Inspector Gadget vs. Q

  • . Q/Claw wins and goes on to take over the world, but not before nuking Disney for making the Gadget movie atrocity
  • . But Gadget has the Disney magic factor
  • . As we all know the laws of the Disney universe state that the Disney good guy CANNOT lose ever
  • . Gadget turned from his winning cartoon state into a live- action Disney movie that sucked
  • . As if he needed any more shame after being Disneyfied..
  • . BY DISNEY! This means that he will be unable to do any damage at all
  • . The Bond movies weren't made by Disney, and so Q doesn't really NEED this victory as badly
  • . Gadget was Maxwell Smart (not the picture of competence), replaced by--cough--a Disneyfied Matthew Broderick
  • . Disney, on the other hand, is known for its inability to build an amusement park whose rides can stay in one piece
  • . Between crap components and the antiviolence that is Disney, Gadget will be unable to so much as pull himself together after Q takes that rotor blade, shines it up real nice, turns it sideways..

    Braveheart vs. Groundskeeper Willie
  • . Remember when Disney tried to shut down the school fair, with thei hired goons
  • . Skinner dropped both of them in a second, and had a Disney Lawyer (remember that grudge match) cowering from the rath of an ex-Green Beret
  • . He is a virtual slave of Principal Skinner, and the only defiance he shows is an occasional muttered insult, usually said under his breath, so he won't have to risk Skinner's wrath (remember Skinner was a green beret, and he fought off the mighty legions of Disney, so I'm sure he could kick Willie's ass) Even worse is that Willie has often been regularily defeated by the Springfield Police, the worse cops in America

    WWWF Grudge Match
  • . Donald on the other hand is strictly Disney, which is going to severely tie his hands
  • . Disney is far too sanitized now to let one of their most noted characters break out the heavy hardware, adverse affect on impressionable children and all that
  • . | Voter Comments RESPONSE OF THE WEEK GRUDGIE ™ As a parent of a six and four year old and relentlessly explioted by the Disney corporation, I hope that Daffy hangs Donald with his own intestines
  • . Looks like a virtual gotterdammerung for Disney, until
  • . Disney!!! Now, drawing from past Classic Grudge Matches (tm), we see that each conglomerate has won one battle (Microsoft vs
  • . Disney, Taz vs
  • . Evil (Disney)
  • . Let's face it, the only Disney 'toon to suffer anything approaching a Warner Brothers-level of pain is Goofy, and even then, it was all self-inflicted
  • . Bottom line: Disney 'toons can't fight
  • . Disney is too damned cutesy to even understand the concept of smart-assedness
  • . Donald is a Disney toon


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