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    Stay & Play In The Kingdom Travel
    Information and planning guide for Walt Disney World and the Disney Cruise Line.


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    Disney World Trivia - Secrets, history, and fun facts behind the ...
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    Emporio Pacenti
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    Disney Channel - play games online, playhouse disney, disney ...
    La série raconte la vie quotidienne d'une jeune lycéenne et de ses amis.
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    The Armchair Empire - Xbox Reviews: Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure
    Review, by Lee Cieniawa: "Level design displays a lot of creativity." [Score:
    8.2 out of 10]

  • I point out kid-friendly, because unlike the more mature demographic of Kingdom Hearts players, DESA is really a game thats targeted to the under-10 crowd who still listens to Radio Disney and watches the Disney Channel, where all of the characters in DESA practically make daily appearances.

  • Also, despite the usage of the Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 engine, which helped create the toughest and most challenging THPS game yet, DESA is extremely easy to play.

  • This is obviously done purposely so that young game players will be able to enjoy playing without much frustration, but it limits the audience that could possibly be interested in a solid skateboarding game, Disney characters or not.

  • Yes, thats Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Tarzan and Jane (in their much-younger form, to appeal to the young game players), Simba, Rafiki, Pumbaa & Timon, and a host of other characters from the above-mentioned three Disney movies doing like Tony Hawk.

  • Although they arent playable as skaters, there are more than a few cameos from supporting cast members throughout the game, such as Toy Story 2s Hamm (no cheese).

  • Most gamers who have played a THPS game will be able to get through the entire game in a few days.

  • But the appeal is for younger gamers who may not have been able to successfully play THPS games because of their lack of gaming skills.

  • Not shy to take advantage of any type of positive publicity, Toys For Bob and Disney actually had a contest to find real pre-teen skaters to include as playable characters in the game, giving the young DESA players someone to relate to as a real-life role model.

    Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure Review - PlayStation 2
    Review, by Louis Bedigian: "Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure is the perfect way
    to break into the...

  • 7.9 Gameplay 7.9 Graphics 8 Sound 5 Difficulty Medium Concept 7 Multiplayer 7 Overall 7.9 more for Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure downloads buy now "And all this time I thought it was an act! Come on guys, it's the REAL Buzz Lightyear!" "You're mocking me, aren't you?" "Oh no, no...Buzz look at alien!" (Buzz turns around, then realizes there's nothing there.) "Hahaha!" Who could possibly forget classic moments like that? Disney has been making memorable animated motion pictures for more than half a century.

  • With nothing but the best in innovative gameplay, Neversoft quickly earned the status of being the industry's top extreme sports game developer.

  • With a familiar engine in place, it's no surprise that the gameplay is nearly identical to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

  • The control scheme, the trick formations, the combos – everything you would expect to be here is discovered within a few minutes of play.

  • If you have ever played an extreme skateboarding game, it won't even take a minute for you to become accustomed to Extreme Skate Adventure's simpler play mechanics.

  • The gameplay is too familiar to credit it as being the game's entire source of entertainment.

  • As trivial as aesthetics usually are, they play an important role in this game.

  • Being a huge fan of Toy Story, I loved being able to play as Buzz, Woody and Jessie.

  • Awesome! Despite being too easy for most hardcore gamers (especially those who think they are too "cool" to play a game that's geared at children), I thoroughly enjoyed playing Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure.


    Disney Educational Productions
    Includes information for educators including lesson plans and calendar of events.

    Rules for The Game of Hearts
    Information on how to play, deal and keep score.

    DAPs for Disney Magic
    Fan site for Disneyland Annual Passholders.
    A comprehensive list of resources to give you something to do when bored.

    Leksykon Miejscowości Polskich
    Szczegółowe informacja o wszystkich polskich miastach: informacje ogólne, historia,
    warto zobaczyć,...

    Surfing the Net with Kids
    Fabulous archive of web site reviews on subjects such as butterflies, Houdini,
    online encylopedias,...

  • - comprehensive online game collection with no signup process or complicated steps to get started...just a simple way to play games online for free! Baseball is Back! Kids Sports Inc for and .

    The Movie Blog
    Reviews, interviews, articles, and opinions on current film.

  • and the fact that HE HIMSELF IS DIRECTING IT: Schneider, who recently starred in "The Benchwarmers" and "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, " is directing the new movie in which he plays Big Stan, a con man locked up on fraud charges who learns kung fu to defend himself against other inmates.

  • But anyway 4 towering high school football players pick him on.

  • The gash on Logan's face heals itself in front of Gilman and Logan goes into an inhuman rage and beats the shit out of the football players.

  • The football players' escape alive and Logan looks at his bone claws and screams out...

  • The word has just come out that Anthony Hopkins is going to play in the upcoming film "Last Station, and it sound amazing already.

  • Read the posted by John Campea at | Thomas Haden Church - the physique of a fishwife I've always liked Thomas Haden Church all the way back to his days on Wings (man that was an under appreciated show!) By now you all know that Church is playing the villain Sandman in...

  • Read the posted by John Campea at | Will There Be A Blu-Ray HD-DVD Cross Player? One of the biggest objections that I, and many other have with these new High Definition formats (Blu-Ray and HD-DVD) is that fact that we don't want to get caught in the middle of yet...

    Retired Barbies and Disney Dolls
    Offers sale of retired fashion figures including Teen Talk, Limelight, Lucy,
    Career, and Disney. Includes...

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