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  • Selected commentaries (many email addresses are now defunct): AMG - Andrew Marc Greene APY - August Paul Yang ASF - Amberle S Ferrian BA - Bluejay Adametz CA - Chris Adamson CB - Charles Brabec CBz - Chris Bovitz DG - David Gerstein DM - Douglas Moody DP - David Pochron EVL - Eric Ant Von Laudermann EW - Eric Walker FWS - Francis William Stroker Jr.

  • Fortunately, you can fasten your finger on the fast-forward or flip the channel instead of farting around with this fiasco -ed.

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    WWWF Grudge Match: Joe Camel vs. Spuds MacKenzie
    Which commercial icon can corrupt the most sixth graders?

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  • 5 - Zapped - ; 5-episode compilations: 1.33:1, DD 2.0; "The Power Rangers Want You!" featurettes, "Delta Squad Simulator" game, bonus episode (Volumes 4 & 5 only); $19.99 SRP 7 "Power Rangers Mystic Force" 2006 Volume 1: Broken Spell ( NEW! ) - first 3 episodes of series ("Broken Spell" Parts 1 & 2, "Code Busters") plus bonus "S.P.D." episode; 1.33:1, DD 2.0; $19.99 SRP | KEY: 1.33:1 - Fullscreen (Original Broadcast Ratio); DD 5.1 - Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound; DD 2.0 - Dolby Stereo / Surround 2-Channel; OOP - Out of Print 16:9 - anamorphic widescreen presentation (enhanced for 16x9 widescreen televisions) and matching the original High Definition broadcast ratio What's Intentionally Not Included : Ľ Shows that lasted less than one full season Ľ Talk, game, and variety shows Ľ Acquired series not yet released to DVD or not yet reviewed by Still missing something? Let us know.

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  • For example, I really find the Sci-Fi Channel’s promotional bumpers very irritating, because you can be watching something largely innocent with your four-year old and then the promotional bumper comes on that plugs a horror movie with pretty explicit footage.

  • And she’s pretty good at censoring her own input: if something frightens her, she looks away and asks me to change the channel or skip the scene.

  • If the government was able to manipulate people successfully, it was usually way through mechanisms and channels way off the public stage, away from the masks of power.

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