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  • | Search IGN Weekly packs NHL 2K7, Comic-Con and the CGI, and there's of course plenty SECTIONS CHANNELS · GET GAMES » » » (PS) Guide FAQs Previews Features Disney's Hercules We've seen - and played - it all before by July 3, 1997 - Hercules was a delightful romp through the Greek myths, and while the animation was beautifully done, the story was a little too much like previous Disney efforts.

  • The same can be said about, the new action game based on the movie.

  • The game follows the plot of the film fairly closely, with voice overs from James Woods (Hades) and Danny DeVito (Phil), among others.

  • Gameplay is confined mostly to walking left or right, and hacking at enemies with your sword.

  • Backgrounds are a blend of sprites and polygons, and to the developer's credit, the game does look like the movie.

  • Indeed, much of the game feels like it was set up this way, with almost random placing of enemies and obstacles.

  • If this game had come out on the Genesis four years ago, it would have been revolutionary.

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  • More stability enhancements to Estate Cannon game.

  • 4 Replies | 112 Views Jul 29, 2006 - 9:07 PM - by Fixed crash that occurs when a Toon tries to enter the Estate when the game had just finished loading the Estate phase.

  • The Estate Cannon game scoreboard will now disappear during Fishing, and reappear when the Fishing ends.

  • Stock up on gags, gas up your kart, and dress as your favorite Toon --- it's time for the first official ToonFest! Hosted at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA on August 26, 2006, there are plenty of Toontastic games and activities planned! Buy your tickets today, as space is limited! ! Now you can create a Toontown T-shirt with your name and select SpeedChat phrases and Toon images! to design your very own personalized Toontown T-shirt today! 45 Replies | 903 Views Jul 25, 2006 - 10:07 PM - by July 25, 2006 [sv1.0.21.5.test] Fixed graphics glitch that caused the insides of chimneys at your Estate houses see-thru.

  • Revised whisper text that denote start/end of the Estate Cannon game's Toon-up mode.

  • Stock up on gags, gas up your kart, and dress as your favorite Toon --- it's time for the first official ToonFest! Hosted at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA on August 26, 2006, there are plenty of Toontastic games and activities planned! Buy your tickets today, as space is limited! Man I wish I can go! To all those that are going: HAVE FUN!!! 58 Replies | 947 Views Jul 21, 2006 - 11:16 AM - by July 21, 2006 [sv1.0.21.4.test] Fixed crash caused by switching between windowed/full screen modes while also changing screen resolution.


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