Suzanne Pleshette - More Than Emily Hartley
Biography, sound clips, wallpaper, and image gallery.

  • Pleshette, co-star of the 1970s series "The Bob Newhart Show, " and James Garner, star of "Maverick" and "The Rockford Files, " will appear as the parents of widow Cate Hennessy, played by Katey Sagal, and grandparents to her teenage children.

    ERB Chain of Friendship Listserv
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    Officially known as erbcof-l...

    Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things
    A directory of wonderful things.

    Jasmine Audio: The Audio Editor, Recorder, Mixer, and File ...
    Stereo multi-track audio editor and converter supporting AAC/MP4, AVI, System 7,
    AIFF, WAV, Quicktime,...


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    The Solaris Helpers Page
    Provides categorized information about helper applications for Solaris versions
    of Netscape 2.x and higher.

    The Family Travel Files
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    Sitcoms Online - ALF
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    Free download of The Black Cauldron and a few other games by humorist Al Lowe.

  • Run the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions.

  • The file you download unpacks to 2 subdirectories called "Disk 1" and "Disk 2." It requires a blank floppy disk in drive A for your saved games.

  • Me singing "." And the little-known "." is a tiny program written by my friend Don Munsil (who also helped design LSL7: Love for Sail! ) to play random WAVe files after a user-defined period of inactivity (i.e., if you don't type or move your mouse for 10 minutes, it pipes up!).

  • It will play any and all WAV files that you place in its directory.

  • Benefits

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    Dusty Beanbag's Home Of Halloween Sounds
    Contains a collection of Halloween related sound files in wav format. Cackles,
    moans, and some speech.

    Linux Sound and Video
    Linux Sound and Video methods and programs.

  • Success stories Standard (8000Hz) .au files cat sample.au >/dev/audio Example: (15K) Nonstandard sample-rate .au files sox sample.au -r 8000 -t .au /dev/audio Example: none (I have some 8012Hz files, but you can't hear the difference when you cat them to /dev/audio.

  • I've seen some that have very different sample rates, though.) .mod files mikmod sample.mod Example: (379K) Many examples at .669 files mikmod sample.669 Example: (27K) [from ] .s3m files mikmod sample.s3m Example: (108K) .mtm files mikmod sample.mtm Example: (53K) .xm files mikmod sample.xm Example: (596K) .mid or .midi files playmidi -f sample.mid Example: (24K) Numerous Note: A few seem to play at the wrong speed.

  • .mp3 files I use mpg123.

  • .wav files wavplay sample.wav Example: (631K) .wav files wavplay 0.2 reports "wrong length difference." vplay works, but doesn't automatically recognize that it's recorded at a higher sample rate (try vplay -s 11000 to hear it about right).

  • wavplay 1.0 and later play it perfectly! .aiff files sox -t .aiff sample.aiff -t .ul -r 8000 /dev/audio (sox solution by Joseph W.

  • Example: (969K) RealAudio You have to download their .voc files vplay sample.voc sox sample.voc -t .au /dev/audio Example: (10K) Failures Netcaster This is a proprietary Microsoft format competing with Real Audio.

  • I'm told that mikmod will play these files, but I haven't verified it.

  • .mpg MPEG-1 files without sound mpeg_play sample.mpg Example: (678K) .mpg MPEG-1 files with sound sample.mpg .avi files (with or without sound) xanim sample.avi Example: (577K) .mov files [QuickTime] (with sound) xanim sample.mov (xanim Example: (1632K from ) .mov files [QuickTime] (with sound) xanim fails, but 2.70.3 with the two additional object libraries works.

    Robocat's Blasts from the Past
    Kimba, and Astroboy images, links and music.

  • A zipped but still huge .wav file (2122Kb) of the theme song...is no longer available here.

  • If you can download them from the other server, RealAudio files of the and the .

    Rajeev Jain, WICA - Director of Photography, Cinematographer ...
    Features movies, articles and biographical information about the filmmmaker.
    Arriflex rate cards.


    I Write The Music.com | The Best Composer & Music Sites On The Net
    A music portal for composers.

    CNN - 'Armageddon' arrives - July 1, 1998

    Diamonds and PURLs
    A comprehensive record of all the sites that the artist has been instrumental in
    having closed, whether...

  • You don't expect to open up your e-mail account one day and find a letter from the someone's lawyer telling you that you're merely indulging in illegal practices and should immediately "cease and desist"--! Further, you don't expect to open up the newspaper another day and find an article that tells you that the someone has filed a lawsuit against you--!! Let the list of URLs, or web site addresses, begin, in no particular order, these....

  • Certainly the Screw the Artist website continued the fight, but now its webmaster has been completely disillusioned by the lawsuit filed in March 1999 and will no longer update his site as well.

  • Each page has wav file clips.

  • I will keep the HTML files of this site, so if anyone would like to modify the files or totally recreate a Positivity site from scratch, I'd be more than happy to provide you with those files and let you do whatever you want with them.

  • Now that he has filed suit in federal court against 9 other sites, what was left here has been removed, not because of legal threats, but because an artist who is willing to attack his fans for using a symbollic name, that he REQUESTED people to use and released a computer font to do so, does not deserve to be honored via web tributes erected by fans.

    3D Realms Site: Rise of the Triad
    Story, features, screenshots, system requirements, downloads, and links.

  • In addition, you get a random level generator (RandROTT), and some BMP & WAV files for use when you're in Windows.

  • Other Files From Apogee (These require a registered version of ROTT) by .

  • (51k) - Add-on Level for ROTT by (3k) - Add-on Level for ROTT by (34k) - 4 Comm-Bat levels by Joe Siegler & Tom Hall (5k) - 6 new and unique ROTT levels (50k) - Download the source code we used to make the game! (3.8Mb) ROTT Goodies Pack - Contains lots of ROTT goodness (and several files listed above) (23.2Mb) Download Links: | Files From Others (These require a registered version of ROTT) by Derek Greentree.

    Bill Bennett, ASC - Director of Photography - Cinematographer
    Cinematographer and Director of Photography specializing in the shooting of TV
    commercials in the...

    Vins Home
    Fanpage mit Infos ├╝ber den Schauspieler, Spiele, Quiz und News.

    The Pelican File - News Headlines
    Headline links to politics and public policy news and commentary.

    The Frank Welker Homepage: MANNY THE UNCANNY
    Screen grabs and sound clips from Welker's September, '98 appearance on "Manny
    The Uncanny", from...

  • Disney's One Saturday Morning: Manny The Uncanny with Special Guest Frank Welker (September 19, 1998) This page contains sound files in the compressed .mp3_wav format.

  • To download: Right-click the file name and choose Save As from the pop-up menu.

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