''

  • We would request all Indian Michael Jackson fans to send us your Name, Birthdate, Address, Email and Website information to register@clubmj.com We are always working on interesting fan events and you will read more about them in 'Our Projects' section

  • Feel free for your suggestions and advices for the club


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