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    Phaedra Cinema presents / TMU International/ FilmGod Studios 1st Testament:CIA Vengeance 2001 USA, SOUTH KOREA, 90min
  • . In March, Iva completed shooting a nice suporting role with Lou Diamond Phillips, in his upcoming feature film, "Twisted Fate." Most recently, Iva booked a very nice supporting role in the next Walt Disney Pictures'/Touchstone Pictures' feature film, "Frank McClusky, C.I." Iva will shoot in May and June 2001

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  • . Lastly, if you have any questions or comments, don't be afraid to ! last updated : 18th June 2006 # of fans : 11326 # of pending : 76 created : july 25, 2003 script by : The official site is now live!! posted by on 1 June 2006 Category: General Make sure you check out the which is now live and loaded with tons of media & goodies about the second film, Dead Man's Chest! New PotC 2 & 3 pictures! posted by on 19 May 2006 Category: Media Added a number of pictures for Dead Man's Chest and a sneak peek, very spoilery picture of what's most likely Pirates 3 ! To check them out, visit the ! New PotC 2 Trailer! posted by on 2 May 2006 Category: General Check out the new trailer that's just been released for the sequel! PotC's true fans..
  • . Do recent box-office flops by Orlando Bloom affect his character in POTC2? Remember, and if they select your words, you can receive a free copy of the issue! New pictures, synopsis, and trailers released! posted by on 10 Dec 2005 Category: Media I've just received the for PotC 2 , as well as the

  • . Walden Media and Walt Disney Pictures released The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe on December 9, 2005
  • . UPDATE: We now have pictures from the event! Posted by glumPuddle on May 6, 2006 11:19 PM - Viewed 4, 905 Times The Chicago Tribune has an article discussing the big changes at Walden Media
  • . 2227 Reviews Average Rating: 9.32 Domestic Total: $291, 710, 957 International Total: $452, 041, 000 Worldwide Total: $743, 751, 957 Which technical area of the "Wardrobe" film was the most well done? Art Direction (sets) Costumes Digital Effects Music (score) Makeup Sound Film Editing Cinematography (lighting & camera movements) 330 total votes NarniaWeb is maintained by fans and is in no way connected to Walden Media, Walt Disney Pictures, or the C.S

    'Chronicles of Narnia'
  • . Lewis, will be released at Christmas 2005 by Walt Disney Pictures


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    Mooviees!: Freaky Friday
  • . Running Time 1 hour, 33 minutes Country Studio Gunn Films, Walt Disney Pictures Other Titles • Freaky Friday Movie Photos Awards Won 2004 MTV Movie Award for Breakthrough Female Performance Nominated for 2004 Golden Globes Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy Sign up for our Newsletter! Movie news in your email: Your Name: Your E-Mail Address: Sign Up Genre: , , , Teenage, Role-switching, Doctor, School / Campus, Fairy Tale, Love, Betrayal, Fantasy Tagline: Get Your Freak On August 1st Plot: Dr
  • . --Garth Franklin (DarkHorizons) Wallpapers ©2003 Walt Disney Pictures Featured Reviews Reader Reviews edwin cachuela (Cavite, Philippines) | 02/11/2006 | a heart warming movie!!! I lyk thee movie so much.....im looking forward for the sequel of this movie!!! more power and congrats 2 ol d staf and crew and 2 ol the cast and characters!!! job well done.....MABUHAY!! 5 out of 6 people liked this reviewDid you find this review helpful? Yes No leane (m'sia) | 12/28/2005 | it's not bad Hmmm...Freaky Friday?Well, i guess it appeals mostly to teenagers and kids being a disney production and all.It is your typical teen show which is fun and a show that you wouldn't mind watching every week.However, this is a movie that you can easily forget as it doesn't have a very deep plot.It's exactly like a comedy flick.You watch it once and you'll probably forget most of it by the next few months.Certainly, Freaky Friday is amusing but i wouldn't recommend watching it in the theatres

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  • . film site is the online flash destination for everything related to Warner Independent Pictures feature film starring David Strathairn as Edward R
  • . The best journalists will have a chance for their work to be broadcast to millions via our media partners! Enter your email address below for more information and check back here on October 7, 2005 when the campaign officially launches! Warner Independent Pictures 2929 Entertainment Participant Productions In Association with Davis Films Redbus Pictures and Tohokushinsha Present A Section Eight Production GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK
  • . David is the kind of actor that always feels like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders, so the minute that we realized how much he could look like him, just by looking at old pictures and the gravitas and sadness he can carry, he was the perfect guy to cast
  • . A veteran of over 25 motion pictures, Wise has starred in the fantasy/drama "Powder, " starring Mary Steenburgen and Jeff Goldblum; Tim Robbins' political satire "Bob Roberts" as campaign manager Chet MacGregor; then in the role of Senator Morton in the Sean Connery/Wesley Snipes vehicle "Rising Sun." His portrayal of Sol Gann in Disney's classic family drama "The Journey of Natty Gann" remains one of his favorite roles

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  • . MPAA Rating: PG (for thematic elements, action and mild language) Distributor: Touchstone Pictures Distributor Note: (6/17/03) This project got its start at Touchstone Pictures (Disney), but is currently not officially attached to that studio, though Disney still has a "first look" deal on it before Spyglass can shop it to other studios
  • . (11/12/04) The film is being released under the 'Walt Disney Pictures' banner
  • . (3/1/05) The distributor is now Touchstone Pictures

    Freeze Dried Movies.Com: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • . Smithe's review of the rough cut.
    The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy MOVIE DETIALS Release Date: 2005-04-29 Studio: Spyglass Entertainment/Walt Disney Pictures Director: Garth Jennings Writer: Douglas Adams, Karey Kirkpatrick Starring: Martin Freeman, John Malkovich, Mos Def, Zooey Deschanel, Bill Nighy, Sam Rockwell, Warwick Davis, Steve Pemberton, Anna Chancellor Genre: Sci-Fi Official Site: " The movie started strong and continued to hold pace through the rest of the film, which is a rarity now days

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    Entertainmentopia: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
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    Entertainmentopia_5 Saturday, 01-Jul-2006 06:25:23 EDT Entertainmentopia \ Menu Main Sections Reviews Originals Divisions Information Movie Review: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Studio: Touchstone Pictures (Walt Disney Co.) Producers: Robbie Stamp, Jay Roach, Nick Goldsmith, Jonathan Glickman, Derek Evans, Gary Barber, Douglas Adams Director: Garth Jennings Starring: Sam Rockwell, Martin Freeman, Mos Def, Warwick Davis, Alan Rickman, Zooey Deschanelas, Bill Nighy, John Malkovich I’ve been waiting a long time to write this review, and I’m happy to report that if you stopped reading this now and wanted to know what I thought in a word, the answer would ultimately be: 42

    Ice Princess
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    Michelle Trachtenberg in "Ice Princess" courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures "Ice Princess" (Walt Disney Pictures) The Disney Studios have come up with another winner in "Ice Princess" starring Michele Trachtenberg

    The One Lion
  • . Beginning June 21, 2006 and running through January 31, 2007, the contest offers the chance for a unique behind-the-scenes look at the making of the next blockbuster film in the Narnia franchise, "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" from Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media, coming to theaters in Summer 2008

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    | Old Yeller Vault Disney DVD Review Old Yeller Theatrical Release: December 25, 1957 / Running Time : 84 Minutes / Rating : G Director : Robert Stevenson Cast : Dorothy McGuire (Katie Coates), Fess Parker (Jim Coates), Tommy Kirk (Travis Coates), Kevin Corcoran (Arliss Coates), Jeff York (Bud Searcy), Chuck Connors (Burn Sanderson), Beverly Washburn (Libseth Searcy) UPDATE : This 2-disc Old Yeller : Vault Disney DVD was discontinued in 2005 to make way for Old Yeller : 2-Movie Collection , a 2-disc set containing the original film, all of its Vault Disney extras except for the audio commentary, and the 1963 sequel Savage Sam
  • . With great directing by Robert Stevenson (who provided many other great Disney live-action pictures, including Mary Poppins and The Love Bug ), it has a unanimously fantastic cast, in which every player is a scene-stealer
  • . A generous section of full-screen Galleries is divvied up into numerous sub-sections - “Production Stills” (55 pictures); shots of an Old Yeller comic book under “Publishing” (13 stills); “Biographies” (43 frames) for Tommy Kirk, Dorothy McGuire, Fess Parker, Kevin Corcoran, Beverly Washburn, and Chuck Connors (strangely, the remaining cast member, Jeff York – who also played with Parker in the “Davy Crockett” series – is not included); lobby cards, posters, and merchandise in “Advertising” (17 stills); fan letters to Fred Gipson and invitations for early movie screenings found within “Documents” (30 stills)


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  • . So the question presents itself as this: will one of the highly controversial event motion pictures of the year stack up to its enormous expectations? After all, says Frank, The Da Vinci Code has a lot riding on its explosive reputation
  • . After all, why would Paramount Pictures risk the uneasy notion of having sceptical movie reviewers bad-mouth their sci-fi jolting gibberish which could hurt the box office potential of seeing desirable Charlize Theron bend like a rubber pretzel in a tight-fitting black outfit? 01/01/2006

    Jurassic Punk
  • . Sony Pictures Animation still has their work cut out for them if they are to gain a foothold in this growing market, a market largely dominated by Dreamworks and Pixar (should I say Disney when saying Pixar, or not? Who can keep track of those two...?) January 6, 2006 A second "" trailer has been released, and is now available here on the Punk
  • . December 30, 2005 Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley reunite in Walt Disney Pictures', ", " an all new epic tale chronicling the further mis-adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow

    Hollywood Renegade: David O. Selznick
  • . Later Selznick partnered with Adolph Zukor, only to return to independent production as the head of Selznick Pictures
  • . Selznick as head of production for the RCA film subsidiary RKO-Radio Pictures in 1931
  • . The market for independent films was heating up, with new companies like Daryl Zanuck’s Twentieth Century Pictures, Walter Wanger Productions, and Merian Cooper’s Pioneer Pictures
  • . Pioneer evolved into Selznick International Pictures, formed on October 15, 1935
  • . David and Myron Selznick at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre premiere of Selznick International Pictures' Prisoner of Zenda (1937)
  • . Selznick International Pictures, which had been losing money before Gone With the Wind , was liquidated — forcing Selznick to relinquish the future rights of his Civil War blockbuster, but providing cash needed for other Selznick ventures

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    | The Film Tribune "The trouble with this business is the dearth of bad pictures." -Samuel Goldwyn (attributed)

    Jurassic Punk
  • . Sony Pictures Animation still has their work cut out for them if they are to gain a foothold in this growing market, a market largely dominated by Dreamworks and Pixar (should I say Disney when saying Pixar, or not? Who can keep track of those two...?) January 6, 2006 A second "" trailer has been released, and is now available here on the Punk
  • . December 30, 2005 Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley reunite in Walt Disney Pictures', ", " an all new epic tale chronicling the further mis-adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow

    Cartoon Brew
  • . I didn't know she was related to wrestler, football player and Hollywood bit player (pictures of him with Charlie Chaplin, Abbott & Costello, and John Wayne are featured under her "Vintage Dreams" section)
  • . He went on to spend the rest of his professional life as an in-house trouble shooter at Universal Pictures
  • . But briefly, between jobs in 1944, Fleischer surfaces in two obscure B-movies released by Republic Pictures
  • . This first clip (below) introduces Dave, who happens to be sitting alone at the club (a shabby set on the Republic Pictures lot), minding his own business

    Combustible Celluloid: Jodi Benson
  • . And then the pictures start to change

    http://digilander.libero.it/all_disney/ @CallCenter