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Gulfstream!ng: Faith and Fiction
Interview by Garry Kravit for Florida International University's literary e-zine.

  • Christopher Moore: My father was a highway patrolman and my mother sold appliances at a department store.

    The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Show
    Information about the show.

    Tibby's Bowl Entertainment Magazine
    Covers books, movies, television, and multimedia.

  • While comparisons to Mary Poppins may be giving it a little too much credit next to that classic, Nanny McPhee (Universal, Rated PG, DVD-$29.98 SRP) is an affable, enjoyable family flick about a recently widowed single father (Colin Firth) whose very naughty children are whipped back into shape by the mysterious appearance of one Nanny McPhee (Emma Thompson).

  • Cox deals with fatherhood, and J.D.

  • marks the passing of his father (originally played by John Ritter).

  • Eric and Donna break up (and she hooks up with Kelso’s brother), Kelso & Jackie continue their dating dance, Hyde’s father blows town, and Kitty decides it’s time to redecorate the basement.


    Notes on the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen #1
    Images, annotations, and individual in-depth panel notes on the first volume of
    the series.

    One Mans Guide to the Abaco Cays (Bahamas) after 30 Years of ...
    One mans guide to the Abacos and its Cays (Bahamas) after 30 years of frequent
    visits. Sometimes as...

    SwanShadow Thinks Out Loud
    Musings from one of the most mercurial minds on the planet.

  • Sites Where You'll Find Me Sites I Couldn't Function Without Sites I Think Are Just Plain Cool Blogs Are Good Food: Care to See a Menu? SwanShadow Eats These Blogs Sherman, Set the Wayback Machine Who is SwanShadow? I'm a husband, a father, a writer, an editor, a commentator, a minister, a teacher, a film critic, a pop culture analyst, a baseball fanatic, a trivia maven, a student of comic book history (especially Silver and Bronze Age superhero comics), and the lead singer in a barbershop quartet.

    Cody & Jesse's Ultimate Kidz Fun Area
    Offers almost two thousand links to kid-safe sites in various areas including
    sports, geography, science,...

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    Scott Todd's Summer Camp Journals
    Journals from a Peace Corps Summer Camp.

    Illustrated weblog of a stay-at-home mother, an earnest artist, designer, and a
    reasonably happy and...

    WWWF Grudge Match: Alf vs. ET
    The battle of short, goofy aliens.

  • Admittedly, ALF's mouth would give him an advantage if they were in some sort of freekin' presidential debate, but all that's gonna come out are shrieks of pain as The Magic Finger turns muppet boy inside out, and all the while ET moans "Groooooooooooooooo - vyyyyyy...." - gktang, University of Calgary First of all, let's face the fact that everyone liked ET, he made big bucks at the box office: You've got to be good to beat out "The Godfather" and "The Empire Strikes Back." Where's the Alf movie? He isn't even doing reruns on FX.

  • - Brian Kutner True, Alf is 239 years old, but it's not like he's a grandfather or anything.

    The Romance Reader's Favorite Movies
    Reader's reviews of their favorite movies.

  • FATHER GOOSE - Cary Grant plays an alcoholic who stuck on a deserted island which soon is inhabited by girls and "spinster" Leslie Caron.


    Powell's Books: Greil Marcus
    Dave Weich's interview with the author.

  • Winner of the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction Using America's Civil War as her frame, Geraldine Brooks plants a famous (but mysterious) literary figure at the center of : the absent father in Little Women , Mr.

  • "When I was writing, " the author allows, "I really thought to myself, Who on Earth is going to want to read about a fifteen-year-old kid with a disability living in Swindon with his father? And I thought, I better make the plot good ." The hook the plot is significantly better than good , but it's the irresistible voice of Mark Haddon's young narrator that elevates to fantastic heights.

  • " How can one word from Ben Marcus's rotten, filthy heart be trusted? " Ben's father asks early in Marcus's second novel, .

  • He is grandfatherly, polished, graceful, modest, and very well read.

  • "In years to come, " The New York Times predicted, " Faster will tell people what we were like as clearly as Dickens or Tom Wolfe." Having completed the Civil War trilogy he inherited from his father, with Jeff Shaara leaps back to the eighteenth century, documenting the events in England and the colonies leading up to the signing of The Declaration of Independence .

  • In October of 1991, the author returned from her father's funeral to find her neighborhood engulfed in flames.

  • Here the author describes the dementia that once confined him to a psychiatric hospital; there he's driving through Maine with his father, trying to connect their lineage to the man who inspired Hawthorne's classic story "The Minister's Black Veil." Moody's "memoir with digressions" offers nothing less than the pain and wonder of one man's life in modern America .

    Six Flags Autoworld - A look back
    Photographs, brochure, basic history, attraction information, and memories of
    the indoor auto-themed...

    USA Today Hot Sites
    A technology editor each day reviews sites that appear newsworthy.

    A History of Light and Lighting
    Provides references to people, events and inventions in chronological order, and
    a bibliography.

  • In 1469, Leonardo's father took him to Florence to continue his schooling.

  • {1ST DEFRACTION} BOYLE, ROBERT - (1627 - 1691) Robert Boyle, physicist and chemist, is often referred to as the father of modern chemistry.

    Wikipedia - Cumberland, Maryland
    Free encyclopedia with geography and demographics.

    Future of Tennis
    Documentary about Alexus Jones and her tennis training.

    Cults 'R Us Hit List
    Killer cults are usually led by charismatic megalomaniacs.

  • Aaron LeBaron became the sect's high priest after his father's death.

  • Like father like son; Aaron soon got into trouble with the law.

  • Attorney Mike Shelby said after the sentencing, "His father created a monster called the Church of the Lamb of God, but Aaron LeBaron gave that monster direction." In a rambling statement in court, LeBaron said he wanted to get a degree in journalism while in jail and tell the public how to prevent crime.

  • Among the dead were two boys ages three and four, who police said were killed by their father, and another 13-year-old boy.

  • Buslov, the father of one of the victims, discovered that 36 young people between the ages of 12 and 22 have hanged themselves in Tyumen province in the past year.

  • The stranger turned out to be Mark Byers, the step-father of one of the murdered kids.

    Pie Time...The Legend of Pieman - Happiness is A Cream Pie.

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