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  • 'Stevens' is set in Sacramento, where Ren and Louis's mother is a state senator.

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  • She tries to cover the story but is hampered by her mother, who's out to find a date for Pepper among the guests.

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  • You have to keep yourself busy and I certainly enjoy doing it." Walt Disney World Warwick Davis greets a very young Jedi and his mother at "Star Wars Weekends" at Disney World in 2003.

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  • Her mother, Evelyn, had worked as a professional dancer.

  • "Mother and I came to New York for a vacation.

  • Yes, we needed a director for acrobatics." She will, when she returns from a visit to England with her mother, have to learn to fly for "Peter Pan." Disney technicians have what Kathy calls a sort of cradle all arranged to assist her with that stunt." Peter Pan is now two-thirds completed, the first picture at least, with Bobby Driscoll in the title role.

  • Her mother agrees.

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  • Mother Condor (1998) TV Series ....

  • Apu's Mother (1997) (voice) ....

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  • His Norwegian grandmother, a retired witchophile, becomes his guardian upon the death of his parents.

  • He manages to escape, and enlists the help of his indomitable grandmother to stop the witches' evil plot to kill all of the children in England in a very creative manner.

  • From very early in life, he was isolated from society because his mother, who was Norwegian, did not feel comfortable in English society after the death of his father ().

  • Dahl's mother honored his father's wishes and sent their children to English schools, despite the fact that at that time English schools stressed corporal punishment, of which Dahl's mother did not approve ().

  • This is evident in the relationship between the main character and his grandmother in The Witches.

  • For example, after the protagonist has been turned into a mouse and shares his plan to eliminate all the witches in England with his grandmother, her immediate reaction is, "We shall check it out immediately!.

  • This is certainly the case in The Witches, when the main character, thinking about his grandmother, comments, "It doesn't matter who you are or what you look like so long as somebody loves you".

  • When questioned about this issue, Dahl defended his work by pointing to the " 'lovely grandmother, who is one of the major characters in the story' " ().

  • The grandmother's character is communicated to the reader early in the book when the main character says, " 'The fact that I am still here and able to speak to you.


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  • Christopher Finch, in the almost-definitive "Of Muppets and Men, " relates the following ad-libbed exchange on the backstage of "The Muppet Show": "Kermit/Jim Henson turns to Scooter/Richard Hunt and asks, 'What are you anyway?' 'My mother was a parrot, ' Scooter replies.

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  • She believes the rubbish." - Orlando Bloom, on how his mother worries over tabloid reports Valpak Contest is giving away a trip to the Caribbean.

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  • Lots of information about Myles, and great tips from his mother Laura for those looking at getting into the business! • At fifteen years old Myles has already been acting for over half of his young life.

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  • The second child and only daughter of working-class parents who divorced when she was just six months old, Hewitt was born in Waco, Texas, and raised by her speech pathologist mother in neighboring Killeen.

  • Mom once lost track of her 3-year-old baby girl while the family was dining at a supper club that offered live entertainment; as Hewitt later reported in an interview with TV Guide, her anxious mother finally found her, “in another room singing ‘Baby Love’ on top of a grand piano.” In the years that followed, the budding starlet developed a dance repertoire that came to include jazz, tap, and ballet, and became an experienced public performer singing at livestock shows.

  • Her practical mother resisted the notion of a showbiz career until a local talent scout endorsed Hewitt’s pleadings with a glowing professional appraisal of her gifts and referred mother and daughter to a Los Angeles-based colleague.

  • Hewitt shares a plush Burbank apartment with her mother—still faithfully shepherding her famous daughter's career after all these years—her cats, and her collections of teddy bears and porcelain angels.

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