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Hasbro's Disney Portal - Toy Story Online Games
Online games include coloring book, comics, and matching games. Printable activities
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Keith's Colouring Book
A website containing hundreds of black and white images to download, print out,
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Surfing the Net with Kids
Fabulous archive of web site reviews on subjects such as butterflies, Houdini,
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Surfing the Net with Kids: Banned Books Week
The best sites for kids and teens in celebration of Banned Books Week, rated and
reviewed by San Diego...

  • : #1 #2 #3 : #1 #2 #3 Related Sites Related Book (in association with Surfing the Calendar , , , , , , , , , , , Directory of Site Reviews Directory of Games My Other Sites Barbara Feldman Free Kids Coloring Jokes By Kids Add Games to Your Site Feedback Company Info Banned Books Week Every September, Banned Books Week celebrates the freedom to choose and the importance of ensuring the availability of all viewpoints.

  • I chose the books below from a list of frequently challenged books.

  • As always, my star ratings apply to the Web sites, not the books they feature.

  • For the next two years, living in a cramped Amsterdam annex, Anne's writings filled two notebooks.

  • In one 1983 incident, four members of the Alabama State Textbook Committee called for its removal because it was a "real downer." This series of scary books from the prolific R.

  • Although my son never "got into them, " many of his classmates were among those "gobbling up his books at an eye-popping rate of 1.25 million copies a month." Huckleberry Finn was first banned when it was published in 1885.

  • The irony is that this book, originally criticized for showing slaves in a favorable manner, is now lambasted for its "racist tone." Decide for yourself.

  • The entire book is available online .

  • Enjoy! Related Books from >> Popular Clicks .

    Kids Domain PC Freeware by Age
    Free software and screensavers organised by age group.

  • (Win95/98) by Disney (Win3, Win95/98) by Children's Book Nook (Win3, Win95/98) by Disney (Win3, Win95/98) by Kids (Win3, Win95/98) by Born Free Foundation by Penguin Putnam (Win3, Win95/98) by Zap Spot (Win95/98) by Sony (Win3, Win95/98) by BSAS (Win3) by Cap'n Crunch Cereal (Win3, Win95/98) by The Crayon House by Christy (Win95/98) by eij's Gallery by eij's Gallery by Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (Win3, Win95/98) by AbodeWorks Studios (Win95/98) by Cheryl's Image Gallery (Win3, Win95/98) by NASA Space Link (Win3, Win95/98) by Zap Spot by Robesus Inc (Win3, Win95/98) by Comp Ed, Inc.

  • (Win95/98) by Disney (Win3, Win95/98) by Random House Children's Books (Win3, Win95/98) by Net Exectutive (Win95/98) by Random House (Win3, Win95/98) by Mark Overmars (Win95/98) by Mark Overmars (Win95/98) by BBC Online (Win95/98) by Bruno Berenguer (Win95/98) by Sega (Win95/98) by Random House Children's Books (Win3, Win95/98) by Kittyhawk Software (Win95/98) by The Nerd Gerl (Dos, Win3, Win95/98) by The Learning Web (Win3, Win95/98) by Canadian Half Pints (Win3, Win95/98) by Paramount Pictures (Win3) by The Space Place by Disney (Win3, Win95/98) by Loz (Win3, Win95/98) by U.S.

  • Caissotti (Win95/98) by Penguin Putnam (Win3, Win95/98) by Alawar Entertainment (Win95/98) by Zap Spot (Win95/98) by Sony (Win3, Win95/98) by Jig Interactive (Win3, Win95/98) by Zeatraks Software (Win95/98) by Disney (Win3, Win95/98) by BSAS (Win3) by Cap'n Crunch Cereal (Win3, Win95/98) by Csaba Markus (Win3) by Christy (Win95/98) by eij's Gallery by eij's Gallery by Zap Spot (Win95/98) by Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (Win3, Win95/98) by AbodeWorks Studios (Win95/98) by Cheatbook (Win95/98) by Reader's Digest (Win3, Win95/98) by NASA Space Link (Win3, Win95/98) by NetCent (Win3, Win95/98) by Matthias Schüssler (Win95/98) by Connected Mathematics Project (Win3, Win95/98) by Zap Spot by Arbor Scientific (Win3, Win95/98) by eBrainyGames by Robesus Inc (Win3, Win95/98) by Comp Ed, Inc.

    Native Views on Disney's Pocahontas
    Criticism of the animated film and links to more discussions on exploitation and

  • (Hint: Looks like 3 igloos, in the lower left corner.) Click what looks like a loom and you're in a disappointing drawing/coloringbook.

  • I wouldn't expect them to equal NCSA's Carlos, the forms and web server programming magician, who has an online coloring book (see GAMES page here) that you can actually color on-line, although his designs aren't very fancy.

  • So a lot of additional Pocahontas products have already begun to appear, and we can look forward rather grimly to several years of Pocahontas dolls (with wardrobes, houses, etc.), John Smith dolls, Powhatan dolls, Pocahontas teen fad garments and jewelry, other Indian wearable knockoffs, and thousands of books for young people, the overwhelming majority by non-Indian writers.

  • Excerpted from Chronicles of American Indian Protest, many documents compiled in 1971 by the Council on Interracial Books for Children, A 376-page small-print book published ($1.25 paperback, long ago bookprice days) by Fawcett Publications, long out of print.

  • You can do such bookmark saves of particular successful searches too in som of the web databases.

  • Then load your bookmark file into a word-processor, and copy out of it into another document the bookmarks you placed when you found something relevant.

  • Be careful not to mess up the bookmark file, which is plain ASCII text, but coded.

  • It is even safer to work with a bookmark duplicate file, copied as another filename.

    Learn to Draw with Billy Bear
    Step-by-step guide on how to draw everything from hands and eyes to cartoon animals.

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    Button Sound Books
    Electronic books for children.

  • is a unique and independent online bookseller.

  • Our specialty is electronic sound books for children.

  • On this site you can find the world's largest selection of different type of sound books, such as a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a (alphabet, numbers), a, a with music, etc.

  • Some of these books play music with colorful lights flash! Some of them have a realistic removable or ! Some of them include a or .

  • Each book comes complete with five big pop-up surprises and five fun sounds or melodies.

  • What is a Button Sound Book? It is a book to read, a toy to play with, and a teaching tool - all in one book.

  • If you are a kindergarten or pre-school teacher these books will be wonderful teaching tools.

  • With electronic books children will learn to count with Pooh, discover a new world of Dragon Land, make words from letters with Big Bird, learn phonics with real sound effects.

  • Our button interactive books teach letter recognition, alphabet sequencing, sound recognition, shapes, colors, and numbers.

  • Button Sound Books help develop great motor skills, rhythm, language, and much more.

  • These books offer a unique opportunity to learn and grow with music.

  • They make a great gift for your child! Remember, these books will surprise and please your child for a long-long time.

  • Just replace the batteries and the books come alive again and again.

    Directory of arts education resources, including art lesson plans, reference
    material, forum for exchangi...

  • Shop Visit the today for paint, brushes, pencils, pastels, paper, printmaking supplies, books, magazines, coloring pages on disc, kinderart gear, kindercolor packs, flowers (yes, flowers) and more! Teach & Learn Find an Art Teacher Do you offer art lessons? Add your name to our new Listings! Looking for an Art Teacher? at our growing list! See What's New There's always something new to see, learn and do and KinderArt .

  • Cool Product Alert! KinderArt® Tote Bag Featuring the KinderArt® Palette! What a terrific way to cart your art supplies, books and more! Our 100% cotton canvas tote bags have plenty of room to carry everything you need when you are on the go.

    FamilyFun: Weather Wizards: Build Your Own Weather Station
    Contains instruction to build a home weather station and some basic experiments.

    Virtual Quincy Christmas Directory
    Provides links to clipart, music, Santa Claus, recipes, decorating tips, traditions,
    stories, & crafts.


    Jesse's A Kid's View Of The Zoo
    Take a virtual tour of Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, Missouri. Animal pictures
    can be downloaded...

    Judith's Winnie the Pooh Page
    Includes pictures, sounds, stories, games, and recipes.

  • · · · · · · · Partner Pages Welcome, Anonymous Nickname Password Membership: 3962 Latest: New Today: 0 New Yesterday: 0 People Online: 84 Visitors: 84 Members: 0 Which quote do you like best? Pooh - Oh bother Piglet - Oh dear, dddear dear Eeyore - Thanks for noticing me Tigger - Oh dont be ridiculous! Rabbit - Oh no, not again, oh my goodness greatest Gopher - I'm not in the book Owl - Someone has pasted Piglet on my window Votes: 452 Comments: 0 Welcome to my Winnie the Pooh page!       : Piglet keeps Walt Disney cartoon off Turkish public TV Posted by on Saturday, June 24 Turkey's public television TRT has barred the popular Walt Disney cartoon "Winnie the Pooh" from air because it has a piglet as one of its main heroes, the Turkish press reported.

    Gamequarium: A portal to hundreds of free, online learning games ...
    Game links for K-6 students arranged in more than 30 categories.
    Kid-friendly sites that provide activities, and games for children under the age of 10.

    Part of a large site of resources for teachers, this page has worksheet generators,
    bank of existing...

    16 Bit OS
    Utilities, graphics and other applications for MS-DOS-like operating systems.
    Includes links and personal...

  • Abbott & Costello's famous with streaming MP3, WMA, or RealAudio sound and text is available.  There is even a link to free printable coloring book pages of Disney and other characters.  This is a 'child safe' website I created for my children and my grandchildren to use.

    Sassafrass Grove Arts Page
    Resources for teaching art and music, with links to art history, tools and
    techniques, creativity...

  • look and listen look and listen some more Some Just Incredible Stuff: Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture and Arts Development Do you get the "But I *CAN'T* draw!" excuse? Recommended Reading: The Usborne First Book Of The Keyboard - covers rythm, musical sounds, reading music, fingering, etc.

  • - if you have a keyboard at home, this is a great book for getting the kids (of *any* age) started.

  • Drawing With Children - Mona Brookes - - A Course in Enhancing Creative Capacity for Children and Adults - This is great stuff! The ART Book - from Phaidon Press Limited - An absolutely gorgeous, huge A-Z guide to 500 great painters and sculptors from medieval to modern times - all periods, schools, visions and techniques - crossreferenced and with glossaries, this is a wonderful book for giving children a view of the breadth of styles National Gallery of Art Activity Book - Maura A.

  • Clarkin - 25 Adventures with Art - study the masters with puzzles, games, quizzes and hands-on activities - make your own art with collage, drawing, sculpture, action painting, flip book, construction and more.

    Winnie the Pooh Downloads
    Screensavers, themes, wallpapers, email stationery, games, movies, animations,
    winamp and ICQ skins,...

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