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Mickey Mouse Club Serials, Disney Channel, 1989-1995
Credits and synopses for the serials featured on the show.

  • The Match Point tennis camp is a summer retreat for young players from across the country.

  • The season begins as the campers arrive and owners Holly and Casey Turner get them started on a summer of lessons and fun.

  • Jeannie Fogel and her brother Robert have been sent to spend the summer in the small town of Lost Creek in the Sierras.

  • Other continuing themes are the problems the teenagers encounter while trying to sort out their love lives over the summer and what to do about college.

    Aka-chan to Boku, Dragon Drive, Kingdom Hearts, Lagoon Engine, Puchimon, Sequence,
    Whistle, and Wolf's Rain.

  • Still, it was alot of fun, but I just had to pick the hottest days of the summer to go there X_x It was so surreal when I was at LA, Disney, and Universal.

  • There're also Puchimon volume 3 chapter 27, and another Prince of Tennis Doujinshi called Seatbelts(Be warned that this is another nc-17 FujiTesu one...) So here you have it, all releases are available at our IRC channel~ | Summer Vacation & Tsubie's Birthday June 10, 2006, 11:00:22 PM by As the summer creeps up, a few of our loyal leecher/trivia players has been invited to a vacation in a private mansion up on Holy Mountain.


    Chicago Tribune - Kid News
    Includes news, features, book talk and how-to articles aimed at kids and teenagers.

  • Here's what else overscheduled kids say: Summer camp can be the highlight of a kid's year.

  • What could be better? It's about time to hit the road or head to the airport or train station for summer vacation.

  • It's summer, but your break is anything but relaxing.

  • They gained popularity after their music was featured in the Nickelodeon TV movie "Zoey 101: Spring Break-Up." Summer's here, and it's time to catch some rays -- here's how to turn a plain T-shirt into a sun-kissed summery top.

    TAoD: Hilary Duff
    A collection of pictures of the actress.

    Offers a selection of albums, frames, cardstock, paper, die cuts, cut outs,
    stickers, and embellishments.

  • So this summer, I enrolled her in Tae Kwon Do.

  • June 11, 2006 at 11:04 pm | Ahhh! Summer is finally here.

  • After the grueling cold winter, the cool breeze of spring is a welcome change - but the summer heat brings me a different joy.

  • Here is a view from our backyard during the summer - a luscious sea of green! Here is Mica at nine years old.
    Group of authors write on music, books, film, popular culture, politics, and

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    Microsoft vs. Disney
    Parody news story of a trademark violation.

    New Chef For Talk Soup
    An article introducing Hal Sparks, the newest host for Talk Soup.

  •  You are here: >>> > > > > FREE Newsletter Sign Up Now for the Talk Shows newsletter!   Search New Chef for Talk Soup Dateline: 07/12/99 T here's someone new serving up Talk Soup this summer.

    A subtle yet lively romp through the life of a true man for all seasons.
    Features commentary on the...

    Blog Maverick
    Maintained by Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

  • What is worse, is that the only reason the AAU brothel exists is because High School summer rules are ridiculous.

  • One summer I went to IU to visit .

  • Kids can save enough money these days to buy a computer and create applications their friends can use and maybe even buy year round for less than they can buy a decent lawnmower to mow lawns with only in the summer.


    FilmForceIGN: Howl's Moving Castle Review
    'A terrific little fantasy that will arouse one's childlike curiosity', writes
    Todd Gilchrist. Includes...

  • His latest, which features the voice talents of Christian Bale, Emily Mortimer and Lauren Bacall amongst others, is a terrific little fantasy that will arouse one's childlike curiosity – whether you're eight or eighty – and ranks as a low-key but likely lasting charmers amongst the summer movie season's here-today-gone-tomorrow thrill rides.

    Ace Karaoke
    Wholesaler and retailer of Karaoke machines sells players, amplifiers, speakers,
    mixers, and accessories,...

    Weblog of movie viewing, news and gossip, new releases, DVDs and opinion by a
    group of devoted film... - Virginia Media News & Information
    Including Richmond, Hampton Roads and Fredericksburg VA - station news, listings,
    descriptions, backgroun...

  • Gray television’s WCAV CBS19 was presented a runner up award for “Outstanding Newscast” by a television station in the state of Virginia by the Virginia Association of Broadcasters at its annual summer convention held in Virginia Beach.

    DVD Movie Central
    Reviews, news, information, and contests.

  • He gave it a thorough look for you, so don't miss his review! More to come...stay with us! Mike J June 19, 2006 We've got plenty of reviews lined up for you this week, so let's start with a sneak peek, shall we? Summertime, and the scaring is easy is a B movie getting A list treatment from Criterion.

    Welcome to Target Market
    Provides corporate marketing news that targets minorities, including African Americans.

  • Summer viewing habits returns old favorites to black households' top ten (July 6, 2006) With the heart of summer approaching and black viewers changing their viewing habits, many long time favorite programs made up most of the top ten list.

  • “So You Think You Can Dance, ” the summer replacement for “American Idol, ” saw both of its telecasts among the most popular shows in black households according to Nielsen Media Research ...

  • TNT’s 'The Closer' gains popularity, younger viewers take control of remote (June 21, 2006) Cable watchers in black households looking for original programming during the summer flocked to TNT’s crime drama, “The Closer.” The show beat out wrestling and boxing to take the number one spot on the 25 most popular cable shows during the third week of June.

  • Summer means that the kids are racking up the most hours in front of the TV, even during primetime.
    Taking up far too much space on the Web since 1994.

  • By @ 12:17 PM | July 08, 2006 Backstreet Boys Bath Bar Yesterday, I browsed Rolling Stone while waiting at the dentist and I discovered a little schadenfreude-filled article on top musical acts like Ashley Simpson and Mariah Carey being unable to fill venues on their summer tours.

    Ellis House
    Victorian home with four air conditioned guest suites, each with ensuite jacuzzi
    bathroom. Breakfast...

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