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IMDb: Lea Salonga
Filmography for Lea Salonga.


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IMDb: Julie Andrews
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  • Her greatest weapons? An upturned pie plate, uvulation, and a bimbo pacifist with a curtain rod.

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    Wikipedia: Lea Salonga
    A biography of Lea.

  • In 1995 Lea Salonga performed as Geri Riordan, a 18 year old adopted vietnamese-american child in the movie "Redwood Curtain" together with among others John Lithgow and Jeff Daniels.

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    Schwartz, Robyn
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  • Things change, and that is one thing I hoped never would, and since it is the last day its curtain will rise on Broadway, I wanted to put a shoutout on my site to something seemingly small that meant so much to someone like me.

    Thespian Net presents Julie Andrews
    A biography of the actress.

  • (1981) - Little Miss Marker (1980) - 10 (1979) - Pink Panther Strikes Again (76) - The Tamarind Seed (1974) - The Julie Andrews Hour (72) [TV] - Darling Lili (1970) - Star! (1968) - Thoroughly Modern Millie (67) - Julie Andrews Show (1966) [STV] - Hawaii (1966) - Torn Curtain (1966) - The Sound of Music (1965) - Americanization of Emily (64) - Mary Poppins (1964) - Cinderella (1957) [TV] - The Rose of Baghdad (1949) STAGE CREDITS - Victor/Victoria (1996) - The King And I (19??) - Camelot (1963) - My Fair Lady (1956) - Cinderella (1954) - The Boy Friend (1954) ARTICLES: 1.


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    Julie Andrews at Reel Classics
    A site dedicated to Andrews' film career; with a biography, photos, sound and
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  • Breakfast comes before lunch, and marriage comes before a honeymoon cruise." --as Sarah Sherman in TORN CURTAIN (1966).

    Review Woody Allen still Woody in Antz

    RogerEbert.com: Reviews: Howl's Moving Castle
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    Online resource and community for independent filmmakers. Features articles,
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    Review by Stephen Butts, [9.3/10]. Contains a review, images, and audio.

  • The Soviets have a Nuclear Missile that can erase large sections of your base in an instant as well as an Iron Curtain device that can render vehicles and structures invulnerable for a short time.

    Bruce Campbell
    Filmography, sound files and desktop wallpaper.

  • Bruce is the snooty usher who refuses to let Parker enter after the curtain has gone up.

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