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IMDB: Even Stevens
Cast, crew, and production information.

Local WB affiliate. Contains program guide, station information, kids section,
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Rec.arts.henson+muppets FAQ
Muppet and Henson-related frequently asked questions.

  • Things Available On The 'net Who is...? Who performed...? In what episode did...? What are the lyrics to...? Where are sounds of...? Where are pictures of...? What records/CDs/CD-ROMs/videos/books are there? Where can I buy Muppet stuff? What's that program that turns stuff into Mock Swedish? Yes, but where are the Muppet sites ? Now Playing Can I get The Storyteller on video? What Muppet merchandise is planned for release? What Muppet stuff is on TV nowadays? A humble request: If someone posts a question that is answered here, please be polite anyway.

  • The Playhouse Video compilations, such as "Gonzo Presents Muppet Weird Stuff, " are no longer being produced.

  • Here are some program-related stores: Muppet Show (via Disney): Bear (though you have to poke around): Collectible stores (you may need to recombine the URLs): Collectibles and cards: New stuff, collectibles: Collectibles: Collectibles: Action figures!: More action figures: Plushes: Busts: "Sesame Street" items: Sesame Street shirts: Various products: Don't forget for the Muppet videos! And of course, the standard auction sites often have Henson stuff.


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    Spencer Family's Disney Page
    Fort Wilderness frequently asked questions, trip reports, and Disney related
    information. Home - The #1 Site for Disney
    Coverage of the Disney theme parks. News, columnists, photo galleries and ratings
    of attractions. The Ultimate Guide to Disney DVD
    Guide to all Disney movies available on DVD. Includes title listings, latest
    news, and a forum.

    The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Show
    Information about the show.


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    Active message board centered-around Hilary.

    The Negapage
    Archive of original Darkwing Duck fan art and fan fiction.

  • Enjoy! I am constantly adding stuff to this page.

  • Click your icons and ReBoot to ! has all sorts of "He-Man and The Masters of The Universe" stuff.

  • is a little bitty page dedicated to a little bitty Black Mage, plus other Final Fantasy and 8-Bit Theater fanstuff.

  • You'll find some fun stuff that I've gathered from here and there in the page.

    A collection of official sites of interest to kids - toys, games, movies, TV
    networks, sports, museums,...

    ShowBiz Data
    Entertainment search engine and news.


    Home Page of, your resource for all things Disney
    Information about the parks, including reviews, news, rumors and opinions.

    Marc Hairston's Nadia Page
    Introduction, synopses, character profiles, song translations, production credits,
    articles and links.

  • The purpose of this homepage is gather together all the information I have found on the net about the series, along with some stuff I compiled from other sources.

  • New stuff October 2001 The new for November 2001 is out with my feature article about the new Nadia dub, an interview with Meg Bauman (Nadia), Nathan Parsons (Jean), and Margaret Cassidy (Marie), quick sketches of the other voice actors, and an essay about the Atlantis vs.

  • Enjoy! New stuff July 2001 I finally got around to revising my webpage now that I've seen the movie.

  • HELP! Please click here to see the See, the folks here went to a lot of trouble to put up some neat pictures and information about the space science stuff we do here, but they're feeling lonely since almost no one ever goes and looks at that part.

  • Take a minute to look at some of the cool stuff we have on these pages too.

  • (Okay, there are no pictures of cute girls, but we do have photos of the aurora seen from up in orbit.) We also have links to lots of other cool space stuff (like Hubble pictures!).

    IGN: Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626 Review
    "So long as you're the type of player to go willy-nilly into the void without
    once attempting to actually...

  • Graphics For a game that's all about blowing stuff up (and only about blowing stuff up), it's kind of a shocker to see the game designers not get too giddy about making stuff blowing up look cool.

    Dan's Boingo Page
    Fan site includes news, articles and interviews, guitar chords, lyrics, and sound

  • Lots of cool stuff.

  • Wish I was rich! 9/22/01 has some cool Dia De Los Muertos stuff including kits for making skulls out of sugar! 9/12/01 Amazon is accepting Red Cross donations .

  • [Thanks Mike!] 8/23/01 More exciting news! Disneyland is going to decorate the Haunted Mansion with Nightmare stuff! It starts on October 3rd, and ends on January 3rd.

    Keeper's Cartoon Files
    Current information about contemporary Warner Bros. cartoons, including episode
    lists, running gags,...

  • Also, I've added some things to the foreign lyrics/recordings pages! One of the Pinky & The Brain intros from Poland; both Pinky & The Brain intros and the series theme from France plus an MP3 of the series theme; one of the Pinky & The Brain intros from Japan plus an MP3 of it; an MP3 of the Pinky & The Brain theme from Germany; and I've added an MP3 of the Season 3 Animaniacs theme from Brazil, though don't have the lyrics yet (or can't find them 'cause I've been sitting on some of this stuff for so long).

  • But here we go with what's new out there: Swing! Entertainment Media AG in Germany has the rights, and has some pretty well-known game developers writing this stuff.

  • I don't see any advantage in making it with font styles and other nifty but unnecessary HTML stuff.

  • Pictures of toony things I own, some autographs, and other stuff.

    Interview with Mary Kay Bergman
    By Linda Tindall, reproduced from Toon Talk, Issue 9, with a focus on "What Dreams
    May Come".

  • But I was delighted with the character work and all of that stuff.

  • They're both doing so well, they're making a lot of money for the Fox Network and the ancillary residuals stuff from the marketing and all of that merchandising is amazing.

  • I'm doing a voice match of Helen Hunt because they needed to get some of that stuff for one of the episodes and just reading the scripts they're just amazing and again there's a big, big audience for the adult stuff and there's also an audience for the childrens' stuff.

  • I just executive produced a feature film with my husband, so we're going to be taking that film to festivals and stuff.

  • They did use a lot of the tracks, but there's some stuff in there.

  • And at Disneyland in Innoventions - that's the new area in Tomorrowland, there's a kind of hands-on, see what's new with computers and that kind of stuff.

    Hilary Duff News
    News periodically updated from around the net.

    Anime News Network
    English-language anime news.

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