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Disney World resort information including vacation guide, budget planner, and forums.

Wikipedia - Shrek
Production and sequel information, plot summary, cast, musical performers, and
list of songs.

  • Myers had also employed this character voicing for a skit during his tenure, and also for the character Stuart MacKenzie in the motion picture .

    Wikipedia - The Little Mermaid (film)
    Plot summary, notes on the filmmaking, cast, songs, urban legends, and trivia.

    The Box Set
    News, reviews, editorials, newsletter, and top ten lists.

  • This all-new digital restoration offers better picture and sound than ever before.


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    ChildFun Family Website
    Parenting advice, free kids crafts, product and book reviews, family articles,
    community message boards,...

    Offers party supplies, piñatas, favors and balloons.

    Tempest, Marco - Richard De La Font Agency
    A profile, photographs and contact information to book for corporate events and
    private functions.

    CBS News: Keira Knightley Is Sworn To Piracy
    Article and video of interview about her role in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse
    of the Black Pearl....


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    Betty Boop
    Websites featuring artwork, history, sounds, merchandise and news.

  • Happy Booping! Ring Site(s) Hypertext encyclopedia of comics, animation and other forms of cartoonery A fan site for Betty Boop including a full collection of postcard pictures, filmography, and a selection of links.

  • Also some pictures & sounds.

  • Free BETTY BOOP Gifs, Graphics, Pictures, Photos including 4th of July, Backgrounds, Baseball, Bimbo, Birthday, Beach, Biker Betty, Bitsy Boop, Black & White, Boxing, Christmas, Easter, Eveningwear, Halloween, Holidays, Independence Day, Music, Pudgy, Skating, Sports, Sweetest Day, Tennis, Wallpaper...PLUS ~ FREE Betty Boop Bulletin Board, Links, Merchandise, Web Rings and mor BETTY BOOP Top Site list links many Betty Boop web sites featuring FREE button sets, e-cards, collages, graphics, signatures, bulletin boards, trivia, history and so much more! Visit or Join today! =0) We stock over 500 Items of Betty Boop Merchandise.

    Tri Star Travel & Cruise
    A licensed full-service travel agency that provides service in arranging travel
    plans, escorted group...

    XtraMSN: 'Hitchhiker's' Sam Rockwell Interviewed
    An on-set talk with the actor about his role as Zaphod Beeblebrox.

    Puerto Rico Federal Safety and Health Council
    Not-for-profit public service organization offering health information, referral
    services and training...


    Film quotes with links to additional movie information.

    Kool Print
    Stationery, business and post cards, CDs, forms, promotional items and presentation

    Graphic Garden
    Country graphics and web sets for all seasons and occasions. English and Swedish

    The Major Funeral Home
    A consumer-oriented site with photos of caskets and their prices, prices of
    services, information...

  • Pictures of caskets and urns are on this site to make it easier to email casket and urn photos to relatives and loved ones.

    Disney's World of Wonders
    Tribute to all the wonders of Disney. Includes over 150 exclusive clipart images
    plus bars, borders,...

    Jim Taylor's DVD FAQ
    The official FAQ of the Internet DVD newsgroups. Its primary emphasis is on video,
    but there is a...

  • Some players include additional features: Component video output (YUV or RGB) for higher quality picture.

  • Progressive-scan component output (YUV or RGB) for highest quality analog picture.

  • Digital video output (SDI, 1394, or DVI/HDMI) for perfect digital picture.

  • Playback of Picture CDs and Photo CDs.

  • Digital zoom (2x or 4x enlargement of a section of the picture).

  • The encoding process uses lossy compression that removes redundant information (such as areas of the picture that don't change) and information that's not readily perceptible by the human eye.

  • Video from DVD sometimes contains visible artifacts such as color banding, blurriness, blockiness, fuzzy dots, shimmering, missing detail, and even effects such as a face that "floats" behind the rest of the moving picture.

  • It's important to understand that the term "artifact" refers to anything that is not supposed to be in the picture.

  • Artifacts are sometimes caused by poor MPEG encoding, but artifacts are more often caused by a poorly adjusted TV, bad cables, electrical interference, sloppy digital noise reduction, improper picture enhancement, poor film-to-video transfer, film grain, player faults, disc read errors, and so on.

  • Since there is not a big variation in picture quality and sound quality within a given price range, convenience features play a big part.

  • Do I want to zoom in to check details of the picture or get rid of the black letterbox bars? If so, look for players with picture zoom.

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