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  • . In the long run, my favorite films are really from the 1940s -- John Ford's things, but Jean Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast is really the most perfect, wonderful film ever made

    Mr. Cranky Rates the Movies
    Negative review.
    An impolite publication of livid centrists dedicated to the . Passion in the Desert Mr. Cranky's rating: (This movie) involves a captain in Napoleon'sarmy wandering into the desert and finding a leopard to hang out with for awhile. You still think I'm making this up, don't you? If I'm writing TV Guide descriptions, the one for this movie issimple: "Guy marries desert leopard." If I'm hoping for a movie that moves beyond that somewhat limited premise, I stuff that leopard with

    EW.com: The Phantom of the Opera
  • . It's an image lifted right out of Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast — but what the heck, at least the director, Joel Schumacher, is stealing from the best

    Cat People
  • . By day the village inhabitants are docile and cooperative; by night they become carnivorous beasts who reduce German soldiers to shredded uniforms
  • . Turner also quotes Lewton as having several interesting ideas that never made it into the film: "Most of the cat werewolf stories I have read and all the werewolf stories I have seen on the screen end with the beast gunshot and turning back into a human being after death
  • . When Judd makes jokes about silver bullets, it only makes the viewer wish to see him be attacked by a werebeast all the sooner


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    UltimateDisney.com: Old Yeller
  • . or am I loosing count?) These can be accessed via the “Sneak Peeks” menu option, along with previews for the DVD releases of Monsters, Inc., Return to Neverland, and Beauty and the Beast: Special Edition

    The Romance Reader's Favorite Movies
  • . Julie Nowak's Favorite Romantic Movies (g96tal@sprynet.com) BEAUTY & THE BEAST - Has to be the best sweetest love story, to fall in love with the soul within
  • . PERSUASION THE SOUND OF MUSIC BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - I don't think I ever liked an animated feature more

    100 Greatest Foreign Films
  • . La Belle et la Bete (1946), aka Beauty and the Beast , France, directed by Jean Cocteau Part fairy tale, part Gothic horror, Jean Cocteau's poetry on celluloid is also one of the screen's great erotic tales
  • . As the Beast, the ravishing Jean Marais imprisons porcelain Josette Day's Beauty in his enchanted castle

    Beauty and the Beast
    An IMAX release of the Disney classic.
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    Guide to upcoming Disney DVD releases, including disc details.
    Upcoming Disney DVD Release Schedule • • • • • • | UltimateDisney.com Top Stories : # Title Year -Link- Notes 2006 June 27: Film conclusion to "Lilo & Stitch: The Series"; 1.78:1 16:9, DD 5.1, never-before-seen episode, Big Red Battleship Flight Simulator game; $26.99 SRP; ; 2006 June 27: 1.33:1, DD 5.1, extended cut of Disney Channel Original Movie; Aly & A.J. music videos "Rush" and "On the Ride", "Behind the Scenes with Aly & A.J.";

    Alexander's Favorite Disney Movies
  • . Beauty and the Beast (1991) Beauty and the Beast is yet another film with scary dogs , which, of course, Alex can't get enough of
  • . "Poppa" is then chased on foot by a pack of wolves to the Beast's castle, where he's imprisoned
  • . According to Alex's mother, Beauty and the Beast is the best of the recent Disney films

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    | art & architecture | books & cds | opera | television | theater | .. film a-c Index .. | Q-S | V-Z ..... Aberdeen (2000) About Schmidt (2002) The Acid House (1998) Adaptation (2002) The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (2000) An Affair of Love (2000) Affliction (1997) After Life (Wandafuru Raifu) (1998) After Stonewall (1999) A.I. (2001) Aimee and Jaguar (1999) Un Air de Famille (1996) Alex and Emma (2003) Alfie (2004) Ali (2001)

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  • . mouse at for x-men 3! click for poseidon! make cursor go for the omen! praise? commendations? tributes? acclaim? me "Man, woman, child or beast; if you ever meet Brett Ratner in a dimly lit alley he will have your ass" Chip Remington Reviews X-MEN: THE LAST STAND kiss my archive The Xtraordinarily Xciting X-Men are back! Xamining the Xtent to which Xenophobia towards the mutant race leads to their Xpulsion and Xclusion from an Xtensive range of activities including Xcercising and Xylophoning
  • . Man, woman, child or beast; if you ever meet Brett Ratner in a dimly lit alley he will have your ass


    Tomorrow Land

  • . Also includes cel images, storyboards, screenshots, and cast information.
    Last Updated: 4/27/06 Latest News Can you believe there's actual news!?! Dungeons & Dragons is currently airing on Toon Disney on weekends 7pm Eastern (but check your local listings for time, since it can vary) The current schedule is: 5/06 @ 7pm EDT - In Search of the Dungeon Master 5/07 @ 7pm EDT - Beauty & Bog Beast DVD News Mark Evanier has announced that he's recorded commentaries for the D&D DVD, which is in the works

    WWWF Grudge Match
  • . - The Admiral - I didn't mention Monty Burns owns 100 shares of P&E I will point out that the citizens of Whoville and the Grinch aren't very good enviromentalists, as they eat the extremely rare Who-Beast
  • . - Noman Grinch & companions wind up getting hauled off to court for illegally killing and feasting on who-beast , an endangered species
  • . The Grinch, as ringleader (prosecuters note that the Grinch "carved the roast beast"), gets jail time and a heavy fine and the oil rig goes up later the same day
  • . Humbug and Roast Beast to all and to all HAPPY HOLIDAYS! - Devil I have to say I voted for Scrooge since the Grinch is currently played by Jim "the Hack" Carrey and I have to vote against him on principle

    Braveheart vs. Groundskeeper Willie
  • . While Willie is spending all his effort trying to manage the beast, Wallace can bide his time, picking his moment to lop off Willie's head, and then produce a sequel movie that's even worse than Highlander II

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  • . The footstool in Beauty and the Beast

    Pazsaz Entertainment: X-Men Cartoon Series
  • . That team is comprised of Cyclops, Jean Grey (Marvel Girl), Beast, Wolverine, Storm
  • . Cal Dodd Beast/Hank McCoy .................................
  • . David Hemblen Cast Wolverine The Beast Cyclops Gambit Jean Grey Rogue Storm Jubilee Professor X Episodes Marvel Action Hour (1988-1989) Pryde Of The X-Men Season 1 (1992-1993) (13 Episodes In Season 1) Night Of The Sentinels, Part 1 Night Of The Sentinels, Part 2 Enter Magneto

    The Avalon Archive: The Cast of Gargoyles
  • . TERRANCE MANN (Lord Oberon) is well known on Broadway for originating the characters of Javert (Les Miserables), Rum Tum Tugger (Cats), and Beast (Beauty and the Beast)
  • . Since then she played Melina in Total Recall and been dozens of other films such as "Con Air, " "Turbulence, " "Natural Born Killers, " "Crime and Punishment, " "Falling Down, " and "One Good Cop." FRANK WELKER (Bronx) provides the sounds for this huge and ever-so-loyal Gargoylebeast, and is one of the most versatile vocalists in the business
  • . His repertoire includes Aladdin's simian sidekick, Abu, Bart Simpson's dog, Santa's Little Helper, Joanna the lizard in Disney's "The Rescuers Down Under, " and the footstool in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast." More recently, he voiced the roles of Toots, Toon Radio and Fall-Apart Rabbit in "The Disney Afternoon" series, "Bonkers." Welker currently reprises the voice of Abu in the animated series, "Disney's Aladdin." He has lent his voice artistry to numerous live-action films, including "Raiders of the Lost Ark, " "City Slickers, " "Gremlins, " and "Gremlins II." On screen, Welker has appeared in such films as "The Trouble With Girls" with Elvis Presley and in the Disney features "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes" and "Now You See Him, Now You Don't." Among his television credits are "The Partridge Family, " "Love American Style, " "Laugh-In, " "Northern Exposure" and "VR5." One voice actor was reported to have said "Here I'll just hold the script until Frank gets here" when auditioning for the part of Bronx

    Talespin Voice Actors
  • . He played Vincent Crummles in "Nicholas Nickleby" in 1986, and also makes numerous television appearances, as well as voicing Frollo in 1996 in Disney's "HunchBack of Notre Dame" and Monsieur D' Arque In "Beauty and the Beast" in 1991

    Jodi Benson: Ariel For Real!
    Fanpage with photos.
    Real live Ariels! Yes, she IS real! SHE IS! SHE IS! And I have these pictures from the Disney theme parks to prove it! Click on the highighted links to see the photos! Walt Disney World (Orange County, Fla.) Jodi Benson's EPCOT Center concerts July 11-12, 1998 On July 11-12, Jodi Benson was the guest artist for EPCOT Center's summer "Disney's Magical World" concert series. She made a special appearance on the morning of July 11 to The Art of Disney at the Downtown Disney

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