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  • Pictures and descriptions of all the Lion King characters and their roles in the story.

  • Pictures and descriptions of all the Lion King characters and their roles in the story.

  • The Lion King characters are voiced as follows: Cheech Marin as Banzai Jim Cummings as Scar (possibly Ed too) Cam Clarke as Simba James Earl Jones as Mufasa Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Young Simba Ernie Sabella as Pumbaa So they couldn't get Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Jeremy Irons, or Whoopi Goldberg, and I'm unsure how Jonathan Taylor Thomas fits into the picture (surely he's too old to voice Simba convincingly anymoreafter all, they got someone else for the "Morning Report" song).

  • Picture of the Day: Pumbaa Hunts a Bug 640 x 380 87 KB "What do you want me to do? Dress in drag and do the hula?" -- Timon Support this site! Buy The Lion King Tickets for a showing near you: (Minskoff) (New Amsterdam) (Acad.

    Yahoo! Movies Box Office Charts
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    and Top 100 all-time.

    Yahoo! Movies Box Office Charts
    Actuals for features currently in US theatrical release. Archive of recent charts
    and Top 100 all-time.

  • New User? - - Search Yahoo! Movies: Box Office Charts From - Weekend Box Office - Weekend Box Office Actuals (U.S.) Jun 23 - 25 weekend Archived Charts: This Wk Weekend Gross 1 - Sony Pictures Releasing International, Sony Pictures Releasing $40, 011, 365 $40, 011, 365 1 3749 2 1 Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Buena Vista International $23, 285, 367 $156, 664, 916 3 3949 3 2 Paramount Pictures, United International Pictures $12, 699, 864 $53, 221, 306 2 3083 4 3 Universal Pictures Distribution, United International Pictures $9, 801, 835 $43, 144, 240 2 3030 5 - Rogue Pictures (Focus) $9, 404, 180 $9, 404, 180 1 1004 6 4 Warner Bros.

  • Pictures Distribution $8, 832, 259 $29, 774, 472 2 2645 7 5 Universal Pictures Distribution $6, 596, 625 $104, 235, 420 4 2906 8 7 20th Century Fox Distribution, 20th Century Fox International $5, 209, 818 $16, 483, 101 2 2981 9 6 20th Century Fox, 20th Century Fox International $4, 841, 950 $224, 506, 162 5 2408 10 9 Sony Pictures Releasing, Sony Pictures Releasing International $4, 050, 844 $205, 589, 742 6 1911 11 10 Paramount Pictures, United International Pictures $2, 889, 574 $144, 651, 903 6 2007 12 11 Picturehouse $2, 300, 426 $12, 575, 667 3 752 13 8 20th Century Fox Distribution $2, 256, 627 $52, 137, 199 3 2107 14 12 Paramount Vantage $2, 016, 408 $9, 630, 014 5 514 15 13 Paramount Pictures, United International Pictures $719, 349 $131, 525, 369 8 552 16 14 Warner Bros.

  • Pictures Distribution, Warner Bros.

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  • Of those, about 10 will be released under the Walt Disney Pictures banner, a proven family friendly brand that includes the successful "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise.

  • Posted By: Figment! @ 1:19 AM | For Ailing Disney, a Shot of Strong Medicine In elevating the two executives, both of whom are close to the studio chairman, Richard Cook, Disney is betting on a revolution from within, unlike Paramount Pictures, which quickly brought in outsiders to shake up a staid culture last year.

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  • Running Time 1 hour, 55 minutes Country Production Companies Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios Studio Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures Other Titles • The Incredibles (2004)• Hum Hai Laajawab • Untitled Brad Bird Pixar Project Movie Photos Awards Won 2005 Academy Award for Best Achievement in Sound Editing Won 2005 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film of the Year Won 2005 BAFTA Award for Best Feature Film Nominated for 2005 Academy Award for Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen Nominated for 2005 Academy Award for Best Achievement in Sound Sign up for our Newsletter! Movie news in your email: Your Name: Your E-Mail Address: Sign Up Genre: , , , , , , Superhero, Kidnapping, Satire, Marriage, School / Campus, Urban, Thieves, Comic Book Tagline: Save The Day Plot: Bob Parr used to be one of the world's greatest superheroes (Known to all as "Mr.

  • They certainly seem incapable of making a bad motion picture.

  • 8/10 --'JoBlo' (JoBlo.com) Wallpapers ©2004 Walt Disney Pictures Featured Reviews Reader Reviews Jared Amiker (Georgia) | 05/29/2006 | emailing Mrs.Incredible You look fine 4 out of 4 people liked this reviewDid you find this review helpful? Yes No Jared Amiker (Georgia) | 05/29/2006 | email Mrs.Incredible Mrs.

  • 1 out of 4 people liked this reviewDid you find this review helpful? Yes No So what do YOU think about this movie? I have seen this picture, and I want to review it.

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  • "The weekday numbers have been terrific."Since its historic three-day opening of $135 million, the Walt Disney Pictures release has continued to amass box office treasure, setting records for biggest nonholiday Monday ($18 million), biggest Tuesday ever ($15.7 million) and second-biggest five-day total ($169.5 million).

  • The t-shirts are black with purple trim and have a picture of Johnny and Orlando on them.

  • Windows Media Player: | Real Player: | Quicktime: | Quicktime High Definition: | Ipod: PSP: Flash (progressive download): | Teen People From Krista: There is a really nice picture of Orlando and information about him in the August issue of Teen People Magazine which I recieved yesterday.

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  • Search: For: DVDMon.com News Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media present THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA DVD Sweepstakes!!!!! As THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE becomes the best selling DVD in America 2 weeks in a row, Disney has decided to celebrate by offering a sweepstakes for fans of the film.

  • One Grand Prize winner will receive a one of a kind replica of the Narnia Wardrobe! 50 First prize winners will receive a Narnia Gift set that includes Pete's Sword Letter Opener, Narnia One Sheet Reproduction poster, Narnia Original Soundtrack and a Narnia Battle of Beruna Deluxe action figure pack Contestants can enter at to win these amazing prizes!!!!! DVDMon.com Columns: Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media present C.S.

  • This spectacular $280 million box-office triumph, Walt Disney Pictures third highest grossing live-action film of all time, will be available as a single disc DVD with outstanding bonus features, and as a Special 2-Disc Collectors Edition DVD.

  • DVD Enhanced Content Material The special features exclusive to the Something the Lord Made DVD are: Audio commentaries with director Joseph Sargent, writer Peter Silverman, and executive producers Eric Hetzel and Robert Cort Making history slide show A behind-the-scenes featurette on the making of the film Critical Acclaim An Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Made for Television Movie, Outstanding Cinematography for a Miniseries or Movie, and Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special, Something the Lord Made was praised by critics.

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