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  • Link to this page would be reciprocated soon after it's identified Email: blogger.indonesia-at-gmail-dot-com :: Indonesian Blog ::7.28.2006 Indians Neutrality and Us I see Indian people are more neutral and knowledgeable than some of Indonesians in commenting on international political issues.

  • And another comment by (apparently a Muslim) Who is terorist??I just can say it loud...US and Israel!!! Now, on current middle-east crisis between Lebanon-Israel, here are what Indian people (all are Hindus and one Christian, judging from their names) had to say in Letter to the Editors of the Hindu newspaper: This refers to the editorial "The international community must act" (July 22).

  • Marx, Karaikal, PondicherrySee more other letters Apparently, as far as judging local, national and international event, we need to learn much from the Indians: Judge anything based on conscience and common sense.

  • Fatih Syuhud at :: Indonesian Blogger :: | A Day without TV Even though I used to watch TV mostly for news updates at CNN, BBC, and various Indian news channel, I consider watching television as an 'entertainment' activities and therefore it's entertaining.

  • Blogspot India still banned In the meantime, is still blocked and inaccessible in India in particular ISPs (Internet Service Providers) like Spectra, Airtel, etc.

  • For any Indian bloggers who want to access blogspot, you can use as redirect.

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  • Sie wandeln auf den sagenumwobenen Spuren der ersten Indianer und erfahren alles über Flora und Fauna des 440 km langen und 30 km breiten Kunstwerkes der Natur.

  • Including the KODO drummers of Japan and a 200 piece rhythm section from TIMBALADA in Salvador, the film also features sights and sounds of India, Africa, Spain, the UK and North America.


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  • Related Topics:, — - [by james] Hutch, Radio Mirchi, Nokia and HP have announced they are rolling out a visual radio service in India.

  • The company has already signed up AirTel, an Indian wireless carrier, for a test, and is hoping to sign up a U.S.

  • It also plans to introduce advertising—mobile ads are a new concept in Eastern Europe—and that will bring in another revenue stream.” Top Headlines For Today Related Topics: — - [by rafat] – – – – – – – – – – – – Related Topics:, — - [by rafat] Our sister site ContentSutra is reporting exclusively:, a mobile content company that has operations in India and China, is close to receiving funding from .

  • The company is incorporated in Hong Kong and operates in China through its subsidiary Mobile2win China Ltd and in India through Mobile2win India Pvt.

  • The investors in Mobile2win are Siemens Mobile Acceleration Gmbh (Siemens Venture Capital Fund), Softbank China Venture Capital and Contests2win India.

  • Indian mobile content space has attracted a good deal of VC attention.

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  • He came back with his head shaved and wearing traditional Indian clothing.

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  • Not reported was that incoming King and new Crown Prince were brutal thugs bent on turning the country into a virtual province of neighboring India.

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  • Kamath, CEO of the second largest bank in India, in the Wharton Leadership Digest indicates that part of ICICI's growth strategy is to focus on rural market development -- and move into the 600, 000 villages in India.

  • Govindappa Venkataswamy died July 7 in Madurai, India.

  • He founded the in 1976, aiming to eradicate needless blindness in the Indian state of Tamilnadu.

  • We have to sell them first on the need." In 2005, the five Aravind hospitals in India saw 1.7 million patients and performed nearly a quarter of a million surgical and laser procedures.

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