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  • This bikini season, instead of hiding stretch marks and sagging skin with a full coverage one-piece, why not get rid of that problem pouch with a tummy tuck! Or, let a breast augmentation give tired, baby-feeding breasts a boost.

  • This is the problem we have with our children and cough drops: all of them are only partially convinced when we say "they're medicine, not candy", and the baby is sure we're lying because, heck, they're so yummy.

  • We decided that we'd arrange it so that Linda and all three kids were squished into the three-seat row (with the baby on her lap to hopefully sleep) and I'd be in the row immediately ahead.

  • According to an interesting story from the : "Putting new items on the shelf this year, from organic cotton baby clothes to ocean fish caught in ways that don't harm the environment, is part of a broader green policy launched last year to meet consumer demand, cut costs for things like energy and packaging and burnish a battered reputation." Who knew blacksmith work was so darn fun? I'm part of a local men's group that varies in size from about six of us up to twenty or more, depending on the phase of the moon and various other mysterious factors that I haven't yet figured out.

  • Driving with a whiny baby must be the third circle of Hell I consider myself to be far more tolerant of the full range of emotions in children than most dads and can handle unhappy kids, angry kids, and even depressed kids with the best of them, but when we decided to play hooky today and go to the, I had no idea that I was going to be transported directly to the third circle of Hell within minutes of leaving our house! Our plan: lunch at the in downtown Denver, a favorite with all of us for its inexpensive meals and yummy spumoni dessert included with everything, then a short 2mi hop to the Aquarium and a chance to see all the cool fish, turtles, sharks, sidestep the flash flood area and even enjoy the tigers.

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  • | , , , Add to:, , , If you have baby tips, Posted Jul 27th 2006 7:03PM by Filed under:, , , You pick up a magazine and there, on the cover, for all the world to see, is a breast.

  • Do you, A) yell at your teenage son for leaving his girlie magazines out again, B) remember that you need to renew your subscription to Art & Antiques, or C) freak out that a magazine about babies and parenting would show a baby nursing? It seems that for a lot of people, the answer would be ."I was SHOCKED to see a giant breast on the cover of your magazine, " one person wrote.

  • Ash's son, I guess he'll just have to figure out what breasts are for from magazines like playboy and hustler instead of BabyTalk.

  • is nothing more than a label for "a pattern of excessive crying with no apparent cause."How do you tell, however, if your baby is just colicky or is actually sick? To avoid having to spend every night in the emergency room, Healthday news has some on how to tell whether you need a doctor or a stairwell.

  • But that may be because whenever I go to the mall I find teeny little rugby shirts or ridiculously cute little baseball hats and I forget that I am looking for myself.Today, I that sells both baby gear and Mom clothes - and both are super cute.They have (so cute!), and if I had a baby girl, I would be buying her this delectable n a heart beat (on her birthday; it's a little pricey)What I love, though, is that they sell smart, cute tshirts for Mom at the same site, maternity and regular.

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    Blogway Baby
    Fan writes about Broadway and musical theatre.

  • A GREAT musical theater blog, with a Blogway Baby-style fanatical devotion to Broadway.

  • I wish I'd known about these guys when I lived in Palo Alto! Mermanic, "A Show Tunes Weblog", has an excellent blogroll which has been divided into the signs of the zodiac...Blogway Baby is under the sign of Cancer.

  • My youngest, Trinity, will certainly want to fly out to see that! So it looks like a trip out West is in the cards for Blogway Baby! tags: posted by Suzy Conn at 8:14 PM | Wednesday, June 07, 2006 HAIRSPRAY to Close in Las Vegas June 11 Gee, they couldn't even make it work with Susan Anton in the cast! So the Tony award winning show is closing in Vegas on the night of the Tonys! Actually I'm really surprised at this one.

  • I've applied to start a musical theatre Wiki called: Broadwiki Baby.

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  • I know many a person for which the sticky tar baby of race in America is simply a discussion they can't stick their hands in. Buddy Ebsen
    Vital statistics, filmography, television appearances, and photography gallery.

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  • Posted by mikek at 11:22 PM | Baby Boomers and Technology Category: Although there's been a lot of talk over the last decade about the importance of creating technology for Baby Boomers, the conversation has largely focused on the size of their population, their charateristically different behavior than previous generations (thoughout their lives) and the amount of disposable income they have available.

  • When working on the project last year, I realized that there was another compelling reason why design for Baby Boomers is important: their familiarity with computer technology.

  • A lot is made of the fact that today's teenagers have never known a world without inexpensive mobile phones, 3D graphics cards, gigabytes of data storage, fast Internet access, etc., but there are also some interesting statistics to note about Baby Boomers that put that generation into a similar perspective.

  • During my Whirlpool book research I came upon the following collection of statistics: Baby Boom begins: 1946 Transistor invented: 1947 Average age of retirement in the EU: 60.4 years Number of hours of the day spent at home at age 65: 20* (source: EC) If you add these up, you get: 2006 is the year that Europe's Baby Boomers start retiring, they've never known a world without a transistor, and they're going to spend a lot of time at home.

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