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    Judith's Winnie the Pooh Page
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  • Note: Source: ( | 1574 bytes more | Score: 0) : Pooh tops survey of favorite animal characters Posted by on Sunday, June 18 Winnie the Pooh has been voted the nation's favorite animal character in the United Kingdom in a new survey, heading a list dominated by iconic bears like Paddington and Rupert.

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    Persistence of Vision - Speaking of Characters
    By Jim Fanning. [Persistence of Vision] Biographical article. Includes photo.

  • Speaking of Characters STERLING HOLLOWAY by Jim Fanning Copyright © The Walt Disney Company There's no mistaking that voice when you hear it -- and once you've heard it, there's no forgetting it.

  • That familiarity (or over-familiarity) may have worked against Holloway, clouding the opinion of critics and audiences to the fact that -- while his voice was exactly the same in every film -- Holloway was a gifted actor whose vocal characterizations were varied and unique with each performance.

  • There was a typically fine performance for a forgettable character (Roquefort the gentle mouse who likes cats) in one of Disney's most forgettable features, The Aristocats (1970).

  • In two major cases, Holloway's vocal acting was instrumental in the effectiveness of the characters he portrayed.

  • Almost two decades later, Walt Disney cast him as another Lewis Carroll character, the Cheshire Cat.

  • In animator Ward Kimball's now-famous assessment, "the only real 'mad' thing in the whole picture...turned out to be the Cheshire Cat! Why? Because compared to the constant all-out, wild gyrations of the other characters, he played it real cool.

  • In The Disney Villains, Johnston and Thomas directly attribute the success of the Cheshire Cat character to the voice artist: "With the magical, fey quality of Sterling Holloway's voice, [the Cheshire Cat] was truly living in a dreamworld all his own." Johnston and Thomas also give Holloway much of the credit for making Kaa in The Jungle Book (1967) an unusual and affecting villain.


    Cartoon Brew
    Weblog of animation historian Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi of Animation Blast.

  • Petrovic is an animator who has gone into business for herself, licensing her cute designs and selling products based on her Red Tango characters.

  • It seems clear from this clip that Trocadero's producers had hoped to get someone like Walt Disney, or Max Fleischer himself, thus the gag involving a "Koko the clown" like character - credited in the opening titles as "Snippy"! This final bit (below) is the last scene in the film! Dave gets to close the film with "Snippy" (unfortunately this TV print obliterates the original end title - but you get the idea).

  • Speaking of Lantz, continues to make some great mini statues and maquettes of classic characters.

    Disney's Lion King Was to be a Remake of Kimba the White Lion?
    Presents evidence to support its position that The Lion King movie is a disguised
    and modified remake...

    Native Views on Disney's Pocahontas
    Criticism of the animated film and links to more discussions on exploitation and

  • Apparently the Pocahontas cartoon character's appearance stems from some girl the Disney team met while doing research in Virginia who claimed to be a descendant, hoo boy.

    Snow White
    Cast and credits information.

    Judith's Mickey Mouse Page
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    The Warner Brothers Cartoon Companion: Friz Freleng
    Biography from the massive 'toon reference.

  • Fetchit, Stepin Character actor of the 1930s who was the archetype for the (offensive, by the standards of today) caricature of the lazy, shiftless Negro.

  • Examples include: the log cabin accidentally created by the title character with his plow in The Draft Horse (Jones, 1942), Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas (Avery, 1938), and the nest built by the bluebirds in Farm Frolics (Clampett, 1941).

  • Bryan, the voice of Elmer Fudd, was a supporting player on this show, which also spawned a spinoff based on the Great Gildersleeve character played by Hal Peary.

  • A number of characters and catch-phrases from this show found their way into WB cartoons, including Taint Funny McGee, I Betcha, Myrt the telephone operator, Gildersleeve, the Old Timer ( Taint the way I heerd it, Johnny! ) and others.

  • Squeals pig character attempting to con a widow pig out of an inheritance, until one of her sons exposes him (note the use by the character of a cane like a pool cue in ringing the door bell).

  • McKimson is on record as citing a sheriff character from the 1930s radio show Blue Monday Jamboree as the source for Foggy.

  • However, given the southern nature of the character and his habit of bellowing thats a joke, son it is clear that the character was inspired by the immortal figure of Senator Claghorn, the equally blustery southern senator played by Kenny Delmar on the Fred Allen radio show in the 1940s.

  • (Compare the clear Claghorn caricature in Rebel Rabbit , directed by McKimson in 1949, with Foggy and note the similarities.) For his part, Mel Blanc stated the he based the character on a hard of hearing sheriff from an old vaudeville routine.

    Celebrity Voice Actors: The New Sound of Animation
    Joe Bevilacqua investigates viewpoints on celebrities as voice actors. [Animation
    World Magazine]

  • Robin William's sheer exuberance as the Genie in Aladdin created a memorable and entertaining character.

  • One of the current trends in the American animation industry is to cast major movie stars to voice animated characters.

  • They properly recognized that you couldn't send an animated character out there to Entertainment Tonight to promote your movie." But voice actor Bob Bergen counters, "If you look at Disney's history, they've always used the celebrities of the day for their cartoons.

  • No [other] time in film has there been so much animation being produced." While in the past Disney used an occasional celebrity (Phil Harris in The Jungle Book , Bob Newhart in The Rescuers ), today all their major characters are portrayed by celebrities, leaving those who make a living at voice acting to fight over a handful of supporting roles and crowd scenes.

  • "[Studio execs] gravitate towards celebrities, " says voice actor Corey Burton, "so that they have actors who have already developed a persona they can draw from to fill out the character, whereas a multi-voiced person is waiting for their idea to produce the particular voice.

  • In fact, the reason, the whole reason that they're celebrities is because they're such wonderful thespians, and, of course, any director, animation or live-action, just wants the best available." The implication, Seibert suggests, is that "voice actors are not really actors, they're merely voices who can't hold onto a character." "I don't think anyone in this business seriously, deep down, believes that you necessarily get better performances from celebrities than from professional voice actors...but it may give the show a special status as something above an ordinary cartoon.

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