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  • aka Disney's Hercules (USA: complete title) - (1998) TV Episode (voice) ....

    Why Comcast-Disney looks a lot like AOL-Time Warner



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    Roger Ebert - 101 Dalmatians
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  • This is not one of the great Disney classics - it's not in the same league with "Snow White" or "" - but it's passable fun, and will entertain its target family audiences.

  • But the story seems somewhat perfunctory, the chase scene is not as inventive as the climaxes of other Disney feature cartoons, and the animators never solve the problem of making the puppies seem different from one another.

  • It was simply too expensive to animate every frame by hand, as Disney did in earlier days, and computer assistance was still in the future.

  • She's in a league with the Wicked Stepmother and the other great Disney villainesses - but the rest of the movie is more ordinary.

    Chicago Sun-Times: Spirited Away
    Roger Ebert considers this one of the year's best films. Rating: 4/4.

  • » » movie times Search for: Within: of Zip code: about us » » » » on sale now » » » | Spirited Away (PG) Ebert: Users: Spirited Away BY ROGER EBERT / September 20, 2002 Cast & Credits With The Voices Of: Chihiro: Daveigh Chase Yubaba, Zeniba: Haku: Jason Marsden Kamaji: Chirhiro's Mother: Lauren Holly Assistant Manager: John Ratzenberger Walt Disney Studios Presents A Film Written And Directed By .

  • It is the best animated film of recent years, the latest work by, the Japanese master who is a god to the Disney animators.

  • And if you only go to Disney animation--well, this is being released by Disney.

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    New York Times
    Elvis Mitchell expects an Oscar nomination for the film in this positive review.
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    "National Suicide": Margaret Chase Smith and Six Republican ...
    Text of a statement by Margaret Chase Smith and six Republican Senators against
    Joseph McCarthy's...

    Bahnen im Rheinland: The General
    Informationen zum Film und Angaben zu den Lokomotiven im Film. Historische
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    IGN: NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup Review
    Reviewed by Ivan Sulic [9.2/10]. "There's just way too much to do here on one
    run through. You'll...

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    Lady and the Tramp (Disney) - Listen, Review and Buy at ARTISTdirect
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    Disney's Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey & Donald Nintendo Gameboy ...
    Review, by Dave Wynn: "I expect many gamers will overlook Disney's Magical Quest
    3 Starring Mickey...

  • GAME GENRE: Platform PLAYERS: 1 to 2 PUBLISHER: Capcom OFFICIAL GAME SITE: None BUY IT NOW: DISNEY'S MAGICAL QUEST 3 STARRING MICKEY & DONALD GAME BOY ADVANCE Disney released the original Magical Quest on the SNES some years ago and the mixture of platform action, puzzle solving and exploration made it a hit at the time.

  • I'm pleased to say that Disney's Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey & Donald doesn't just hold up well against the previous titles, but could even surpass them.

  • The Disney characters return to Storybook Land to rescue Huey, Dewey and Louie who have been captured by the evil King Pete and sucked into the pages of the magical book.

  • I expect many gamers will overlook Disney's Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey & Donald when patrolling the shelves of their local game store, passing it off as perhaps a title aimed at children or another attempt on the part of Disney to cash in on well known names and characters.

  • The sheer scope and variety of the characters, puzzles, layouts, bosses and landscapes is of a standard that deserves to have the Disney seal of quality stamped on it.

    Mickey Mouse Club Serials, Disney Channel, 1989-1995
    Credits and synopses for the serials featured on the show.

  • Return to Disney Channel serials which first premiered on "The Mickey Mouse Club" (1989-1995) During the 7-year run (1989-1995) of the new "Mickey Mouse Club", also titled "MMC, " eight separate serials were aired: Match Point; Teen Angel; The Secret of Lost Creek; Teen Angel Returns; My Life as a Babysitter; Just Perfect; Secret Bodyguard; Emerald Cove.

  • Information from: The Wonderful World of Disney Television: A Complete History , by Bill Cotter.

  • When The Disney Channel began broadcasting the very first show aired was an episode of The Mickey Mouse Club .

    NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup Impressions - Xbox News at GameSpot
    Previewed by Jason Ocampo. Includes gameplay movie. [Xbox]

  • EA Sports' Tiburon studio in Florida was one of the primary beneficiaries when Disney shut down its Orlando animation studio, because many Hollywood-level artists moved over to EA.

    Irony, Nostalgia, and the Postmodern
    Essay by Hutcheon.

  • Admittedly, there is little irony in most memorials, and next to none in most truly nostalgic re-constructions of the past--from Disney World's Main Street, USA to those elaborate dramatized re-enactments of everything from the American Civil War to medieval jousts restaged in contemporary England.

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