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A description of the tale with filmography.

  • In all variants, Cinderella arrives and proves her identity by fitting into the slipper (in some cases she has kept the other, as in the Disney retelling).

  • Simply that she has come under criticism because more confrontational headstrong heroines have become perceived as the new ideal of what a women is expected to be in Disney and American culture in general.

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  • | Disneyland D iary - Look in: MousePlanet WWW Sue Kruse Cinderella’s Royal 50th Anniversary Celebration The day after the Cinderella event took place on February 12, 2000, I was asked if I planned on writing a trip report for it as I had for the Toad event.

  • Toad’s Enchanted Evening was such a magical night, that it has become a benchmark by which all other Disneyland events will be measured and Cindy just wasn’t measuring up.

  • In fact, I had abandoned the idea of writing it altogether until the lovely Fabulous Disney Babe replied “I would” to my question, “Who would want to read about my experience after all this time has passed?” It seems folks never get enough about what goes on at Disneyland.

  • Way back when… Disneyland first decided to throw these wingdings, no one knew what to expect.

  • I doubt even Disneyland knew what to expect.

  • When Madame Leota glided across the stage at the Fantasyland Theatre, ethereally introducing such true Disney treasures as X.

  • Close only counts in horseshoes though, remember? And just how does Cindy measure up to the Toad benchmark? Where does she fit in the pantheon of Disneyland events? Well, for each person who attends these events, the view will differ.

  • One day each friend received a beautiful white invitation to attend Cinderella’s Royal 50th Anniversary Celebration at the Disneyland Hotel on the evening of February 12, in the year 2000.

  • During a brief interlude of shopping (It is Disney, okay? It always includes shopping), which yielded such treasures as, Main Street Electrical Parade Pumpkin Coach ($135.00), Boxed Embroidered T-shirt with Brass Logo Pin ($25.00), Cinderella Limited Edition Reuge Music Box ($700.00), and oval framed Cinderella Lenticular Rags to Riches ($95.00), hors d’oeuvres were served.

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  • With the advent of movies in the 20th century, fairy tales, which had never really vanished from the literary landscape, resurfaced as an important cultural form in feature films by Disney, but these were less a rethinking of the genre than an elaborate visual recapitulation, in plush and suffocating detail, of Perrault and Grimm.

  • (The fact that these stories, based on long-standing oral traditions, predate the copyright laws and were thus free to adapt was surely another factor.) In works like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1938), Disney brought the terror of "Old Europe, " with its misshapen men, paranoia-inducing forests, and witches masquerading as kindly apple-sellers, to American audiences searching for fresh thrills.

  • Disney followed Perrault in creating frightening worlds seen from a child's perspective and the Grimm Brothers in imposing a happy ending.

  • From both sources Disney drew its devotion to a classical unity, what Bettelheim identifies in fairy tales as the all-important process of "bringing order out of chaos." Not everyone in Hollywood was so enamored of order or happy endings or the sentimental school of mindless, grinning "funny little animals." Perhaps the least enamored was Tex Avery, who during his stint at Warner Bros.

  • These cartoons represent an assault on the Bettelheim school that sees fairy tales as the source of moral instruction for youth, and, closer to home, on the Disney aesthetic.

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  • Disney Song Lyrics Here are lyrics from a number of Disney movies.

  • I have limited myself to Disney animated "masterpieces", as they call them nowadays.

  • Note that I do not have access to official Disney lyrics, so I cannot just pull up any lyrics from any movie.

  • You can guess how ruinous that would be if I did it for all Disney movies, or even for all animated movies.

  • So I don't have lyrics from Disney's live-action movies, nor do I have lyrics from Disney's TV animation department movies (Duck Tales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp, A Goofy Movie), from their D2V animated movies (Return of Jafar, Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas, The Little Mermaid: Return to the Sea, Simba's Pride).

  • I also don't have lyrics from non-Disney animated movies, such as Land Before Time, Quest for Camelot, Anastasia or El Dorado.

  • There are also lots of lyrics from Disney movies in Tim Montgomery's .
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    :: :: Reviews :: Cinderella (xhtml)
    [Chicago Sun-Times] Movie review.

  • This time around I was more aware of the power of the full-animation techniques, and I appreciated Disney's policy of using unfamiliar voices for the dubbing, instead of the studio's guess-that-voice derbys of recent years.

  • You may not - as I did not - remember how much the Disney studio expanded and supplemented it.

  • Disney's most valuable and original contribution to the "" tale was the addition of dozens of animals to the story.

  • Using the traditional techniques of full animation, the Disney artists provided each animal with a unique flavor and personality.

  • What they also did (as Richard Shickel observed in The Disney Version) was shamelessly wag the buttocks of all of the animals as a way of making them seem even livelier; a Disney quadruped has its center of gravity somewhere below its navel and its pivot point right beneath the wallet.

  • Snow White herself looked fairly bland, but the other characters in the first decade of Disney animation had a lot of personality in their faces.

  • Footnote: I hate to sound like a scold, but this is the second Disney animated classic that has been stretched into "wide-screen" format, with a resulting loss of some 25 percent of the original image.

  • The studio's argument: Few theaters are equipped these days to show films in the classic 4-to-3 ratio, and Disney would rather carefully supervise its own wide-format pan-and-scan version than allow a projectionist to despoil the image.

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