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  • CBS was also competing with ABC, who had a big gun - Walt Disney - winning the ratings on Wednesday nights .

  • CBS CARTOON THEATRE was offering new cartoon entertainment directly opposite Disneyland reruns.

  • But having an appealing host in an office setting (the same set-up as the Disney hour), didn't fool anyone.

  • These were lowball Terrytoons, not Disney mini masterpieces.

  • It seems clear from this clip that Trocadero's producers had hoped to get someone like Walt Disney, or Max Fleischer himself, thus the gag involving a "Koko the clown" like character - credited in the opening titles as "Snippy"! This final bit (below) is the last scene in the film! Dave gets to close the film with "Snippy" (unfortunately this TV print obliterates the original end title - but you get the idea).

  • is a storyboard artist at Disney, and his posts offer superb pointers on drawing, design, composition and boarding.

  • Licensing Show of a new vinyl toy of Oswald Rabbit (above, left), displayed at the Disney Booth.

  • I'm still trying to figure out what rights Disney got to Oswald.

  • In addition to the 26 Disney silent cartoons, they also got the merchandising rights.

  • He started working at Disney in the 1950s and is still there today.

  • Watch a Windows Media Player version of the film and find out more about the filmmakers at their personal website June 25, 2006 Disney Artist Documentaries Posted by AMID at WOW—this totally made my morning! Sheridan student has been posting on YouTube the Disney "Family Album" TV shows.

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  • Shown below is a tentative schedule for the weekend: Thursday (9/21): Travel day for most, perhaps an informal dinner that night Friday - day (9/22): BlogOrlando unconference at Rollins College Friday - evening (9/22): Full-on geek dinner somewhere in Orlando Saturday (9/23): Blogger day at one of the Disney parks Sunday (9/24): Travel day, or stay an extra day at the Disney parks For more information or to register, visit .

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  • Electrocute Bill Keller! No, hang him! By Joe Conason, Salon The moronic hosts of GOP-connected radio station KSFO get big yuks calling for "traitors" in the press to be killed -- all brought to you by Disney.

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  • I'm all for that! I have so many DVDs (the early Disney ones, for example) that won't even allow you to change audio language with your remote control, demanding instead that you go back to the main menu, then the languages menu.

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  • At popular venues like Disney World, is notorious for its long wait times.


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  • Flash Forward was a comedy produced by Disney (U.S.) and Atlantis (Canada).

  • In January 1997, the show then moved back to The Disney Channel , where it has aired ever since.

  • Other References for Flash Forward: The Disney Channel's official Web site for Flash Forward - it appears to have been shut down.

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  • Why Walt Disney hasn’t snapped this gem of a book up, including Kerry Shale, heaven knows.

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  • According to market research firm Strategy Analytics, major media players such as Disney, Sony, Warner and Universal will harness peer-to-peer networks in order to lower cost and reap the benefits from millions of dollars in "free" bandwidth."Regular high profile coverage of disputes involving content distribution websites of uncertain legality tend to imply that P2P is inherently a "bad thing, " said James Penhune, Director of Broadband Media and Communications research.

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  • Think Disney is going to care or analyze for clickfraud when they buy every possibly related keyword to market the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie ? Then there is the bad guys side of the good guys.

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  • I'm a working mother and I only let my 6-year old kid watch Disney channel (lucky me, I know only few of us can access cable).

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