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Liber Worth 15 Cents
A parody of Aleister Crowley's Liber XV, the Gnostic Mass of the OTO.

  • And I like to think of one Earth, the Mother of us all, and in one Back Yard wherein all men are begonias, and wherein they shall be watered, Mystery of Mystery, in Her name YO BABE.

  • Mother, am I adopted? She returns to the West, slaps the PRIEST with open hand, doth the same on his forehead, breast and body.

  • Mother of fertilizer on whose breast lieth the congregation after the Masse, whose butt, or cheek is caressed by all our air-heads, and in whose fart stings like the sun's fire, womb of everyone's semen, recurring bad dreams of the seasons, answer favourably the prayer of false labour, and to pastors and husbandmen let us pray she's not pregnant! The PEOPLE.

    Tiscali Film : Christopher Lee
    Detailed biography.

  • Christopher's mother, on the other hand, had at birth been given a name to live up to.

  • Sadly, Christopher's parents split when he was very young, and his mother took him and his older sister Xandra to Switzerland.

  • Now his mother met and married Harcourt Rose, a well-to-do banker and the uncle of James Bond author Ian Fleming, and this new nuclear family came to live at Elm Park Gardens, Fulham.

  • Maybe he would become a diplomat, as his mother wished (though he recognised that his overt honesty would not serve him well).

    Tiscali Film: Nicole Kidman
    Detailed biography. Also filmography and picture gallery.

  • She studied posture and voice techniques to appear older, and met mothers who, like her character, had lost children.

  • The film - slow, surreal and deadly quiet - was an object lesson in how to build tension, with the whole thing being held together by Kidman's extraordinary performance as a fraught young mother living with her kids in a seemingly haunted country mansion while her husband is away at war.

  • After this she'd return to comedy with Noah Baumbach's aptly titled Nicole At The Beach where Kidman would play a straight-laced mother attempting, and failing, to enjoy a holiday with Jennifer Jason Leigh, her less uptight sister.


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  • | Select Type: Search: • • • The web AU only NZ only Search Images: Search Videos: Search Directory: Search Locally for: Business & Services in Suburb, State or Postcode Search News: Search for Products: | News & Info: Yahoo!7 Services / / / Entertainment & Lifestyle: / Community: Shopping & Classifieds: Other Services: / Magazine Sites: Partners: Yahoo! Global: News Navigation News Poll: AAP- The Sydney coroner investigating the death of Queensland mother Dianne Brimble reads the 'riot act' to witness Letterio Silvestri.

    IP Dragon 知識產權龍
    Discussion of intellectual property law in the People's Republic of China.

    Celebrity Sightings Around Arizona
    Celebrities who spent time in Arizona, either through birth, school, visiting,
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    The Quotations Book
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    Kevin Alexander Clark
    Gallery containing 29 photographs, with fan commentary.

    Trinders' Fine Tools Book List
    Books on woodworking and related topics.

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