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The answer to the question "Diversity: a menace or a resource for the third millennium society?" probably depends on other questions, as we have discussed these days. For example: how do we interpret life? How do we see life and ourselves? What is our perspective?

Are we able to listen to others, to what seems different? If so, we might discover how rich we can become. To see in others part of ourselves, the part not yet shown. Only fear can stop this process, fear to discover who we are, maybe the biggest fear.

If we are willing and brave enough to understand, then "The Thieves on Wheelchairs", "The Moon Voice", as well as many similar experiences all over the world, will have a chance to come forth, expressing and showing their wealth, not their diversity.

Charlie Startup has left me these glasses, used in his workshop. They can be the glasses of our heart, if we have the ability and the courage to go beyond what appears and beyond ourselves. So, as I put these glasses on, I will ask you symbolically to do the same…and you will see a rainbow…




CIF a rainbow

In the sky of life

Yellow, black and white

Then you’ll see the light!


What’s the beauty of the rainbow?

Lots of difference in the colours!

Are you keen on all the colours?

Then your life can be a rainbow!


Here in Italy all together

At the Conference CIF

It’s the first of the Millennium

To discuss diversity

Talk about, talk about the assets

Let’s consider all the wealth

Are diversities your assets?

Think about this…CIF!