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Meals suitable for families, including special occasion menus and recipes from
the chefs at Disney's.

Mom's Break
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Kids Domain - Valentine's Day
Includes Valentine coloring pages, crafts, word searches, mazes, graphics and music.

The Onion
A farcical newspaper featuring world, national and community news.


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Surfing the Net with Kids: Father's Day
Highlights some of the best sites for parents and kids to visit together.

Surfing the Net with Kids
Fabulous archive of web site reviews on subjects such as butterflies, Houdini,
online encylopedias,...

  • Feldman, a syndicated newspaper columnist, mother, wife and Net surfer supreme (not listed in order of importance, of course).

    Boing Boing
    A directory of wonderful things.

    Fantasy Cards
    A catalogue of themes including snowglobes, friendship, pets, flowers, angels,
    seasons, Java effects...

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    Blue Mountain: May Day e-cards
    Offers free May Day e-cards., save up to 80% every day!
    Sells a variety of name brand overproduced and discontinued items. (Nasdaq: OSTK)

    ChildFun Family Website
    Parenting advice, free kids crafts, product and book reviews, family articles,
    community message boards,...

    DLTK's Coloring Pages
    Hundreds of coloring book pages to print out and color.


    Kathryn Beaumont
    Tribute page by Don Brockway. Offers a complete biography and photographs.
    Also includes a collection...

  • Her mother, Evelyn, had worked as a professional dancer.

  • "Mother and I came to New York for a vacation.

  • Yes, we needed a director for acrobatics." She will, when she returns from a visit to England with her mother, have to learn to fly for "Peter Pan." Disney technicians have what Kathy calls a sort of cradle all arranged to assist her with that stunt." Peter Pan is now two-thirds completed, the first picture at least, with Bobby Driscoll in the title role.

  • Her mother agrees.

    AngelWinks Heavenly Post Card Shoppe - Free Online Greeting Cards
    Galleries include angels, Pooh, thought of the day, kid's corner, daily scriptures,
    animated, nature...

    Disney Pins: Blood on the Saddle Pins
    Disney pins from the Disneyland, Walt disney World and Tokyo Disneyland Resorts.

    Mouse Planet: Cinderella's Royal 50th Anniversary Celebration
    Sue Kruse provides event coverage. Includes photos and quotes from voice actors
    Lucille Bliss, Rhoda...

  • It appeared that two noisy and rather brash young women accompanied by their mother had arrived.

  • The two young women, whose names were Anastasia and Drizella went about the room accosting every man within striking distance looking for a prince whilst their mother, Lady Tremaine, preened over them.

  • Hard to believe a mother could take pride in creatures such as these.

  • It was a very touching tribute to someone who brought so much magic to the lives of anyone who has ever seen a fairy godmother turn a coach into a pumpkin, believed in pixie dust, sang yo-ho yo-ho, or chilled to the words, “when hinges creak in door-less chambers.” Marc Davis was quite a guy.

  • In introducing the Fairy Godmother in the film, Marc decided she would materialize with Cinderella crying in her lap.

  • There was Cinderella in her tattered dress sobbing into the lap of the Fairy Godmother.

  • Cinderella hopped up on what was obviously a turntable, the Fairy Godmother waved her magic wand, the turntable turned (and rather clumsily), and voilà, presto chango, ta da, Cinderella’s rags and tatters were gone.

  • Wouldn’t that have been nice? And wouldn’t you like to have your picture with the Fairy Godmother and be able to ask her if you bring her a pumpkin, could she possibly do something with it? From what I hear, the handling of purchases in the morning was a nightmare.

    Aaardvark's Ark Card Shop
    Galleries of e-greetings. Featuring designers, pin-ups, adult designs, anime,
    and holidays.

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    Disney Vacation Home Rentals in Orlando, Fl by private owners ...
    Rental information for 5 and 6 bedroom family homes for rent. Close to all major

    St. Patrick's Day Songs and Fingerplays
    More than 20 songs and fingerplays related to St. Patrick's Day; appropriate for
    use with preschool...

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