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    Tourist Florida
    A regional page listing many North Florida attractions.

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  • We specialize in customized itineraries using a wide variety of transportation, hotel choices, attraction tickets, meal planning, and guide service.

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    Pine Cliff Resort
    A Four Season Resort on the Madawaska River near Algonquin Park. Providing information
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    Modern Japan - Entertainment - Movies
    An introduction to the movie industry in Japan.

  • For those of you who haven't been to a Japanese movie theater, the steep ticket price (¥1, 800 on average) may come as a shock.

  • But advance tickets ( mae-uri ken ) are available, usually at a ¥2-300 discount.

  • They are available from special 'playguide' shops or from any ticket outlet, such as PIA or Ticket Saison.

  • Besides the discount, they also make good collector's items or souvenirs as they are designed with the movie's artwork, unlike the plain ticket stubs issued at the theater.

    Fast Food for a Fast World
    US fast food revenues exceed higher education, personal computers, and software.
    US spends more on...

    US Resolve
    Ezine with alternative news and commentary on US politics, issues and activism.
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    Mindjack Magazine: Coercion by Douglas Rushkoff
    Complete text of chapter seven: 'Virtual Marketing'.

  • At first, the telephone ticket service seemed like a terrific convenience.

  • Instead of waiting on long lines at the box office, we could find out show schedules and secure our seats ahead of time, all from a touch-tone phone for just a few dollars per ticket.

  • Anyone who couldn't find a way to get to the theater well before show time was gently forced to buy the tickets through the service, whatever the cost.

  • Now some telephone ticket services allow callers to reserve the seats they will sit in, effectively creating a new class of moviegoer.

  • What began as a convenience quickly became a necessity bring the price of a movie ticket above ten dollars.

  • Something that begins as a novelty, like a telephone ticket service or a version of an Internet browser or even a kind of direct-marketing technique, soon becomes so widely accepted that those who don't partake begin to lose their ability to enjoy, to engage in, and to discriminate between the things society has to offer.

    Free TV Studio Audience Tickets | Audiences Unlimited, Inc.
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    Regularly updated commentary on gold and silver bullion markets.

  • Treasury Department involved in today's counter-intuitive stock rally with Sir Paulson of Goldman-Sachs knowing that to keep the masses at the gambling table a couple of weeks longer will at least postpone the day that the House goes officially bankrupt? Reality is that the economy is definitely slowing led by slumping housing sales and construction, energy-starved retail sales, and eventually more slumping hard good sales in autos, appliances, furniture, and other high-ticket items.


    Final Report on the National Maglev Initiative
    Full text and images for the analysis on possibility and implementation of
    high-speed, intercity maglev...

    Tom Duffey's WWW Links
    Portal to personal computers, science, technology and electronic engineering resources.

  • - new releases and more - Stanford Universty archive - reviews, tips, and downloads - reviews, tips, downloads, and when all else fails - remember Pong? - an excellent movie guide - where pop eastern philosophy began - star gossip - dishing out the dirt - funny news, pictures and jokes - reservations and seating guides - premium event tickets (linked by request) Financial - by law you can now get your credit report for free...

  • 1973 - Google's list - good info - check out the "School of Bad Ideas" in - more ponies! - a good thing - stuff they don't teach you in the MSF class - new and used car prices, classic cars, motorcycles, boats and RVs too! - my buddy Harold's shop - I want one of these! - free car repair advice and a huge database - 250HP and up! - sound advice on front end geometry - tons of Harley links and obscure and - recreational vehicle classifieds - well OK no wheels but I still want one of these - sure beats waiting for the truck - information for efficiency - the oldest, cheapest, and fastest (until ) Harley model - Mecca for bikers - my favorite mc rag - great advice on fighting traffic tickets in California - my buddy Jack and his wife Karen's Harley drag racing endeavor - works for me - excellent tech articles / links Copyright 1995-2006 Thomas G.

    By Abraham Verghese. [New York Times] A review of "The Diagnosis."

    International Vacation Properties Inc.
    Online guide to vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts, and resorts in the US,
    Europe, and Mexico.

    WWWF Ground Zero: Three Stooges vs. Marx Brothers
    The two trios of comedy legends fight it out for the last lifeboat on the Titanic.

  • "With all those tickets cost, they better be showing at least a double-feature." His curly-blond sidekick concurs with a hearty honk .

  • Even worse, it's possible he could survive and make a SEQUEL, which will effectively collapse the worldwide economy as teenage girls everywhere spend 53% of the world's GDP on movie tickets and related merchandise.

    Nursing Humor on: The Nurse Friendly
    Nursing humor resource and nurse email directory, provides registry for student
    nurses, LPNs and RNs.

    The Japan FAQ: Know Before You Go
    A comprehensive site with detailed necessary information on visiting or relocating
    to Japan - visas,...

  • "Do I need a tourist visa to go to Japan?" This depends on your nationality but those from English speaking or most European countries only need a passport valid for the next 90 days and a return ticket out of the country within that time.

  • Many people come to Japan on a 90 day (in many countries now, the "tourist visa" is outmoded--also the Japanese Immigration may ask to see your air ticket to show that you don't plan to illegally overstay your landing permit), find a company/school that will sponsor them for a visa, wait around 3 weeks to get a "Certificate of Eligibility", then leave Japan to get the visa, which is typically valid for 1-3 years.

  • They may ask to see your air ticket to prove you're actually leaving.

  • One citation is worth one point, including a parking ticket.

  • if you buy say 10 tickets at once, you'll get one free.

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