The Kid's Domain Review
Software reviewed by families and teachers. Listed by title, subject, and age group.

Judith's Winnie the Pooh Page
Includes pictures, sounds, stories, games, and recipes.

Judith's Mickey Mouse Page
Includes pictures, desktop themes, information, and games.

Playful Plush Toys
Licensed character toys and plush animals. Also playsets for kids.


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Button Sound Book - Bookstore - Book Sale
Electronic books for children.

Tinker Tots Toy Store
Source for play houses, tunnels and play house accessories.

Christmas Fun Webring
A kid safe webring for year-round sites that contain things such as recipes,
crafts, stories, games,...

Wikipedia - The Little Mermaid (film)
Plot summary, notes on the filmmaking, cast, songs, urban legends, and trivia.


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A description of the tale with filmography.

  • [] Films Over the decades since the invention of motion pictures, literally hundreds of films have been made that are either direct adaptations from, or have plots loosely based on, the story of Cinderella.

    Cartoon Doll Emporium
    Offers many different cartoon doll makers, as well as an assortment of pre-made
    adoptable cartoon dolls.

    The Ward-O-Matic
    Art, animation, and anything aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

    Xena: Warrior Princess vs. Conan the Barbarian @ WWWF Grudge Match
    The two ancient warriors compete in the Deadly Magical Scavenger Hunt Quest of
    the Ages in modern...

  • Picture this.

  • Xena and Gabrielle will be sipping champagne in their first class seats back to ancient Greece while Conan pages through volumes of mug books filled with pictures of dissolute, wealthy New York youths.

  • - BOOKBEAST I am rarely swayed by the persuasion attempts of the commentators, and after seeing the picture of Conan next to Xena and her sidekick, I said to myself, "Conan's going to rip this woman's head off." We're talking Arnold Schwartzenegger here.


    Pamela Glaser - My Favorite Things
    Pamela is our Pooh and she even says 'Oh, bother!' occasionally. This page covers
    the autism therapies...

  • Reading - Pamela had been reading picture books since age 6, but had not jumped to easy chapter books.

  • Photographs, except for school pictures, were made by Steve and Tammy.

    Kool Print
    Stationery, business and post cards, CDs, forms, promotional items and presentation

    childrensillustrators.com - picture book artists and published ...
    International directory of children's illustrators and agents. Includes artist
    portfolios, contact...

    Hotel Coupons
    Discount coupons for some hotels in the United States and Canada, subject to
    availability restrictions...

    Handystotal Mobilfunkzubehör | Weil Sie mehr als nur ein Handy wollen.
    Der Großhändler mit breitem Sortiment und herunterladbarem Katalog hat einen
    Onlineshop für registiert...

    Jim Taylor's DVD FAQ
    The official FAQ of the Internet DVD newsgroups. Its primary emphasis is on video,
    but there is a...

  • Some players include additional features: Component video output (YUV or RGB) for higher quality picture.

  • Progressive-scan component output (YUV or RGB) for highest quality analog picture.

  • Digital video output (SDI, 1394, or DVI/HDMI) for perfect digital picture.

  • Playback of Picture CDs and Photo CDs.

  • Digital zoom (2x or 4x enlargement of a section of the picture).

  • The encoding process uses lossy compression that removes redundant information (such as areas of the picture that don't change) and information that's not readily perceptible by the human eye.

  • Video from DVD sometimes contains visible artifacts such as color banding, blurriness, blockiness, fuzzy dots, shimmering, missing detail, and even effects such as a face that "floats" behind the rest of the moving picture.

  • It's important to understand that the term "artifact" refers to anything that is not supposed to be in the picture.

  • Artifacts are sometimes caused by poor MPEG encoding, but artifacts are more often caused by a poorly adjusted TV, bad cables, electrical interference, sloppy digital noise reduction, improper picture enhancement, poor film-to-video transfer, film grain, player faults, disc read errors, and so on.

  • Since there is not a big variation in picture quality and sound quality within a given price range, convenience features play a big part.

  • Do I want to zoom in to check details of the picture or get rid of the black letterbox bars? If so, look for players with picture zoom.

    Disney's World of Wonders
    Tribute to all the wonders of Disney. Includes over 150 exclusive clipart images
    plus bars, borders,...

    Welcome to Ancient Greece
    Collection of links about several aspects on culture, achievements, history, art,
    personalities, and...

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